30 stunning Instagram travel photographers that will inspire you to book your next flight

Travel photography has the unique ability to inspire, motivate, and enlighten viewers by visually conveying the atmosphere, feeling, and culture of any given destination.

Follow and bookmark these 30 Instagram travel photographers to get you excited about exploring the wonders of the world.

01. @everchanginghorizon | Quin Schrock

Quin Schrock is an adventure and lifestyle photographer inspired by the wonder and freedom of nature. His striking compositions capture the intrepid human spirit in diverse, remote, and off-the-beaten-path landscapes, conveying the excitement and anticipation of new destinations and adventures.

02. @chrisburkard | Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard’s photography communicates the magnificence and power of untamed natural landscapes. Travelling to the farthest expanses of the earth, Chris’ visionary perspective inspires us to consider our relationship with nature while promoting the preservation of wild places.

03. @eljackson | Samuel Taipale

Falling in love with the outdoors, Norwegian photographer Samuel Taipale picked up a camera to document the world around him. One of Samuel’s favorite times to shoot is when unexpected weather creates stunning light and clouds effects, adding to the drama or atmosphere of an image. His advice for photographers? Be patient and wait for the perfect light, weather, or season.

04. @girleatworld | Melissa Hie

Trying new food is one of the great joys of travelling, and Melissa Hie’s Instagram will definitely have you licking your lips as she eats her way around the world. Melissa snaps fun, colorful photographs of food in front of memorable backdrops, capturing both the distinctive dishes and sights of locations around the world.

For more of Melissa's adventures, do check out her blog here.

05. @jackharding | Jack Harding

Jack Harding’s landscape photographs are atmospheric. With fog, cloud, and inclement weather, Jack’s magical moments feature a desaturated, moody color palette.

06. @lucylaucht | Lucy Rose Laucht

Making a career out of her lifelong wanderlust and curiosity, Lucy Laucht’s work spans travel and fashion with dreamy beaches, camper vans, and cliff-side settings. But while the eternal globetrotter looks like she is living the dream, Lucy is honest about the realities of being a travel photographer: "The outward image of a glamorous life of travel belies the reality: long gruelling shoots, the sadness of constant goodbyes to family and places that feel like home and the fickle life of freelance work."

07. @windmilldreams | Agata Wagemaker

Traveler-at-heart, Agata Wagemaker photographs cities, food, and coffee. Her images include architectural details such as tiles, shutters, and cobblestones, and they have a muted, rustic color palette that highlights texture and contrast.  

08. @loic.lagarde | Loïc Lagarde

French photographer Loïc Lagarde’s photographs have luminous rosy and golden hues. Loïc became a professional photographer in 2012 when Airbnb discovered his work on Flickr and hired him to shoot host properties all around the world. Today, he specializes in destinations and luxury hotels, capturing them with a dream-like quality.

09. @lebackpacker | Johan Lolos

Johan Lolos is a Belgian-born photographer with a passion for the outdoors, and his photographs convey the fresh air, majestic scale, and vast spaces of the wilderness. You can also find Johan at @lolosjohan, where he shares tips and stories behind the photographs.

10. @loki | Loki the Wolfdog

Loki the Wolfdog has a large following across social media with over 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone. Kelly Lund started the Instagram account just for fun, documenting his escapades with Loki. The self-taught photographer attributes this success to the personal connection that he and his pet share.

11. @helloamerica | Kristen Blanton and Matt Jozwiak

Kristen Blanton and Matt Jozwiak spent two years backpacking through everywhere from national parks to truck-stop parking lots; all while documenting their adventures on film. Their photographs have a nostalgic quality and an honest, raw style that evokes the myth of the American road and landscape.

12. @brendanvanson | Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son started his travel career as a travel writer, taking photos to support his articles. However, he quickly realized he preferred creating images than writing. “You need quality images for a good published article, so I started setting out to get them. Nowadays there are times where the writing fuels the photography inspiration and other times it’s the opposite,” Brendan told LashWorldTour.

13. @lavicvic | Vicky Navarro

Vicky Navarro photographs the experience of travelling. Hailing from Mexico City, Vicky is inspired by transient yet lasting connections in travel and has a keen eye for ethereal landscapes and moments. 

14. @samhorine | Sam Horine

Many of Sam Horine’s photographs document NYC with fresh eyes, but he is also a regular explorer of worldwide destinations. “Being a photographer is about challenging yourself to continue to push forward and not fall into ruts and not do the same thing because of this feedback loop you get out of it,” Sam told Britton Perelman of Passion Passport, “It’s just about finding that motivation to go out and make photos, and tell stories, and meet new people, and be open to new experiences, and just constantly trying to be better.”

