50 of the best food Instagram accounts and what makes them so deliciously good


Food is a much bigger industry than just restaurants and chefs, and Instagram has given a platform for a myriad of talented food stylists, bloggers, photographers, enthusiasts and more to share their work.

Photo by Brooke Lark

With the introduction of the smartphone camera we saw a rise in uniform depth of field photography becoming popular (hello, flatlay) and from there a rise in the sharing of everything from one’s breakfast to the growing, harvesting and preparation of the ingredients it took to make it.

From here, it was inevitable that we would see an increase in people who have perfected the (often dreaded) Instagram grid using techniques like the checkerboard (alternating black and white squares), ombre/rainbow feed, split-image format and even just good-old beautiful, crisp, clear professional food photography.

While it would be impossible to feature every account who is doing it well, here are a few who consistently dish up (pardon the pun) mouth-watering, delicious-looking content.

01. @ladyandpups | Mandy Lee

Being based in Hong Kong looks like it affords Mandy access to some pretty interesting produce and the odd shot of her dogs SRB and Sesame make this one of the most fun, potty-mouthed accounts on the platform.

02. @nelrestaurant | nel.

One of Sydney’s best restaurants with a focus on fresh, local produce, nel. changes their menu every 6 weeks. Their account features dark, moody photography that highlights each new menu’s stunning seasonal dishes. (Featured photo by Cole Bennetts / @colebennetts)

03. @cookrepublic | Sneh Roy

Shot in the comfort of her own kitchen, Sneh Roy’s Cook Republic is honest and beautifully shot, featuring food she feeds her family, styled to perfection. Sneh has also mastered the art of the shutter release in order to create movement and interaction within her imagery.

04. @annabarnettcooks | Anna Barnett

Anna Barnettoffers everything from recipes for Meat Free Mondays to dishes for big dinner parties. Her beautiful, soft color pallette will satisfy even the strictest of grid enthusiasts.

05. @dennistheprescott | Dennis the Prescott

Dennis must have a lot of friends, and by the looks of things, they must all be extremely well fed. A quick trawl through Dennis’ Insta is like a colorful journey through the food pyramid except it’s all served up on the one table, in the same shot, and really who needs plates? A must-follow account.

06. @eatsmorefun | Carla and Gaston Fernandez

This husband and wife duo based in Singapore travel the world to enjoy great food and share their journey with their followers. Each mouthwatering photo comes with an honest review not only of the food but also of the place, inspiring one to step out and go on their own gastronomical adventure.

07. @igbrunchclub | Instagram Brunch Club

Run by a group of foodie influencers, these almost exclusively flatlay spreads by igbrunchclubare deliciously colorful and feature the best of brunch in London. (Featured photo by Giulia Mulè / @mondomulia)

08. @stevehansenimages | Steve Hansen

Steve is a commercial food, beverage, and product photographer based in Seattle. His clean, crisp images of icecubes splashing into cocktails and steam coming from freshly baked goods are the definition of food porn. Behind-the-scenes shots are great as inspiration for budding photographers about what it takes to set up a great motion shot.

09. @cookieandkate | Kathryn Taylor

A healthy vegetarian food blog offering creative and approachable recipes. Kate’s dog, Cookie, catches the crumbs. Her work is simplistic and clean (not overcluttered) and features some really great recipes that are actually healthy and delicious.

10. @muttipomodoroau | Mutti Pomodoro Australia

Of any product to promote, it’s true that tomatoes are pretty versatile (the recipes and uses are endless), but either way, the curation of this account is impressive. The imagery is always on point, and amplification in social media spot on. Through collaborations and sponsored posts they have managed to create a beautiful database of images and recipes using their hero product, Mutti Pomodoro. (Featured photo by Lina J Photography / @thelebaneseplate)

11. @shivesh17 | Shivesh

India commonly has an addictive effect on its visitors. The same can be said of Shivesh’s Instagram account, a feed filled with sweeping tea plantations, smiling pictures of Shivesh doing exciting foodie things around India (and beyond) and magnificent, colorful creations from the freshest of Indian produce.

12. @andrewscrivani | Andrew Scrivani

Long-term food photographer for the New York Times, Andrew has created a career out of moody, vintage still-life inspired shots with an emphasis on macro details. His publish as-shot approach to imagery is evident in his online tutorials, unveiling an unassuming-yet-uncompromising personality.

13. @cashewkitchen | Agnes Gallhagen

The Swedes really seem to know their plant based cooking. With a somewhat basic props collection, Agnes shows what a little creativity can do to create an image that makes your mouth water.

14. @anisa.sabet | Anisa Sabet

Anisa has managed to do what many have tried and failed at, and that is to combine lifestyle and food photography seamlessly while still maintaining a strong food focus. By using a consistent color palette, Anisa’s gorgeous shots of her home-style creations & travel makes for a stunning feed.

