5 creative ways to use scale in your designs

5 creative ways to use scale in your designs

When it comes to graphic design, the scale you use in the text, images, and shapes all play a role in determining how your design will turn out. Big or small, short or tall, the size and scale of elements within your designs will determine the overall balance and hierarchy of your composition.

Creating a harmonious design using scale is a clever way to approach your layout construction as it will allow tiers of information to speak for themselves.

In this post, we show you some skillful ways to tackle the application of scale to your designs, while creating beautiful and visually pleasing graphics.

01. All scale is relative

5 ways to use scale in your designs

Remember that if you make one object little it will establish the size of the other elements on the page, creating a pecking order of the scale for the features within your design.

The beauty of this scaling is that it also creates a depth of field, allowing objects to seem either close or far away.

Add a little more depth by applying subtle transparency to your elements.

02. Create motion with rotation

Create motion by playing with scale

By altering the size of different objects and then rotating them you will create a motion effect.

This is a nice variation from a linear composition and can help make your design more dynamic.

03. Experiment with scale


You don’t have to roll with what’s expected when it comes to scale. Applying an unexpected size to an element is a fun way to mix up your designs.

Try taking a normally small object and enlarge it, and see how it becomes a prominent feature of the composition.

04. Create hierarchy with scale

Create hierarchy with scale

The size you apply to your type will also create typographic hierarchy, determining the order that your text is read.

The colors you use for your text will also create hierarchy. Make sure you apply the strongest colors to the content you want to be read first.

Try reducing the less significant text and increasing its letter spacing. This will fill space as well as creating flush lines.

05. Use scale to emphasize your message


Remember to apply scale with purpose—make the most important words in your designs larger, and the supporting text smaller.

Make sure you consider the typeface or style itself when you choose which word to enlarge. A bolder, strong font would reinforce this treatment nicely.

Whichever way you use your creative bones to construct your layout, scale is a serious part of the method! Adjusting the scale of your elements can give your graphics that extra boost needed to perfectly compliment the other ingredients within your design.

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