10 great websites to find logo design inspiration

Design inspiration is all around us. It’s that asymmetrical highrise building you pass every day on your commute to work. It’s the milky pattern your barista left in your morning flat white. It’s the rain droplets on the window on a stormy day. And yet when you actually down to design something, it’s easy to find yourself staring at a blank canvas while inspiration evades you!

Whether they’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, designer’s block (the visual version of writer’s block!) is something all creative professionals face from time to time. When it strikes, there’s no shame in looking at what other successful brands are doing to fuel your creativity. Read on for 10 of the best places on the web to check out for logo design inspiration.

1. 99 Designs

logo design inspiration

99Designs is home to artists who create great logo designs.

99Designs is an online marketplace where clients can hire freelancers or run a competition where designers submit their ideas. However, what many people don’t realize is that it’s also an excellent source of logo design inspiration!

As many designers house their portfolio on the site to apply and compete for jobs, it’s a great place to stickybeak at the incredible work other people are doing. Their interface makes it extremely easy to browse hundreds of cool logos and you can even filter by industries—such as accounting and finance or beauty and cosmetics—to narrow it down. This can give you some insight into what other designers in your niche are doing, so you can put your own unique spin on it.

logo design inspiration

Logo design by Ana. Image via 99Designs.

Featuring a minimalistic aesthetic and charming hand-drawn elements, this designer has showcased her stunning work for an interiors studio on 99Designs.

You can take a leaf out of the designer's book by using illustrated elements and a sleek, spaced-out typeface in your own creations. Canva’s Beige & Green Trees Landscaping Logo is a fantastic starting point.

2. Pinterest

logo design inspiration

Pinterest is a great source of logo design inspiration.

Pinterest isn’t just a place for searching for healthy recipes or pinning pretty pictures to your ‘dream apartments’ board! Nor is it a social media platform in the traditional sense. Much like Google, Pinterest is actually a search engine and you can use that your advantage when looking for logo design inspiration!

Many freelancers and design studio post their work on Pinterest with relevant search tags. This allows you to get hyper-specific about what you’re looking for. From ‘hipster’ to ‘holographic’, you can find nearly any logo aesthetic you could ever think of on Pinterest.

Another handy thing about Pinterest is that it’s easy re-pin designs you like to your own ‘boards’, which makes it easy to create a mood board of logo inspiration.

logo design inspiration

The Living Co. organic store logo. Designed by Big Horror, Athens.

Modern and minimalistic logos are particularly prevalent on Pinterest—perhaps because millennials make up the majority of its user base. You can see this appealing look in action here, with this logo for The Living Co Organic Co, designed by Big Horror Athens.

Love the look and want to incorporate a perfectly imperfect border into your own logo? Check out Canva’s Handdrawn Circle Log template.

3. Canva

logo design inspiration

Logo designs on Canva.

We may be slightly biased, but it could be remiss of us not to mention ourselves in an article about design inspiration! As a global DIY design platform, we invite some of the world’s best designers to submit the templates that make up the Canva library.

This means you have awesome logo design inspiration at your fingertips and you don’t even need to leave the platform to make them your own! While our drag and drop functionality makes it easy for you to change the text, colors, and images, it can be a welcome relief to not have to start from scratch. We have more than 1200 professionally-made logos in our library, ranging from bright and bold to dark and rustic. You can browse them here.

4. Behance

logo design inspiration

Logos that you can view on Behance.

Hosted by Adobe, Behance is an excellent one-stop-shop for all things design. The intuitive interface gives provides you with many different ways to spark inspiration.

Firstly, there’s the ‘work in progress’ header across the top, that pulls from Instagram to show you the different creations talented designers are currently working on. Then, there’s the search feature that allows you to search and filter by different types of projects (for example, if you’re looking for red logos specifically)

Our favorite feature? The curated galleries. From the ‘best of Behance’ tab that showcases the Adobe team’s daily top picks to the themed mood boards (for example, modern minimal logo design) it makes it far easier to filter through the thousands of projects on their site.

logo design inspiration

Design by Platalea Studio. Image via Behance.

This chic and youthful logo design for Platatea Studio was discovered on Behance. The designer has created an entire gallery of this branding project, so you can see the different applications of this logo across various visual collateral.

Want to channel this elegant aesthetic in your own designs? Canva’s Orange Flower Icon Floral Logo can help you achieve the look.

5. Awwwards

logo design inspiration

Logos that you can see on the Awwwards website.

Want to learn and take inspiration from the best? Add Awwwards to your ‘bookmarks’ bar. This Website Awards platform recognizes and promotes the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. This means you can easily access the creme de la creme of the design world in one convenient location!

From their yearly contests to their ongoing ‘site of the day’, they have various useful galleries you can browse. However, the most useful feature is undoubtedly the ability to filter by categories, allowing you to search for award-winning logos in different colors, styles, and industries.

logo design inspiration

Type and Logo via 99Designs.

Awwward’s blog section is also a useful source of design inspiration and this eye-catching logo for FHOKE was found in an article titled ‘99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration’.

Want to give a design nod to this simple-yet-impactful red logo? The Red Badge Security Logo is ready to be customized in Canva.

