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Green and Blue Illustrative Technology Pitch Deck Presentation

Market Your Brilliant Idea with a Sales Pitch Deck

Easy to create and customize

Beautifully designed templates

Millions of photos, icons and illustrations

Easily download or share

Canva can bring your sales presentation(opens in a new tab or window) alive and generate buzz by helping you make a splendid sales pitch deck.

Create a Sales Pitch Presentation in Canva

Compose a compelling sales pitch deck with Canva

Great presentations aren’t just for people wearing black turtlenecks. You don’t even need a cool headset microphone: as long as you have a great idea, you too can make a compelling sales presentation.

Canva helps keep your sales pitch deck clear, elegant, and under budget. With fonts and backgrounds ranging from professional to fun-loving, and a enormous collection of over 1 million stock photos, Canva is the right tool for the job.

Create an eye-catching sales pitch deck today

Create a Sales Pitch Presentation in Canva
Open a new Sales Pitch Deck Design

Open a new Sales Pitch Deck Design

Transform a back-of-the-envelope sketch to a winning pitch

Canva is the straightforward, visually-minded presentation tool you’ve been looking for. You can access Canva online or download our free iOS and Android apps to present from your mobile device. Canva stores all your design projects and uploaded images in the cloud, so you can work from anywhere.

Don’t go into a pitch meeting without getting feedback from your team, or even a business-savvy friend. Canva makes it easy to collaborate and share your sales pitch deck. Just click “Share” and check the box marked “Share/email as an editable design,” and simply fill in the e-mail addresses of whomever you want to take a look at your design. It’s that easy.

Build striking infographics and charts

Presentations don’t have to be bland if you have the right tools. With our vast collection of over 1 million stock photos and graphics, you can make a sales pitch deck that could sell sand in the Sahara.

Want to add infographics(opens in a new tab or window)? Skip those ghastly looking Excel graphs, and make your point with style. Simply open your sales pitch deck, click “Search” and then “Charts” to see tons of drag-and-drop images you can edit to show off your data. With plenty of free images to choose from and premium images at a very competitive price, there’s no reason not to make your sales pitch marvelous.

Maximize your reach with Canva

A great sales pitch deck isn’t just to pitch to investors or clients. Share your idea with the world! Open your design and click the “Share” button to post your design on Facebook, X (Twitter), or anywhere else from bulletin boards to carrier pigeons.

Suppose you’re going old school and pitching to Brylcreem-wearing old timers — social media isn’t going to cut it. You need to print your slides. No problem! You can print your slides by clicking “Download” and choosing “High-quality PDF” to get a file ready to print.

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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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