15. @twiggstudios | Aimee Twigger

Aimee Twigger is a young baker from Torquay, England who has transformed her ideas into an Internet sensation, creating beautiful recipes which she styles and photographs. Using a combination of food detail shots and the odd building or landscape pic from her town, Aimee’s unmistakable style has earned her a sizeable group of loyal followers.

16. @thebarefoothousewife | Tina Khoury

As a graphic designer, Tinaknows the importance of form in function. That’s probably (partly) why her plant-based food blog is as good to look at as practical in its advice on food and recipes. A mum to 3, it looks like Tina is a busy bee!

17. @candidsbyjo | Jo Yee

Foodie instagrammer and early adapter of the cinemagraph, Jo’s account is a positively joyous collection of things she has seen, eaten, and cooked. A Bostonian living in London, Jo offers a uniquely new perspective, and is also a contributor to @creatingforgood.

18. @cocktailsbykurtis | Kurtis Bosley

As the guy in charge of drinks for one of Sydney’s biggest hospitality groups, Public House Management Group, it’s no wonder Kurtis is in constant pursuit of the next best thing in drinks. His account is visually reflective of this, as well as a few shots of Kurtis in action for good measure, shot by some of Sydney’s best photographers.

19. @danella_chalmers | Danella Chalmers

Based in Sydney, Australia, Danella’s imagery is bright, crisp and clean, often featuring shots of Sydney venues and local restaurant offerings. One of the photographers on the list without a content-heavy food blog of her own, Danella has made a solid living from photographing cookbooks and client work which is always a nod to talent that speaks to everyone.

20. @reneredzepinoma | Rene Redzepi

This account belongs to Rene Redzepi, chef of restaurant NOMA (Best Restaurant in the World several years running) as well as an avid forager and food innovator. Every other day his posts include an exotic root vegetable, sea creature or edible weed you may have never heard of before.

21. @signebay | Signe Bay

Positive and upbeat in both the captions and imagery, Copenhagen photographer and stylist Signe Bay has a truly aspirational feed. Homecooked breakfasts, tables set perfectly for dinner and pics of rowboats gently going downstream, Signe’s shots will make you feel good just by looking at them.

22. @mynewroots | Sarah Britton

Sarah Britton, the founder and recipe guru behind blog-turned-wellness-lifestyle-company My New Roots, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and whole foods advocate. Her account is abundant in ideas for healthy snacks, as well as being a visual masterpiece filled with bright, fresh recipes.

23. @thelittleplantation | Kimberly Espinel

If you’re looking for plant-based recipe ideas in a perfectly curated, flatlay heaven, Kimberly is your gal. Food photographer, prop stylist, plant-based food blogger & Instagram coach (with free workshops on offer), what’s not to like about The Little Plantation?

24. @ottolenghi | Yotam Ottolenghi

If you’re interested in food, you will have heard of Ottolenghi. He's sold millions of copies each of his original books including self-titled "Ottlonghi," "Plenty," "Plenty More," and "Jerusalem," as well as has recently having released a new book dedicated completely to sweets. Follow his account for a behind-the-scenes look at his day-to-day as well as recipes & updated dishes for his new books and restaurants.

25. @drizzleanddip | Sam Linsell

Another master-of-all-trades, Samis a celebrated cookbook author as well as food stylist & photographer, who decided to go out on her own. Her shots are beautifully composed and include her recent ventures to exotic locations far beyond her Cape Town home.

26. @patricianiven | Patricia Niven

Although she describes herself as a “wannabe ballerina”, Patricia is an esteemed Aussie food and portrait photographer living in London. She shoots stylish, rustic cookbooks and has been featured in many respected publications including the Guardian.

27. @anya.pustynnikova_photo | Anya Pustynnikova

Anya Pustynnikova is a commerical food photographer and food stylist based in Moscow, Russia. Her work is super crisp and clean and she regularly contributes to online food photography publications.

28. @rainbowplantlife | Nisha

A Harvard lawyer turned foodie, this New York-based food blogger's Instagram feed lives up to its name: rainbowplantlife. Colorful and cleanly plated, Nisha shares vegan recipes and healthy tips along with her photos.

29. @helenedujardin | Helene Dujardin

Helen’s cooking is rustic, while her shots are high in contrast and saturation. Her images are often composed of one simple element composed to tell its own story.

30. @twolovesstudio | Rachel Korinek

Minimalistic in composition with a nice grasp on light, Rachelis an Aussie photographer based in Vancouver. She holds workshops and is a wealth of (often free) information on food photography and styling.

31. @thecuriouspear | Meg & Issy

Using gorgeous split composition images, this duo nicely capture the environment of the shot as well as the dish or subject itself. As a photography/writer team it’s no wonder they have been published everywhere from Timeout to Food 52.

32. @_foodstories_ | Nora Eisermann & Laura Muthesius

This Berlin-based food stylist and photographer duocreate scenes that look a Renaissance still-life painting that you could jump right into and live happily ever after.