15. @the_adventuresofus | Sarah-Louise Marks and Christopher Phelps

Partners in life and love Sarah-Louise Marks and Christopher Phelps are united by their passion for photography, food, and travelling. They document their memories and experiences across the globe with photographs that are simply beautiful. They have a calm, composed quality—and often, a signature hat.

16. @chaseguttman | Chase Guttman

Three-time recipient of The Young Travel Photographer of the Year, Chase Guttman captures the world as you’ve never seen it before. His stunning drone photographs offer a new and intriguing perspective, particularly of America. “Travel photography allows me to explore the tremendous diversity of planet Earth while still observing humanity’s underlying commonality,” Chase told Travel + Leisure.

17. @alisontravels | Alison Turner

Alison Turner hits the road with her rescue dogs, Max and Cooper, and her van, Campy, to photograph their canine adventures as well as the vast American landscape.

18. @jasoncharleshill | Jason Charles Hill

Jason Charles Hill’s photographs are dark and atmospheric with beautiful moments of light. He captures epic natural landscapes and jaw-dropping scenes from across the globe, as well as the winding roads he travels to reach these awe-inspiring locations.

19. @gabscanu | Gab Scanu

Gab Scanu’s Instagram account has a consistent blue and earth-toned palette that is comprised of turquoise waters, sheer cliffs, open deserts, and other stunning landscapes from around the world. 

20. @the_wanderinglens | Lisa Michele Burns

Travel and underwater photographer Lisa Michele Burns’ images will have you in dream land with her romantic, idyllic color palettes. Lisa edits her work to stay close to the natural setting, ensuring the image reflects the colours and patterns of the environment. “I edit to keep a consistency throughout my work. I prefer soft tones and warm hues rather than big bold colors,” she tells The Culture Trip.

21. @jeremysnell | Jeremy Snell

Jeremy Snell is a photographer and humanitarian whose portraits make you see people in a different light. His images are a fine balance between commercial and documentary photographs as they showcase people of diverse and unique cultures and tell powerful and compelling stories.

22. @neumarc | Marco Gaggio

Italy has always served as the muse for Marco Gaggio’s work. He seeks out light in order to color the dramatic cityscapes and geometric patterns in both his home city and other locations around the world.  

23. @joethommas | Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is a travel and architecture photographer specializing in visual storytelling. Joe’s two main criteria for photographs are that they be both beautiful and interesting as he wants to inspire people to go out and explore new places. His images have dramatic coloring that accentuates golden hues.

24. @glennleerobinson | Glenn Lee Robinson

Outdoors and adventure photographer Glenn Lee Robinson captures the beauty of nature in all its colorful glory, sharing the views and moments he experiences on the road and along the trails. His advice for photographers? “Always go a little bit further than the trail leads or where people go... It always adds to a picture when you can get a fresh and unique perspective of a place or subject.” he tells Art of Visuals.

25. @summerofseventyfive | Amber, Keenan, Coco, and Indigo

Amber and Keenan, with their daughters, Coco and Indigo, travel around Australia in a 1975 Kombi van. Their photographs convey a sense of nostalgia with sun-kissed colors and dreamy landscapes. 

26. @spathumpa | Costas Spathis

Aerial photographer Costas Spathis takes a bird’s eye view to find pattern and geometry in the world; from cities to sailboats, and even beach umbrellas to floating devices.

27. @krenn_imre | Krénn Imre

Krénn Imre’s photographs look like fairytale settings with beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and warm, radiating colors. He shoots without people to bring the sky and architectural elements into focus.

28. @sennarelax | Senai Senna

Senai Senna’s photos are like postcards with spectacular views captured in saturated color. Images of natural and urban landscapes from around the world make you want to pack your bags and go.

29. @doyoutravel | Jack Morris

Jack Morris’ Instagram depicts the quintessential travel photographer lifestyle: working with brands and companies from around the world to showcase their products and services online. His captivating work is carefully treated and curated so that the entire feed looks compellingly cohesive as a whole.

30. @funforlouis | Louis Cole

Louis Cole is a nomad with no fixed address and nothing more than a bag on his back and a camera in his hand. He posts his life adventures on YouTube and Instagram, sharing snippets of this seasoned traveler's world view. His photographs are authentic, free-spirited, and filled with wanderlust; full of saturated color, golden light, and subjects that are simply loving life.

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