30 essential Instagram accounts every food photographer should follow

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Food is life. And for both seasoned and amateur food photographers, nowhere is that philosophy more front and center than on the feeds of these 30 drool-worthy Instagram accounts.

Filled with beautifully-lit dishes, artfully-composed flatlays, and mouthwatering details, these must-follow accounts will definitely fuel your appetite for stunning food photography and design on your Instagram.

01. @minimalistbaker

Food blogger and author Dana Schutzuses plant-based ingredients to whip up breathtaking, gluten-free dishes. Her fresh, vibrant snapshots will make you take the leap from simply appreciating to actually trying out her recipes.

02. @septimeparis

It’s notoriously difficult to get into this chic, French restaurant, and after scrolling through their feed, it’s easy to see why. Be captivated by each delectable dish, which is made of only the freshest, seasonal ingredients available.

03. @beardfoundation

Followers will appreciate the visually arresting creations, waste-free recipes, and sustainable efforts by this culinary arts organization formed in honor of James Beard, the Dean of American Cookery. (Featured photo by Keirnan & Theo / @hippopigemous)

04. @sarah_fel

It’s so easy to get lost in this feed full of artfully-formed pastries. Enjoy scrolling through everything from intricately-folded bread to fruit-laden cakes, and even bite-sized treats made just for Sarah Brunella’s son to enjoy.

05. @scottsuchman

Capturing eats that always appear to jump off the frame, Scott is known for taking detail-oriented food shots that are bursting with color, contrast, and saturation. With over 27 years of photography experience, this veteran food photographer will make you wish you could tag along to every dining establishment he visits.

06. @theloopywhisk

Kat willingly scoops, slices, or breaks apart her baked creations to show you what’s inside. Chocolate makes a steady appearance in this self-confessed chocoholic’s posts—and we’re definitely not complaining!

07. @thecuratedfeast

There’s more to this account than just pretty portraits of food. Food historian Liz Birnbaum often includes insightful captions that give a glimpse into centuries-old culinary techniques and traditions.

08. @coffee

Got a whole latte love for coffee? Have your fill of #latteart from this highly caffeinated feed gathered from breakfast tables across the globe. (Featured photo by Ness & Nells / @jan.1796)

09. @breakfastnbowls

Putting the spotlight on the most important meal of the day, Anita prepares colorful smoothie bowls, fluffy pancake stacks, and fruit layered toasts that just about anyone would be willing to wake up early for.

10. @michelinguide

For over a century, French tire company Michelin has released an annual list of prestigious restaurants worth traveling far and wide (and saving up) for. Follow this account if you’re searching for the most inspiring, decadent, and luxurious meals of your life. (Featured photo by Cote NYC)

11. @singlethreadfarms

From farm to table to Instagram, the rich and luscious imagery presented by this rustic yet modern plantation and restaurant based in California, will tempt you to book a reservation ASAP. (Featured photo by Nader Khouri / @naderkhouri)

12. @eater

Vicariously munch your way around the world with the help of Eater’s seasoned editors and ardent followers, who regularly send in shots of their own extraordinary meals. Delight in everything from the perfect slice of pepperoni pizza to decadent barbecued ribs. (Featured photo by Nick Solares)

13. @mattarmendariz

Matt Armendariz successfully made the leap from graphic designer and art director to full-time food photographer and blogger. With 20 years of visual know-how tucked firmly under his belt, he’s mastered the art of making people drool over his enticing food shots.

14. @loveandlemons

Though Jeanine Donofrio confesses she isn’t strictly vegetarian, her Instagram account definitely has us fooled with its regular rotation of lush, veggie-centric recipes straight from her sleek white kitchen.