33. @local_milk | Beth Kirby

A true example of where a solid color palette can create a world of truly Instagrammable glory. It helps when you live in Paris and are surrounded with beauty every day, but boy, does Beth have a way of capturing it!

34. @linda_lomelino | Linda Lomelino

It doesn’t get sweeter than Linda’s baked goods spreads. A heavenly visual orchestra of florals, food styling and photography, this beautifully curated feed will make you feel happy just by looking at it.

35. @luisabrimble | Luisa Brimble

Luisa Brimble’s attitude towards collaboration is to meet for a “playdate” instead of a coffee, to bond over shooting and creating at the same time as chatting and her philosophy is to “shoot, shoot, shoot.” Her feed is a true representation of her advice and it’s clear Luisa is working to make magical images for love as well as money which is important in this industry!

36. @gatherandfeast | Ashley Alexander

Sometimes as a food photographer, you see people solving problems in ways you wish you had thought of—in this case, the age-old consistency issue of whether you’re a dark or a light background account. Ashley’s grid is a checkerboard of both and highlights her beautiful food, recipes and resources for styling simple gatherings.

37. @sammyandbellaofficial | Sammy & Bella Jakubiak

Sammy & Bella have been Australia’s Polish food darlings since they won My Kitchen Rules in 2012. Their feed is shot predominantly by the talented Sammy, and you’ll find recipes and shots of their day-to-day while filming, cooking and being the foodie favourites this country has fallen in love with.

38. @food_feels | James Thompson

While it’s no less work propping, styling and curating a feed, one of the hardest things is to document real-life scenarios and meals (that haven’t been cooked just for camera). James’ work is wonderfully rustic and follows his world travels and restaurant meals with some styled collabs thrown in for good measure.

39. @careynotcarrie | Carey Nershie

By all appeareances, Vermont-based Carey lives a charmed life full of glorious travels throughout America and beyond, as well as divine bites and styled shots of her (predominantly sweet) creations.

40. @andylewis_photography | Andy Lewis

Sydney-based Commercial Food Photographer Andy has recently embraced the 3 across grid for his account which highlights the experience of the shoot and product. His work is clean, bold and particularly bright.

41. @gypsyespresso | Gypsy Espresso

Often touted by foodies and coffee connoisseurs as Sydney’s best coffee, Gypsy’s Instagram feed features the latest in specialty coffee roasting, as well as images from their flagship cafe in Sydney’s Potts Point, showcasing the fluidity and movement in coffee and action at their busy Sydney cafe.

42. @davehagerman | Dave Hagerman

A travel and lifestyle photographer who has been featured in the New York Times, Saveur, and the Wall St Journal, to name a few, Dave’s work is raw and often features the blur of motion from the local market or farmers in action.

43. @deliciousaus | Delicious Magazine

Filled with imagery of the latest Delicious recipes and featured chefs and restaurants by some of Australia’s best photographers, the Delicious Australia feed shows readers that impressive looking food doesn’t have to be difficult. (Featured photo by Nigel Lough / @nigelloughphoto)

44. @chewtown | Amanda Michetti

Sydney-based Amanda’s blog, Chew Town, has been running since March 2011. With an Italian background, Amanda’s work features simple, seasonal recipes, including much-loved classics, sweets and the odd shot of Amanda’s dog Nero.

45. @theboywhobakes | Edd Kimber

Food writer and stylist, season 1 winner of The Great British Bake Off, and host of the podcast "Stir the Pot," Ed’s visually enticing and healthy recipes, as well as restaurant reviews and travel stories will surely earn him a “follow” from you.

46. @maggie_beer | Maggie Beer

Maggie Beerhas long been one of Australia’s favorite cooks. Her Instagram is filled with beautifully shot photos and gives a great insight into her life as an inportant part of Australia’s locally-focused food scene.

47. @thehestonblumenthalteam | Heston Blumenthal

An official inside look into The Heston Blumenthal Team, here you’ll find a mix of recipe ideas to restaurant menu development to an insight into their latest commercial brands. As a Michelin chef, many of Heston’s recipes are shot by world-class photographers and feature some innovative molecular gastronomy as well as simpler (but no less mouth-watering) dishes.

48. @donna.hay | Donna Hay

Australia’s sweetheart home cook, Donna’s recipes and styling focuses on fresh, simple ingredients, quickly but impeccably prepared. She is one of the country’s leading food editors and best-selling cookbook authors, her account reflecting her gorgeous dishes as well as some behind-the-scenes.

49. @jakesfoodbible | Jake

Meat-lovers will drool as they scroll through Jake's feed filled with big, sexy, juicy burgers from his food journey all around the world.

50. @naturally.jo | Jose

Looking at his whimsical smoothies, popsicles, toasts, and pies, it's hard to believe Jose(opens in a new tab or window)'s just 17 years old. As sweet as these photos seem, don't be fooled—Jo's vegan and uses only the healthiest ingredients for his out-of-this-world smoothies.

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