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How to make thank you cards with Canva


The easy way to show your gratitude.

Canva makes it simple to create personalized cards you share digitally with friends or clients. You can even print them directly from the Canva editor. Let’s take a look at how to revive the fading art of thank you cards. And if you want to brush up on Canva basics, check out this free tutorial on getting started with Canva.

Why make thank you cards?

When was the last time you received a thank you card? It’s amazing how something so simple can make someone’s day and leave a lasting impression. Pretty obvious why it might be a good idea, right? Whether it’s a personal card or you want to turn up the gratitude for your customers or clients, Canva makes it quick and easy – even the printing.

Start inspired with a card template

The easiest way to make a thank you card is to start inspired by others’ gratitude by using a template. In the Canva, search for ‘thank you cards’ or, if you want to narrow your search to something more specific, add some adjectives.

A template is a starting point and every design element is fully customizable. So you can change the size, color and position of everything, including removing it altogether. If you need some tips on how to choose the right font and some layout tips, watch this free video tutorial.

Easier color choices with the color picker tool

Did you know the Mantis Shrimp can see four times as many colors as humans? There’s more to color than meets the eye and there’s a handy tool to help you grab colors from images and use them in other elements.

To use the color picker tool, click on an image, then go to the color square in the top left of the screen just to the left of the ‘animate’ button. Click it and it opens up the color panel.

From there, you’ll see a color palette created from colors from the image. Click the blank square with the ‘plus’ in the middle to add a new color. Then click the dropper icon below and to the right of the large color rectangle.

This is your color picker tool. Then go to your image, click on whichever color you’d like to replicate and watch as it appears in your color palette. You can then apply that color to any element you wish – pretty great, right?

Animating a digital thank you card

If you’re saving on paper and want to send a digital thank you card, why not animate it? You can animate any element with two clicks. Select the element you want to animate and to the top left of your design, you’ll see the ‘animate’ button and click it.

Scroll across to see different animation options and a fun tip is you can select your whole design and apply animates to the whole page, including combination animations. It’s an easy way to create an even more engaging thank you card.

How to print thank you cards in Canva

And if you want to go right back to thank you cards’ pre-internet roots, you can even print them directly from Canva.

In the top right of the editor, next to the share button, click ‘Print card’ and follow the prompts. Mark the front and back, and choose your paper size, paper type, finish and quantity. You’ll then be prompted to proof your design and text. Then checkout and that’s it – you’ve sent your thank you cards to print!

Check out our video tutorial

For a more in-depth look at how to make thank you cards with Canva, check out our video tutorial.

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