Design your own digital wedding invitations

How to make customized wedding invitations

You want your wedding to be special and a true reflection of your loving relationship. Whatever type of celebration you’re planning, wedding invitations will set the tone. And with your expenses stacking up, you’ll be relieved to know that Canva makes creating your own customized wedding invitations quick, easy and free.

The smarter way to send your invitations

Now, if you’re looking for a savvy and cost-effective way to get your invitations out, then ‘digital’ could be the perfect way to do it. The rules really change when you go digital. You can go wild with colors without having to worry about printing costs, or you can change up the shape and experience of your design. You could even include animated elements and video in a super engaging invite like Canva's save the date video(opens in a new tab or window)to dazzle your prospective guests.

Clever links

Guests may have the option to RSVP for your wedding by scanning the QR code, or hitting the button to respond via email. But this technology could be used to link up anything from a gift registry, a save-the-date card(opens in a new tab or window), to an online photo album. You could even collect dietary requirements by adding a Google form.

Get moving

A super easy and effective way to elevate your custom wedding invitations is animation and text effects – check out our video guide here(opens in a new tab or window). Think about animating your elements to create movement on a page. Perhaps a plane is flying into shot for a destination wedding, or perhaps the couple to be wed are moving closer to each other in a nod to their lifelong commitment.

Video wedding invitations with Canva

A real wildcard option for digital wedding invitations is creating a video wedding invitation. You can create a video from designs so they appear as an animated video. The best thing about video in Canva is that all the effects and tools you’ve used in the normal editor carry across. From elements to frames, effects and animations – they operate in the video editor the same way. Add in your design elements, announce your engagement, or add in your wedding date. You can still even add in a QR code so people can RSVP really easily. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they receive this. Check out our in-depth video guide for more ideas about custom wedding invitations(opens in a new tab or window).

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