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25 Instagram photo hubs and hashtags to follow to help promote your photography on social media

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Looking for ways to promote your photography on Instagram(opens in a new tab or window)? Or are you searching for inspiration that will help boost your own creativity? With Instagram hubs you get to do both at the same time.

These accounts curate and share other users’ images, just like an art gallery for like-minded followers. They also act as a powerful way of connecting, sharing, and growing your presence across Instagram.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz

Hubs feature images related to specific subjects or niches—everything from street photography to fashion, travel, food, and even portraits. There are hubs for almost every niche you can imagine and, often, multiple hubs within each niche. Some have thousands of followers, and others even have millions. While more followers can mean more competition, it also means more exposure if you do get featured.

Here are 25 different niche hubs on Instagram—find them, follow them, interact with them, use their unique hashtag, and hope to get featured.

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01. Travel photography: @passionpassport


@PassionPassport’s community includes explorers, creators, and storytellers from all around the world. The hub features travel photography accompanied by thoughtful captions that give a deeper insight into the story and photographer behind each captivating image. The hub also has a weekly #PPinthenow challenge with guest judges.

Hashtag: #passionpassport

02. Editorial and fashion photography: @uglyshape


@UglyShape showcases visionary editorial and fashion photography from buzzworthy, upcoming talents. Each image is evocative and could easily be seen on the walls of an art gallery or on the pages of a high-fashion magazine.

Hashtag: #uglyshape

While you're at it, do check out @rangecollective (another hub handled by @nounltd, whose behind @uglyshape), which features epic travel and adventure photos curated through #collectivelycreate.

03. Food photography: @gastroart


If you’re a food photographer or a chef, @GastroArt will have your mouth watering. The fine art of plating dishes is of the highest priority on this food photography hub, with sculptural, minimalist, and vibrant creations displayed simply on beautiful ceramic dishes.

Hashtag: #gastroart

04. Black & white photography: @bnw_planet


@BNW_Planet features mostly black and white photographs (interspersed with the an intentional burst of color) that exude mood and atmosphere. As the curator writes: “Pictures should make me feel something. I search emotions not perfection.” Images are also cross-posted on the BNW Planet Facebook account for additional exposure.

Hashtag: #bnw_planet_2019 (this tag changes annually)

05. Wedding photography: @wedphotoinspiration


Tag your best wedding photos with #wedphotoinspiration to be featured on @wedphotoinspiration’s romance-filled hub. Images capture the joy, fun, adventure, emotion, and beauty of weddings—and, of course, the love.

Hashtag: #wedphotoinspiration

06. One-point perspective: @1.perspective


Looking for a new perspective on life? Try @1.perspective. Photographers snap buildings and landscapes with a one-point perspective, creating images that highlight unusual symmetry, geometry, light and composition.

Hashtags: #1PointP and #OnePointPerspective

07. Music photography: @music


Bring super-sized exposure to your work if you get featured on Instagram’s official @Music account with its 2.9M followers. Monthly hashtag projects encourage more abstract thinking, such as photos inspired by lyrics or that celebrate the tools of the music trade. As such, photos aren’t always of bands or musicians, but can be of anything from instruments to concerts, to festival goers, and even sheet music.

Hashtags: #MHPinstrumental, #MHPlyrical, #MHProckstar, #weekendmusic, etc.

08. Night photography: @nightphotography


Night photography is technically difficult, but the results can be powerful. Check out the @NightPhotography hub for major inspiration and for ideas on the kind of dramatic lighting effects that help get photos featured. Captions also include lots of other relevant night photography hashtags for more inspiration.

Hashtag: #nightphotography

09. Film-inspired photography: @accidentallywesanderson


Film director Wes Anderson’s meticulous, memorable, and magical worlds are distinct with symmetry, nostalgic color palettes, and one-point perspectives. @AccidentallyWesAnderson features photographs that evoke Wes Anderson’s style IRL. The hub also includes detailed captions that provide the background and history of each location, so you are more likely to get featured if your setting is easily researchable online.

Hashtag: #accidentallywesanderson

10. Portrait photography: @portraitmood


@PortraitMood showcases stunning close-up portraits that capture the detail, feeling, and emotion on each subject’s face. This hub celebrates the beauty in individuality and diversity—and freckles. Lots of freckles!

Hashtag: #portraitmood

For more portrait photography, check out @pursuitofportraits and @portraitpage

11. Visual storytelling: @thecreatorclass


Attracting a community of visual storytellers and creatives, @TheCreatorClass celebrates a wide variety of photographic genres and styles rather than focusing on one particular niche. The platform is intended to inspire, promote and develop the creative community. If you happen to live in Toronto, Canada, The Creator Class also hosts gatherings, galleries, events and workshops at Free Space.

