50 free handwriting fonts

free handwriting fonts

One design trend that we predicted for this year was handwritten and hand-drawn designs. That’s because if you want to add a unique, DIY-inspired touch to your designs, there’s nothing better than some good, old-fashioned handwriting which can seriously up the charm factor of everything from invitations to logos, flyers to web design.

Now, you could go ahead and actually write each and every typographic element of your designs by hand. But let’s be real, who has time for that?!

That’s were handwriting fonts come in. There thousands of fonts out there that give you the look, feel, and charm of real handwriting—with the timesaving convenience you get from typing. And the best part? You don’t have to spend an arm and leg to get them. In fact, you don’t have to spend anything at all.

Here are 50 free handwriting fonts you can incorporate into your designs to give them a unique, handwritten feel (without the time and hassle necessary to actually write things out):

1. Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

The Handwritten font has slightly skewed letters that lean both right and left. This lends a fun, juvenile feel that would be perfect for any designs targeted at children (like invitations for a birthday party or a flyer for a new kid-centric business).

2. Julia Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

The rounding of the letters gives the Julia Handwritten font a feminine feel, but the real star of the show? The graphic stripe details on the uppercase letters (like the “J” and “H”).

3. Avocado Regular

Image via 1001 fonts

The Avocado Regular font has an elegant feel reminiscent of calligraphy, which would make it an especially great choice for anything related to weddings (like invitations or a wedding website).

4. Bristol Regular

Image from Font Meme

Bristol Regular’s uneven spacing, thick lettering, and handwritten-in-marker style create an interesting look that can be used for either business/branding or personal designs.

Give your poster a handmade flair by using Bristol Regular on templates like Music Poster and Rainbow Hippie Peace Sign Anti War Poster.

5. Lovelexie Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

The bold, even letters of the Lovelexie Handwritten font have the look of a crayon or marker drawing. This font would be right at home in any designs targeted towards children (or their parents!).

6. Phitradesign Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

The narrow letters of the Phitradesign Handwritten font make for a sleek, modern look that would be the ideal choice for any contemporary brands looking for an out-of-the-box sans serif font to lend a unique edge to their branding.

7. Victor Handwriting

Image via Font Meme

The Victor Handwriting font has a truly handwritten feel; the uneven letters (with bold and thinner letters) it looks as though someone dipped a quill in ink and scratched the font onto a paper. This font would be a great choice for illustrations or designs that really wanted to recreate a DIY feel.

8. Michelle Digital Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

The Michelle Digital Handwritten font is a rounded, feminine sans serif that feels like something you’d see on a note teenagers pass in class. This would be a great choice for any designs targeted towards teenagers (particularly female teenagers).

9. Permanent Marker

Image via FontSquirrel

Permanent Marker is a font that stays true to its name. This font (which is all caps) looks like it was sketched with—you guessed it—a permanent marker.

Have a casual design but want to make sure it packs a punch? Try these: Pink and Black Grunge Creative Wattpad Book Cover and Orange Beige Cute Bear Thank You Postcard.

10. Standard Nib Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

Standard Nib Handwritten has an elegant, hand-drawn feel that can be dressed up or dressed down—making it a great choice for both formal designs (like logos or business cards) or more informal designs (like social graphics or invitations).

11. Vin’s Dojo

Image via 1001 Fonts

The thick lettering of the Vin’s Dojo font has a graffiti-like style that will lend a fun, edgy feel to designs.

12. Shadows Into Light Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Shadows Into Light Regular is a laid-back, approachable font that will add a sense of fun (and a touch of whimsy) to designs.

Engage people with these templates using the Shadows Into Light font: Cadet Blue Mountain Great Outdoors Month Instagram Post and Dark Simple Photo Bake Sale Instagram Post.

13. Davys Crappy Writ Regular

Image via Font Meme

It might have “crappy” in the name, but Davys Crappy Writ font is anything but. The thin lines and narrow lettering make for a sleek look that will immediately lend a more elegant feel to designs.

14. Eraser

Image via Font Squirrel

Eraser is an all-caps-font with irregular shading that’s reminiscent of crayons on paper.

