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Create slides in seconds with Magic Design for Presentations, an AI-powered tool for generating presentations. With your first draft in the bag, you can add details and apply your branding. It’s never been easier to create a captivating presentation.

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Speed up your workflow with an AI presentation maker

Turn any concept into a stunning presentation in a flash. Magic Design for Presentations quickly brings your ideas to life, giving you the headstart you need. The AI tool generates a beautiful, high-quality draft presentation complete with content. With a high starting point to work from, you have more time to make your presentation unforgettable, plus extra hours to practice in front of a mirror.

How to make presentations using AI

Create a presentation with AI

Create a presentation with AI

Articulate your ideas clearly with an AI presentation tool

Just type your idea in a few words and watch Magic Design for Presentations generate slides filled with an outline and content of your topic. The AI presentation maker considers your prompt and turns it into a deck of slides that tells your story and takes your audience through a cohesive narrative. Formatting and layout are taken care of, too, so you can focus on small but impactful details.

Perfect the content of your presentation

You have more than just an AI presentation maker; you can also access AI-powered features to help you perfect the text. Let Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) help you write content in your brand voice. Use it to reword sentences or paragraphs, summarize or expand a text, and make your words more effective. Presenting to a multi-lingual audience? Use Translate(opens in a new tab or window) to quickly translate your content into over 100 languages. Want to spice up your presentation with pixel-perfect portraits? Use our online AI portrait generator(opens in a new tab or window) tool to transform your ideas to beautiful portraits.

Level up your slides with more AI-powered tools

Take your presentation up a notch with more AI tools(opens in a new tab or window). Use Magic Animate to quickly add motion and life to the deck. Can’t find the perfect photo for a slide? Magic Media(opens in a new tab or window) will help you generate images and AI anime art(opens in a new tab or window) that complement the text. You also have access to other awesome AI apps, like DALL·E(opens in a new tab or window), an AI image generator; Murf AI(opens in a new tab or window) for natural-sounding AI voiceovers; and Krikey AI(opens in a new tab or window) for custom, 3D animated avatars.

Stay on brand and collaborate seamlessly

Keep your AI presentation on brand, whether it’s a pitch deck to win new customers, an onboarding deck, or a presentation for a project kick-off. Apply your branding from your Brand Kit(opens in a new tab or window) and customize the slides to your brand colors and font. Use Magic Write to nail the tone of voice. Invite your team to collaborate and edit the slides, so you can create an incredible AI presentation together.


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