6. Dribbble

logo design inspiration

Logo designs available in Dribbble.

Dribbble is another design platform where many creative professionals host their portfolios, meaning there’s a huge variety of different styles and approaches. However, it’s also a design community where designers can ask for feedback and constructive criticism on their work. All of these comments are public, which gives you great insight into what works and what doesn’t in the eyes of pro designers. They also have excellent search functionality for narrowing it down to specific types of projects (ie. logos) and the ability to ‘follow’ designers whose work you love.

logo design inspiration

zzap by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold. Image via Dribbble.

This punchy and powerful logo concept was designed by Eddy Lobanovsky from the design studio Unfold. In the description, he has linked to a video where he shares the back story behind creating this logo, which is a great example of Dribbble’s community feel in action.

Want to say hello to yellow in your own logo design? Canva’s Yellow and Black Circle App.Co Computer Logo is a great starting point to get a similar look.

7. Instagram

logo design inspiration

Logo.Inspire on Instagram.

No longer just a place for taking pictures of your food or cute dog, Instagram is now used almost as widely for business as it is leisure. This means that many talented design professionals flock to the platform to share and showcase their work.

There a few different ways you can find logo design inspiration on Instagram. One is by searching for hashtags like #logodesign #logoinspiration and #logoproject. However, being such a widely-used platform, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll likely find amateur work as well as professional.

To narrow it down to a higher quality, you can also follow some of the many Instagram accounts dedicated solely to logo design. @logoinspirations, @logonew, @logoawesome, and @logo.inspire are all great ones to add to your feed.

logo design inspiration

Avidity Creative for Manos De Dios featured on Logoinspirations on Instagram.

Created by Avidity Creative for Manos De Dios coffee, this polished design was featured on the @logoinspirations— an account showcasing talented designers and the best logo identities. They also share design tips both through their feed and in their blog and podcast, so it’s a great all-rounder for creative inspiration.

Want to take a design cue from the intricate shapes and patterns used in the above logo? With a ready-made illustration, Canva’s Gray Highschool Logo template has done some of the hard work for you.

8. Creative Bloq

logo design inspiration

Creative Bloq website.

The name ‘Creative Bloq’ is ironic, as you’ll never feel blocked again thanks to this go-to hub for design inspiration! While it has less of a gallery feel than some of the other design websites on this list, it’s excellent for keeping up with the latest logo trends, news, and tips. It’s also particularly helpful for taking inspiration from some of the world’s most recognizable brands, as they often post articles unpacking and analyzing their logos.

logo design inspiration

Logos from a contest hosted by Mozilla.

In an article about 2019 logo trends, Creative Bloq mentions how web browser company Mozilla ran a competition between these two gradient logos last year. They then explain why the trend works, and how you can incorporate it into your own designs.

Want to use a gradient in your own logo design? Canva’s Pink Circle Gradient Photography Logo template can be easily personalized with your own brand colors.

9. Logomoose

Like 99Designs, Logomoose is an online design competition and marketplace. However, the point of difference is—it’s dedicated entirely to logos! Its homepage is constantly regularly with fresh, new designs so you can stay at the forefront of what’s on-trend. Their use of tags throughout the website makes it incredibly easy to search for specific features ‘ie. vintage logos’ or ‘business logos’. You can also browse galleries of logos that have previously won or are currently nominated for awards.

logo design inspiration

Logo design by Logoholik. Image via Logomoose.

This logo by designer Logoholik for Bolt was showcased in Logomoose’s ‘featured’ section and it’s not hard to see why. With a fresh and modern color scheme and modular aesthetic, it’s certainly easy on the eyes.

You can channel this look into a slightly more corporate aesthetic with Canva’s Blue Square Icon Abstract Logo template.

10. Abduzeedo

logo design inspiration

Abduzeedo is also a good source of logo design inspiration.

While Abduzeedo is primarily a blog featuring design tips and tutorials, it’s also a great destination for design inspiration. Specifically, it’s great for uber-modern, abstract and slightly left-of-center design. If you’re looking to create a logo that pushes the boundaries, this site is a must-visit. The website has an extremely minimalistic interface without too many calls-to-action, so you do need to dig a little deeper for logo design specifically. Check out their ‘branding’ or ‘graphic design’ collections to get you started. They also often run challenges that give you a daily dose of design inspiration.

logo design inspiration

Muv logo. Image via Abduzeedo.

For example, this logo for Muv was showcased in their recent ‘10 day logo design.’ It exemplifies the kind of crisp, modern logo designs you’re likely to discover when browsing Abduzeedo.

Like the sleek and contemporary aesthetic of the above logo? You can recreate a similar look with Canva’ Steel Blue Line Construction Logo template.

At the end of the day, your own brand identity and values should serve as the biggest logo inspiration of all. After all, you want yours to be unique and memorable, not look just like everyone else’s!

However, there’s no harm in taking note of what some of the best in the business are doing and incorporating elements of it into your own design. The logo design inspiration websites on this in this list provide the perfect opportunity to do just that.

By taking a design cue from the professional work on these sites, you can turbocharge your creativity and create a logo that makes you proud. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll even end up showcasing your own work on there, too!

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