Hashtag: #TheCreatorClass

12. Instant photography: @polaroidoriginals


There is something so charming about analog technology in the digital age, and @polaroidoriginalscelebrates the fact wonderfully by showcasing creative user-generated work. Shot exclusively on instant Polaroid film, the retro grain and washed-out colors feel nostalgic yet contemporary at the same time.

Hashtag: #polaroidoriginals

13. Flat lay photography: @flatlayforever


Flat lays bring together the art of styling, curation, and photography all in one shot. They showcase products and tell a story in a distinctive, aesthetically-pleasing way. @FlatLayForever’s curated feed focuses on images with lots of texture, soft colors, and lots of Gram-worthy food.

Hashtag: #flatlayforever

14. Adventure travel photography: @visuals.collective


@Visuals.Collective provides adventure inspiration for photographers and travelers at heart. Photos are moody and atmospheric, depicting far-away, isolated scenes and landscapes that make you want to pack your bags and find some serenity.

Hashtag: #exploretocreate

15. Macro photography: @macro_spotlight


Get up close and personal with @Macro_Spotlight. The hub draws viewers into the world of diminutive-sized insects, animals, and birds with macro images that show off their vibrant colors and fine details.

Hashtag: #macro_spotlight

16. Drone photography: @fromwhereidrone


On the other end of the scale, drone photography showcases a bird’s-eye view of the world. @FromWhereIDrone features photographs of the world as seen from above and beyond. Find beauty, color, and pattern that can’t be seen from the ground.

Hashtag: #fromwhereidrone

17. Still life photography: @still_life_gallery_


Rustic food and florals feature heavily on the @Still_Life_Gallery_ hub. It celebrates living the slow life and creating the feeling of home with its stylized take on lifestyle and product photography.

Hashtags: #still_life_gallery and #stilllifegallery

18. Architecture photography: @brutal_architecture


Brutalist architecture may be contentious due to its raw, unfinished appearance, but for architects and design enthusiasts, there is beauty and art in these powerful concrete forms. @Brutal_Architecture features photographs of brutalist buildings around the world. Regular competitions and challenges also encourage photographers to consider different ways of depicting this form of architecture.

Hashtag: #brutal_architecture

19. Film photography: @thefilmcommunity


You’ve heard us say it before, but we’ll say it again: analog film isn’t dead. Give your digital camera a break and revive the art of old-school film photography. @TheFilmCommunity hub highlights a variety of film styles—from raw point-and-shoot shots to crisp medium format compositions.

Hashtag: #thefilmcommunity

20. Minimalist photography: @iseeminimal


Obsessed with minimalism? @ISeeMinimal promotes a stark brand of minimalism that focuses on the complex simplicity of each subject’s depth, composition, texture, and color palette.

Hashtags: #ic_minimal

21. Emerging photographers: @justgoshoot


While all hubs seek to promote the work of emerging photographers, @JustGoShootwas made specifically with this goal in mind. The hub features a diverse array of inspirational images from photographers that are more than worth the follow. Increase your own chance of being featured and #justgoshoot.

Hashtag: #justgoshoot

22. Urban photography: @citybestviews


@CityBestViews brings together stunning urban photography from around the world. Brightly-lit, colorful, and historical buildings are featured in their full glory, showcasing the intersection between these structures and the vibrant cities which they call home.

Hashtag: #CBviews

23. Regional photography: @relax_youreincali


If you’ve been California dreamin’, then check out @Relax_YoureInCali. Celebrating all aspects of Californian culture, photographs have a dreamy, sun-kissed palette that reflect the laid-back coastal atmosphere. There are lots of regional Instagram hubs all around the world, so maximize your post’s reach by tagging the most relevant ones.

Hashtag: #relaxyoureincali

24. Motorbike photography: @caferacersofinstagram


With nearly a million followers on Instagram, @CafeRacersofInstragram is certainly not lacking in popularity. If you share a love for rugged bikes, motor sports, all-terrain travel, and action photography, be sure to tag your photos for a chance to be discovered by other like-minded enthusiasts.

Hashtags: #croig and #caferacersofinstagram

25. Street photography: @the.street.photography.hub


The French word flaneur means to stroll or saunter around town like an urban observer. If you see yourself as a flaneur, tag your street photography images with #thestreetphotographyhub for the chance to be featured on @The.Street.Photography.Hub. Many of the featured photos capture the serenity and solitude that exists in even the most bustling of cities.

Hashtag: #thestreetphotographyhub

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