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60 free calligraphy fonts and lettering fonts to download

60 free calligraphy fonts to bring charm to your designs-featuredimage

Finding the right calligraphy font for your needs can be a hard and arduous task.

They are either too decorative and flashy for your simple designs or too simple and modern for your formal designs.

Calligraphy fonts have many uses and are best paired with a simple body font for balance. Use them sparingly so you don’t overpower your designs, or break the rules and see what you can create.

This collection of 60 free calligraphy fonts has all your bases covered, from romantic and feminine swirls to masculine bold monoline fonts that will add character to any design.

In the article below, we have found 60 of the best free calligraphy fonts to download and use to bring charm to your designs.

01. Alex brush

Classic brush style calligraphy font with elegant and dramatic Caps. The short ascenders and descenders are uncommon in calligraphy fonts, making Alex Brush one of the most legible classic styles.

1001 Free Fonts

Here's an example of a template using the Alex Brush font: Weekday Adventures Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

02. Allura regular

Feminine flowing typeface with a casual handwritten feel that is diverse in its potential uses. It is simple and legible and is perfect for package design and as a display typeface.

Allura by TypeSETit

Here's an example of a template using the Allura font: Pink Flower Summer Quotes Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

03. Arizonia

The varying bold and thin strokes of Arizonia make it a great eye catching typeface. It includes many interesting characters such as the lowercase z, and a subtle Arabian influence which give it character.

Arizonia by TypeSETit

Here's an example of a template using the Arizonia font: Purple August Celebrant Birthday Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

04. Balqis

A simple modern handwritten style font that is perfect for when you want to add a personal touch without being overly formal. The varying thick and thin strokes are what gives the font its character.

Balqis by Artimasa Studio

05. Black jack

A modern, monoline typeface that is clean and unpretentious making it great for any feminine or masculine design purposes.

Black Jack by Typadelic

Here's an example of a template using the Black Jack font: Simple Floral Image Spring Quotes Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

06. Blenda

This vintage inspired font is thick and playful. Perfect for eye catching headers that require a lot of character.

Blenda by Seniors Studio

07. Bolina

A classic condensed font with varying thick and thin strokes that can be used across a variety of projects.

Bolina by ClaudeP

08. Sophia

This realistic yet charming brush script with varied thick and thin smooth strokes is sure to add character to you designs. Perfect for when you need to inject a personal touch and a hand drawn effect.

Sophia by Emily Spadoni

09. Bukhari script

A bold monoline cursive font that comes with many OpenType Features for creating interesting ligatures and variations.

Bukhari Script by Mikrojihad Inc.

10. CAC champagne

An elegant classical display font that is very legible. This font is very versatile and timeless in its design and is great for traditional and formal applications.

CAC Champagne by American Greetings Corporation

11. Champignon

A classic feminine font with dainty thin strokes. Best used for large to medium sizes of text and would be perfect for headings or on invitations(opens in a new tab or window).

Champignon by Claude Pelletier

12. Cookie

This font based on brush calligraphy and inspired by 1950s style is very approachable. As it is not overly decorative, Cookie is very versatile and capture attention in a non-aggressive manner.

Cookie by Ania Kruk

1001 Fonts

13. Cursif

A tall and classic calligraphy font that will add a touch of elegance to any design. Great for short lines of text.

Cursif by Christophe Beaumale

14. Dancing script

A lively modern casual font with big caps that go below the baseline. Dancing Script is a great option for adding a friendly and stylish look to your designs. Perfect to include in various greeting cards such as thank you cards(opens in a new tab or window), birthday cards, anniversary cards, and more to elevate your message with sophistication and charm.

Dancing Script by Impallari Type

Here's an example of a template using the Dancing Script font: All-Day Breakfast Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

15. Deftone stylus

This thick stroked font is sure to draw attention and add character with its structured and industrial design.

Deftone Stylus by Raymond Larabie

16. Dr Sugiyama

This font is inspired by early hand lettering styles and will inject an exoctic feel to your work. The unusual ligatures and extremely varied stroke widths make Dr Sugiyama a font that your audience will remember. Make sure to use this font sparingly so as not to over complicate your designs.

Dr. Sugiyama by Sudtipos

Here's an example of a template using the Dr Sugiyama font: Modern Artist Feature Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

17. Euphoria script

A casual and playful calligraphy font with unconnected letters that make it highly legible and perfectly suited for titles and short lines of text, especially those related to food or fashion.