15. Jo Wrote a Lovesong

Image via Font Meme

Jo Wrote a Lovesong is a handwritten font that looks like pen strokes on paper. This font would also fall under the “graphic font” category and would be a perfect choice for edgier illustrations or logos.

16. Barely Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

Barely Handwritten is another all-caps font with an artistic flair. The interesting lettering (like the space in the capital “D”) sets it apart from other, similar fonts.

17. Drm Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

With its narrow lettering and variations on where each letter hits on the baseline, Drm Handwritten is a unique font that will add a fun quirkiness to your designs.

18. Hitch Hike Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Along with its narrow lettering and varying line thickness, the upward curve on the edge of certain letters (like lowercase “h” or uppercase “R”) in the Hitch Hike Regular font creates for an interesting look that will help your designs stand out.

Add depth to your movie nights with these templates: Halloween Movie Night Invitation and Monochrome Movie Ticket Invitation.

19. Snake

Image via 1001 Fonts

The Snake font doesn’t take itself too seriously; the uppercase “S” has a curve at the bottom of the letter that makes it look like a snake. This font would be a solid choice for more casual designs or laid-back brands.

20. Agata Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Agata Regular is a sprawling font that makes a big impression. If you want to go bold with your designs, this handwritten font is an excellent choice.

21. Alamendro FG Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Alamendro FG Regular is an interesting mix of strong lines (like the extended line of the lowercase “d”) and rounded elements (like the elegant curvature of the lowercase “m”). This bold font has both feminine and masculine elements that will make it universally appealing to audiences.

22. #1 Ichiro

Image via 1001 Fonts

#1 Ichiro has an artistic flair that would be right at home in any high-end branding designs (think designer furnishings or a gourmet restaurant venture).

23. Amatic SC

Image via Font Squirrel

An extremely popular font choice for bloggers and web designers, chances are, you’ve probably seen the Amatic SC font. And for good reason! This font strikes the perfect balance between elegant and whimsical, making it a go-to choice for just about any kind of design, whether professional or just-for-fun.

Capture the universal appeal of Amatic SC with the Blue Emoji 13th Birthday Invitation and Light Yellow School Raffle Flyer templates.

24.Alanis Handwriting

Image via 1001 Fonts

Alanis Handwriting font has an elementary, cartoonish feel that will appeal to young (and young-at-heart) audiences.

25. Gochi Hand

Image via 1001 Fonts

The rounding of the letters in the Gochi Hand Font—and the Disney-style “G”—make this the perfect font for anything geared towards children, like invitations or branding for a children’s clothing line.

These templates—Blue Illustrated Leave the Office Early Day Social Media Graphic and Pink Photo Bake Sale Instagram Post—have a relaxed air to them thanks to the use of Gochi Hand on the copy.

26. Nanum Brush Script

Image via FontSquirrel

Nanum Brush Script is a delicate font that will lend a soft, sophisticated feel to designs. This is a great choice when you want to embrace all things elegant, whether in your branding or personal designs.

27. James Tan Dinawanao

Image via FontSquirrel

The James Tan Dinawanao font is bold, artistic, and strong—and if that’s what you’re going for in your designs, this font will do the trick.

28. Honey Script Light

Image via 1001 Fonts

If you’re looking for a slightly retro script font, look no further than Honey Script Light. The even, rounded appearance of the lettering mixed with hand-drawn flourishes on the uppercase letters (like the curvature of the “L” or the bottom brushstroke on the “H”) make for a unique, elegant feel that will class up any design.

29. Black Jack

Image via FontSquirrel

Who said script fonts have to be feminine? Black Jack has a more bold, masculine feel—so if you want to do script without feeling overly sweet, this is a solid option.

30. Euphoria Script

Image via Font Squirrel

Euphoria Script is a basic script font that differs from cursive thanks to the lack of interconnectedness between letters.

These templates—Cream with Pink Flowers Engagement Announcement and Pink House Photo Moving Announcement—are still elegant despite the relaxed feel.

31. Kristi Medium

Image via 1001 Fonts

Kristi Medium a truly signature style font. If you want it to look like someone took a pen and signed your designs (granted, someone with great handwriting), this is a great choice.