15. @sweettoothforever

Don’t feel guilty about gawking at these stunning postsof cakes, donuts, and ice cream cones. This is the one and only time you won’t need to burn calories from these sugary treats. (Featured photo by @feedyourgirlfriend)

16. @bromabakery

Blogger Sarah Fennel (aka the founder of @foodtographyschool) teaches her followers all about lighting, symmetry, and composition through her feed. Set against predominantly white backdrops, the snapshots of her homemade goods will leave you craving for something sweet.

17. @christiannkoepke

This photographer, recipe curator, and creative director’s Instagram feed is packed with raw, moody setups that will conjure up images of unhurried weekends spent in bed or the great outdoors.

18. @theworlds50best

No need to wonder what renowned chefs, food critics, and gourmands consider the best restaurants in the world. Feast your eyes on sumptuous food photos, and discover the story behind each dish and the unique establishment responsible for bringing it to life.

19. @cheesy

Everything tastes better with cheese, and the portraits from @tastingtable’s curated account prove it! Whether you’re into flaky, creamy, or gooey cheese, there’s definitely something for everyone. (Featured photo by Anne & Michelle / @nycmunchkin)

20. @mariesaba

Inject humor into your life by following the playful feed of this Texas-based chef. Expect lots of creatively designed pies and hilarious food puns. If you can’t figure out the wordplay, don’t worry! Marie’s followers always chime in through the comments section with clues.

21. @rymondtn

Get a sugar high by scrolling through this self-taught home baker’s account. From customized cakes to his famed chocolate-coated cake popsicles, Melbourne-based Ray Ray regularly whips up visually-enthralling edible creations that deserve to be displayed in a museum.

22. @stillsundayco

Successfully shifting from dark and dramatic to whimsical and rustic arrangements, these talented food, prop, and event stylists from Manila, Philippines manage to tell a story with each beautifully detailed set that they meticulously prepare.

23. @davidchang

American restaurateur and Ugly Delicious host David Chang keeps his one million followers salivating through in-the-moment food posts taken with his mobile camera. Aside from sharing appetizing grub from under-the-radar discoveries, his posts feature some of the most innovative culinary creatives in the industry.

24. @oursecretsupper

If intimate gatherings and countryside feasts are your thing, then this account will give you heaps of ideas. The brain child of Danielle Firle and Eva Kosmas Flores, Secret Supperfocuses on creating one-of-a-kind, unforgettable dining experiences in mesmerizing locations.

25. @food52

Cooking 52 weeks a year, the makers of the Food52 website follow the manifesto “eat thoughtfully, live joyfully,” and it shows in every delicious photo that they share with their fellow foodies. Aside from showcasing the recipes submitted by their contributors and community, they present innovative tools that make cooking a breeze. (Featured photo by Julia / @juliagartland)

26. @davidloftus

Working with the likes of chefs Jamie Oliver, Rachel Khoo, and Gennaro Contaldo, you can be sure about one thing: renowned photographer David Loftushas sampled the best dishes served on the planet. His Instagram account is filled with unencumbered close-ups of raw food and imperfectly perfect plated wonders.

27. @stevepearcestylist

Food stylist Steve Pearce shares a glimpse of his commissioned work and personal projects through his Instagram feed. Mixing the old with the new and the raw with the intricately-prepared, you’ll marvel at how deftly he combines natural textures and elements to craft distinctly original imagery.

28. @ashrod

Two-time cookbook author, Kitchen Unnecessary host, and mother of three, Ashley Rodriguez always manages to capture simple yet captivating images of naturally gorgeous dishes that are best when shared.

29. @francescotonelli

No one understands food better than Francesco Tonelli. From luscious strawberries caught in mid-air to artfully swirling beverages into a cup, this chef and photographer manages to capture each dish at its most dynamic and luxurious.

30. @theartofplating

Eating starts with the eyes, and this Instagram account puts the spotlight on gorgeously plated dishes worthy of being put on permanent display. These intricately-designed pastries, whimsical concoctions, and fantastical feasts will surely whet anyone’s appetite. (Featured photo by Matthew Siciliano / @matthew_siciliano)

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