Euphoria Script by TypeSenses

18. Fabfelt script

This monoline font with a retro feel would be perfect for branding and headings. Retro style fonts are very popular and pair well with an elegant serif font or minimal sans serif font to create high impact designs.

Fabfelt Script by Fabien Despinoy

19. Freebooter script

A unique and curly font that is a good choice for adding a formal and elegant feel to any design. The graceful flowing forms are sure to entice your audience.

1001 Fonts

20. Give you glory

A quirky and fun font that features the flow of real handwriting. The uneven letters give the font its character. Perfect for when you want to add a personal touch without the hassle of scanning in your own handwriting.

Give You Glory by Kimberly Geswein

21. Germanica

Something a bit different, this gothic and medieval inspired font comes with many weights and is sure to add character and a traditional feel to your work.

Germanica by Paul Lloyd

22. Good vibes

An uneven handwritten font with realistic imperfections and a chunky stroke width is packed full of character that will make your work stand out.

Good Vibes by BLKBK

23. Grand hotel

A condensed upright connecting script with a classic vibe to it. This font would pair well with a minimal sans serif font to create powerful engaging designs. It’s monoline weight is perfect for high legibility.

Grand Hotel by Astigmatic

Here's an example of a template using the Grand Hotel font: Blue Illustrations Birthday Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

24. Great vibes

A beautifully clean flowing connecting script with heavy strokes and dramatic caps. The elegant feel of the looping ascenders and descenders make this font great for attention grabbing titles.

Great Vibes by TypeSETit

25. Herr Von Muellerhoff

A traditional and elegant font with a vintage feel. This unique font is a serious competitor against its paid counterparts, and would be a suitable substitute for when real handwriting is required or needed to add character.

Herr Von Muellerhoff by Sudtipos

26. Homemade apple

This font mimics real handwriting and is quite childlike in its design. Homemade Apple would definitely add charm and character to your designs especially those involving food or families.

Homemade Apple by Font Diner

Here's an example of a template using the Homemade Apple font: White Flatlay Mother's Day Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

27. Jenna Sue

A casual handwritten font with clean and elegant strokes. This approachable font will add character and personality to any branding projects.

Jenna Sue by Jenna Sue Design

28. Kaushan script

This rustic and unrefined calligraphy font is optimized for smaller sizes making it the perfect web font. The imperfections of Kaushan Script give it its character that is sure to add impact to your work.

Kaushan by Pablo Impallari

Here's an example of a template using the Kaushan Script font: Blue Border Quote Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

29. Kingthings foundation

A traditional blackletter font with a modern twist that makes it great for adding a classic feel while still remaining casual.

Kingthings Foundation by Calligraphic

30. Kristi

This casual and unique font features tall ascenders and descenders with slim uneven strokes. Best used at a large size such as a heading or logotype for maximum impact. Kristi is bound to add a personal feel to any design.

Kristi by Birgit Pulk

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31. Landliebe

A very realistic calligraphic font with wobbly lines and imperfections that give it character and a personal touch. The thick and thin variations make it perfect for headings and short lines of text.

Landliebe by Richard Mitchell

32. Learning curve pro

This font mimics cursive lettering practice worksheets making it playful and friendly. The modern style makes it very legible and flexible.

Learning Curve Pro by Blue Vinyl Fonts

33. Leckerli one

A thick and bold font with irregular brushstrokes will add serious character and charm to your work. The unique chunky loops connect each letter making it readable and polished.

Leckerli One by Gesine Todt

34. Little days

A very simple and romantic thin monoline font perfect for adding a feminine touch to your designs.

Little Days by West Wind Fonts

35. Lobster

The bold condensed letters of Lobster font alongside its many ligature options make it a very versatile and popular font.

Lobster by Impallari Type

Here's an example of a template using the Lobster font: Colorful Photos Plain Collage Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

36. Masana script

A hand drawn style monoline font with a small X height and tall ascenders and descenders. This font is great for feminine and children-orientated designs with its curly and dainty calligraphy style.

Masana Script by Mario Arturo

37. Miama

Inspired by the creator’s girlfriend and her handwriting this font is very romantic and personal. Not intended for long pieces of text this light and simple font with tall ascenders and descenders is perfect for small amounts of text.

Miama by Linus Romer

38. Montez

A sweeping calligraphy font with varied stroke widths gives the feeling of joy and elegance. The upright handwritten polished style makes it perfect for display uses that require a bit of added flair. It is best suited for large text sizes for high impact.

