25 wedding and elopement photographers to follow on Instagram


Hop on the love train and follow these amazing wedding and elopement photographers for some lovin’ on your Instagram feed.

Whether you’re looking for wedding inspo or just something to make your heart flutter, you’re bound to find them in these 25 talented photographers’ feeds. Follow away and see them capture the beauty of romance in innumerable ways.

01. Chris and Ruth (@chrisandruth)

A husband and wife duo, Chris and Ruth capture adventure weddings and elopements in locations that are as much to fall for as one’s other half.

02. India Earl (@indiaearl)

Silly, romantic, happy—Utah-based wedding and elopement photographer India Earl’s feed’s got it covered. It’s hard not to love falling in love seeing the happy couples she captures.

03. Steph Grant (@imsteph)

Being part of the LGBTQ community, Steph Grant connects deeply with her subjects, allowing her to share beautiful and inspiring stories of love everywhere.

04. Jana and Simon (@janasnuderl)

Jana and Simon capture genuine emotions between couples and create whimsical wedding, elopement, and couple photos that feel like home.

05. Maddie Mae, Amber, and Tori (@adventureinstead)

Showing some of the most breathtaking views from around the world, it’s hard to stop scrolling through @adventureinstead’s feed. In one photo, a couple is captured before their first look at each other having changed to their wedding dresses only upon reaching the peak of a mountain.

06. Huong Nguyen-Takeba (@hnguyentakeba)

There’s a feminine touch to this photographer’s wedding photos, making them dreamy. What’s so amazing is that the photos on Huong’s feed are shot with film.

07. Kim Heck (@barefoottalesbykim)

Kim Heck, a wedding and couple photographer from Germany, captures authentic happiness between couples. One can’t help but smile while scrolling through her feed!

08. Cody and Allison (@codyandallisonphoto)

Another husband and wife team, Cody and Allison are destination and Nashville wedding and elopement photographers who create some of the most amazing scenes in their shoots.

09. Montana Lee (@montanaleephotography)

Looking at Montana’s photos, one can’t help but feel like a part of the couples’ lives. The stories her photographs of weddings and couples tell touch the heart.

10. Madeline Thompson (@madelines.photography)

Aside from weddings, Madeline Thompson’s feed showcases engagement, couple, and family photos that are so playful and sweet, one can’t help but feel the love.

11. Sean Flanigan (@stanflan)

Sean has been documenting weddings and elopements around the world for 12 years. His play of light, shadows, and tone make a feed that is easy on the eyes.

12. Hailey Pierce (@hailes8)

Intimate wedding, elopement, and lifestyle photographer Hailey’s photos reflect the personality of her subjects, adding character to her photos.

13. Shelby and Jason (@cactusandcoastphotography)

Husband and wife Shelby and Jason use unique props and pose subjects creatively resulting in raw and beautiful wedding and couple photos in their feed.

14. Dallas Olga (@dallasolgaphoto)

Having been through nursing school, Dallas captures everything important in life, creating romantic, fairytale-esque photos of the happiest couples on the best days of their lives.

15. Monique Serra (@moniqueserraphotography)

27-year old Monique Serra is one of those photographers who seem to always click the shutter at the right time, capturing the happiest moments between the couples she shoots.

16. Ashley Kay and Ashley Bee (@kayxbeephoto)

The Ashleys’ feed stands out with their clean and classic shots of couples and weddings. The happiness they feel doing what they love are evident in their photos.

17. Mathias and Franzi / Take a Pic[k] (@takeapick.fotograf)

Filled with romance, their feed shows photos of couples not only at their wedding around Europe. Looking at the photos, one can see how comfortable the couples are with this duo.

18 Inka Junge (@inkajunge)

Berlin-based wedding and couple photographer Inka Junge’s feed is all about consistency. Beautiful black and white shots that alternate with color makes her feed one of a kind.

19. Shari and Mike (@shariandmike)

The colors of the photos in the feed of this Vancouver-based husband and wife team, Shari and Mike, are what fairytales are made of—what better way to start happily ever after.

20. Tanja and Andreas (@blitzkneisser_foto)

Another husband and wife duo, wherever the location, it’s the love between the couples Tanja and Andreas capture that give warmth to their photos.

21. Alice Cannon (@aliceshootspeople)

Alice Cannon’s no frills shooting leaves her photos clean, classy and as beautiful as the couples’ big day. The composition, contrast in colors, and tone of her photos are also as lovely as the couples in them.

22. Serafin Castillo (@serafin_castillo)

Hear the music playing in the background while scrolling through this Spain-based wedding photographer’s feed. Not only does Serafin capture the love but also the life and happiness shared by the couples he shoots.

23. Elisa Watkins (@elisawatkinsphotography)

Elisa’s elopement and couple photographs are nothing short of magical. There’s something about the way this Colorado-based photographer plays with light and color that makes her photos so dreamy.

24. Dylan and Joanna Kitchener (@thekitcheners)

With weddings and elopement shot in the most breathtaking locations across the world—such as Ireland, Wales, Morocco, Denmark, and Poland—the Kitcheners’ photos inspire not only love but also adventure.

25. Jordan Voth (@jordanvoth)

Last but certainly not the least is this Seattle-based portrait and wedding photographer who has beautifully combined his love for the great outdoors with his passion for photography. Jordan’s photos are to fall for.

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