32. Anke Calligraphic FG Regular

Image via Font Meme

Another calligraphy-inspired font, Anke Calligraphic FG Regular is a great choice for any designs where calligraphy would be appropriate, like invitations.

33. Scriptina

Image via Font Meme

The large flourishes on letters in Scriptina (like at the top of the lowercase “l” or bottom of the lowercase “p”) will lend a dramatic flair to designs.

34. Bilbo Swash Caps

Image via Font Squirrel

Bilbo Swash Caps has similar flourishes to Scriptina, but much less dramatic—so if you want a similar look and feel in your designs without going too over the top, this is a great alternative.

35. Pecita

Image via Font Meme

Pecita font is an artistic font with unique touches (like the interconnected “o” lettering or the uncrossed “t”) that can help you establish a distinctive look and feel in your designs.

Make special moments extra special by adding a handwritten font. Check out the Purple Handwritten Flower Watercolor Wedding Reception Card and the Cream Flowers Girlfriend Birthday Card.

36. Gravity Handwritten

Image via Font Meme

Gravity Handwritten is a delicate script font that will lend an elegant, feminine feel to designs.

37. A Yummy Apology

Image via 1001 Fonts

Looking for a whimsical font? The curved ends of each letter in A Yummy Apology font will lend a fun, fantastical feel to your designs.

38. Bedtime Stories

Image via 1001 Fonts

Bedtime stories has an ink-and-quill look and unique details that lend an edgy feel you don’t often see with script fonts.

39. 5th Grade Cursive

Image via 1001 Fonts

Remember practicing cursive writing back in primary school? Well, the 5th Grade Cursive font perfectly recaptures that look and feel. Use it to lend a nostalgic feel to your designs.

40. Homemade Apple

Image via FontSquirrel

The Homemade Apple font looks like the notes you’d find in your grandmother’s old recipe book. The nostalgic, classic feel will add traditional charm to any design.

41. Suwa Unfinished

Image via 1001 Fonts

The Suwa Unfinished font bridges the gap between delicate and bold, strong and understated. If you want to add a sense of balance to your design—and still embrace the handwriting font trend—this is a great font to do it.

42. Sweet Lady Italic

Image via 1001 Fonts

Sweet Lady Italic is a script font with sweet details (like the curvature on the uppercase letters) that will lend a fun, feminine edge to designs.

43. Whitemouse

Image via 1001 Fonts

Whitemouse is a sprawling font, with both wide spacing between letters and wide spacing within each letter.

44. Farewell

Image via 1001 Fonts

A formal font, Farewell is another typeface that feels like a throwback to cursive lessons (although more mature than the 5th Grade Cursive font).

45. Quilline Script Thin

Image via Font Squirrel

Quilline Script Thin is elegant, classic, and timeless—and if you want your designs to feel the same, this is a solid choice.

46. May Queen

Image via 1001 Fonts

May Queen definitely has a handwritten feel—but it’s not too neat or “perfect,” which lends a grittier edge to designs.

47. Princess Sofia

Image via Font Squirrel

With its rounded edges and curling details, Princess Sofia perfectly captures the sense of whimsy you’d encounter in a fairy tale.

Make your princess' birthday party fun with flair. Try these templates: Floral Princess Birthday Party Invitation and Floral Princess Birthday Party Invitation.

48. Alex Brush

Image via FontSquirrel

If you want traditional, elegant, classic script, you’ll find it in the Alex Brush font.

49. Digory Doodles

Image via FontSquirrel

Diggory Doodles feels like something you’d doodle in a notebook, with its rounded flourishes and whimsical feel. This font would be great for any child-centric designs—or any designs where you want to embrace a whimsical style.

50. Aquiline Two

Image via FontSquirrel

Aquiline Two feels like something you’d see in a historical document (or in the pages of Harry Potter!).

Bonus font: Arizonia

Image via FontSquirrel

Arizonia captures the classic script look of some of the other fonts on this list—but the bolder style keeps it from feeling overly sweet or traditional.

Download these fonts and embrace the handwriting look in your designs

Every one of the free handwriting fonts on this list is available for download at zero cost to you—so if you want to lend a unique, handwritten feel to your designs, what are you waiting for? Choose a font, download it, and get designing!

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