Montez by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

39. Mr De Haviland

An intricate and simple classic calligraphy font that will add character to your designs without detracting from other elements. The connected letters give added legibility.

Mr De Haviland by Sudtipos

40. Nickainley

A casual monoline script font with a touch of vintage is the perfect calligraphy font to be used for any informal uses where high legibility is required.

Nickainley by Fontfabric

41. Norican

Inspired by vintage typefaces, this calligraphy font has beautifully flowing lines, thick strokes and 12 degree slant making it a very versatile and androgynous font.

Norican by Vernon Adams

42. Oleo script

A casual bold calligraphy font with flowing and legible non connected lines, Oleo Script, available in bold and regular, can be used in many situations where a modern and trendy feel is required.

Oleo Script by Soytutype Fonts

Here's an example of a template using the Oleo font: White Father's Day Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

43. Pacifico

Inspired by 1950s American surf culture, this modern brush script is the perfect solution for a bold and engaging calligraphy font

Pacifico by Vernon Adams

44. Parisienne

A casual take on the more formal calligraphy fonts, Parisienne has a free spirited feel to it with its connecting letterforms and swirly dramatic caps.

Parisienne by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Here's an example of a template using the Parisienne font: Simple White Texts Beach Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

45. Pinyon script

This romantic, round hand calligraphy font is both friendly and dramatic and lends well when a formal tone is required.

Pinyon Script by Nicole Fally

46. Playball

Inspired by American sporting calligraphy, this connecting font is very bold, masculine and athletic making it perfect for festive informal and sporting occasions.

Playball by TypeSETit

47. Qwigley regular

A contemporary calligraphy font with a feminine feel and decorative swirly letterforms, Qwigly Regular is great for when a touch of elegance is needed.

Qwigley by TypeSETit

48. Riesling

Although not as traditionally calligraphic as the others, this font still nods to vintage calligraphy styles with its thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes. The Art Deco inspired font is very unique and eye catching and is great for adding a subtle calligraphy effect to your work.

Riesling by Bright Ideas

49. Rochester

Inspired by early Victorian and Art Deco calligraphy Rochester is perfect classic font for adding class and style to your work. The upright connected letterforms are legible and modest that give it a timeless character.

Rochester by Font Diner

50. Sacramento

This casual monoline semi-connected calligraphy font is inspired by hand-lettering of the 1950s and 1960s and is perfectly suited for headings.

Sacramento by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

51. Satisfy

Satisfy has a timeless classic look with a modern flair. The semi connected letterforms provide a personal touch of realistic handwriting.

Satisfy by Font Diner

52. Sevillana

Inspired by the lettering of commemorative plates, Sevillana is a friendly and curly headline typeface that is best suited for medium to large sizes.

Sevillana by BrownFox

53. Sofia

A beautiful upright script font that is both inviting and unique. The high legibility and unconventional ligatures of this font make it very versatile.

Sofia by Latinotype

54. Tangerine

This traditional calligraphy font inspired by italic chancery hands from the 16th and 17th Century is great for headings at large sizes when a formal feel is need.

Tangerine by Toshi Omagari

Here's an example of a template using the Tangerine font: Cream Simple Coffee Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

55. Unifraktur Magunita

Another bold traditional blackletter font that is sure to add some serious character to your work. This style is perfect for formal designs that require a certain traditional flair.

Unifraktur Maguntia by J Mach Wust

56. Variane script

This clean handwritten style font is the perfect simple solution for adding a touch of class and character to your designs without over complicating them.

Variane Script by Workinsstudio

57. Vibur

Based off real handwriting, this curvy monolined font is a great modern way of incorporating calligraphy into your work.

Vibur by Johan Kallas

58. Windsong

Windsong is and elongated dramatic script font with eye catching and free flowing ligatures and swooshes.

Windsong by Bright Ideas

59. Yellowtail

This old school styled flat brush script is a mix of connecting and unconnecting letterforms make it easily readable. Reminiscent of sign painter scripts, this modern interpretation is perfect for adding character to a variety of design purposes.

Yellowtail by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Here's an example of a template using the Yellowtail font: Father's Day Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

60. Yesteryear

A flat nib connecting script font with a vintage feel, Yesteryear is neither overtly masculine or feminine which opens up a wide array of uses in your designs.

Yesteryear by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Here's an example of a template using the Yesteryear font: Black and Yellow Breakfast Food Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

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