How to print your Instagram photos: A step-by-step guide


Some of your best and favorite photos are probably on your Instagram account. Why not bring the magic of these moments IRL?

Take your Instagram feed offline in three steps! Here’s how you can print Instagram photos easily.

Step 1: Download your photos

The first step to getting IG picture printouts is to get soft copies of your photos. But unlike most social networking sites, downloading content on Instagram is not a straightforward affair—and for good reason.

A good chunk of content that exists on Instagram is branded and copyrighted. From art pieces to editorial shoots, many photos and videos hosted on Instagram are legally not up for redistribution and can only be viewed and engaged with through the platform.

That being said, Instagram has made it tricky to use the files hosted on their platform, even if they’re your own photos. So if you want to print your Instagram pictures, here are the three easiest options available to you:

Option 1: Take screenshots

We won’t delve into the Do’s and Don'ts of copyright and fair use because we’re all law-abiding, intellectual property-respecting folks. Instead, we’ll focus on the right way to get high-quality screenshots of your Instagram posts.

As much as possible, don’t take screenshots on your phone. Instead, log in to Instagram on your desktop or laptop for best results. Images are displayed bigger there, which generally means the quality and resolution are also higher.

To screenshot the part you need—that is, the photo itself—press Win + Shift + S or open the Snipping Tool on Windows. If you’re on Mac, press Cmd + Shift + 4. Save your screenshots in .PNG format to prevent quality loss when you resize and get your Instagram pictures printed.

A caveat: if the Instagram photo is tiny to begin with, take screenshots on a smaller device, like your phone.

Option 2: Use an app

Instagram might not make it easy to save content from the platform, but plenty of third-party apps do. A quick Google search for “Instagram saver” gives you a good head start in your quest to find the best app for your personal needs.

When taking this route, the main thing to keep in mind is protecting your data privacy. Many apps require you to log in to your Instagram account through their app or give them a considerable amount of access to your profile in order to get to your photos.

Take the time to review their cookie policies and permission settings to see the extent of their access and ability to track and record your activities. You’d be surprised to find just how much extra data some apps keep.

Option 3: Export your file

Instagram also gives you the option to download your information from the app. Take note, however, that this data package contains not only your IG pictures, but also comments, profile information, and more. It comes in a sizable file, so you’ll have to sort through it to get your photos.

  • On Mobile Devices. Go to your Instagram profile, tap on the three-bar menu on the upper right, and select Settings. In the search bar, simply type “Download Your Information” to be redirected to the Download Your Data page. Confirm your email, then tap Request Download. Instagram will email your data to you. Though the prompt says it may take up to 48 hours, it usually doesn’t take more than 2 hours for most people. However, the longer you’ve been on Instagram, the bigger the file.
  • On Desktop. On your Instagram profile, click the Gear icon next to the Edit Profile button, then select Privacy and Security. Scroll down until you find the tab titled Data Download, then click on Request Download.

From there, Instagram will prompt you for your account email and password. Once confirmed, your files will be sent to your email. Depending on how much data you have (that is, how many photos and videos you have uploaded to Instagram), this process might take a while.

Keep in mind, too, that the download link from Instagram will expire in a couple of days. So keep an eye out for their email once you’ve requested your information.

Step 2: Get creative with your IG pictures

Take your pics to the next level and get creative with how you print your Instagram photos. After all, you’re not limited by a three-column grid this time, and you can certainly have fun with how you display your snaps IRL.

Apart from ordinary photo prints, here are six creative Insta prints you can make from a simple square picture.

Photo Books

Want to compile your adventures in a handy keepsake? You can make your own photo book using Canva. Place your most treasured pictures in an Instagram photo book template and personalize it with free stickers and illustrations.

Layout your first Instagram book with these beautiful templates:


Think outside the (three-column) box! A personalized photo collage is much more exciting than run-of-the-mill square photos. Form a heart with your photos. Arrange your pictures with IG-worthy stickers and vectors. Make wall art and mood boards with other beautiful images, not just your own.

Try out your Insta pics on these pretty templates:


Want a simple gift idea that’s as heartfelt as it is unique? Design your own custom magnets with your favorite pictures with the celebrant. Drop your Instagram photos on these templates and get them printed. Don’t forget to add a fun message!


A picture is already worth a thousand words, but for special occasions, adding a message will knock it out of the park. Let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them by turning your Instagram photos into a custom-made greeting card.

Send your warmest greetings—along with your biggest smiles—with these card templates. Simply drop your Instagram photos, edit the message, and print them out!

Posters and Canvas Prints

Now we’re getting down to business. If you want to elevate your shop’s marketing, turning your glamorous product shots into high-quality posters or Canvas Prints is just the thing. From special announcements to eye-catching shopfront displays, a poster or a high-quality print make the most of your printed Instagram photos.

Get your business booming with these poster templates:

Business cards

Who says business cards are just text-heavy pieces of card stock? Make your brand stand out with impressive professional business cards bearing your curated Instagram photos.

Drop your pictures on these templates and get fresh, Instagram-worthy business cards printed out:

Step 3: Print out your Instagram photos

Now that your photos are all prepped and ready to go, it’s time to send them to the printers.

Depending on what you’ll be using them for, you’ve got two options:

At-home printer

This is perfect for personal projects. Printing your Instagram photos for things like scrapbooks, square prints,journals, mood boards, or decor can be easily done in the comfort of your home, as long as you have a reliable printer. For best results, use good-quality photo paper or card stock. Make sure they’re compatible with your printer type (for example, inkjet paper) and sturdy enough for their purpose. For example, 350 gsm card stock is best for printing greeting cards.

As an extra step, consider investing in storage or archival materials, like plastic sleeves or laminating sheets that are acid- and PVC-free. These protect your Instagram prints from dirt and sunlight and keep them in mint condition—as pristine as their digital counterparts.

Professional printers

If you’re using your printed Instagram photos for projects like photo books, shop displays, or gifts, consider going pro.

Professional print studios are equipped with commercial-grade printers and stocked up on premium paper supplies, which guarantee better-quality outputs compared to most home printers. More importantly, they can offer a wider variety of print types and sizes, which will be invaluable if you plan to order Instagram prints in bulk.

If you want the convenience of ordering right after designing on Canva, order Instagram prints from Canva Print. You’ll get your printed Instagram photo books, cards, posters, and more with free standard delivery.


Bring the magic of your Instagram feed to life when you print out your photos. Save them by taking a screenshot, using an app to export your files, or having Instagram email your entire feed to you.

Get creative in how you use your photos. From Instagram photo books to wall art to greeting cards, there’s a whole world of designs you can use to elevate your pictures. Explore Canva’s editable templates to create beautiful works of art with your photos.

And lastly, print out your photos-slash-designs. For simple, personal uses, an at-home printer works fine. But for large-scale production, professional printing services like Canva Print are the best way to go.

Have fun!

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