50 funny birthday card ideas

Laughter is the purest form of joy. And there’s no better time to share a laugh (or two) than on a loved one’s birthday. Below, we’ve put together a list of 50 funny birthday card ideas to get you inspired.

While many of us rely on social media to wish friends and family members a happy birthday, a sincere way to show you care is with a birthday card that pays special homage to your relationship.

Not only does a greeting card show how much you care, but it can also help personalize your gift. A bouquet of flowers or a block of chocolate means more with a personal message attached.

And while birthday cards are all about making your loved ones feel special on their day, there is no rule that says birthday card designs have to be serious in order to be heartfelt.

To help you create memorable birthday cards this year, we’ve put together a list of 50 funny birthday card ideas that will guarantee a few laughs. From your family and friends to your co-workers and neighbors, you’ll be sure to find something to make them smile.

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1. The ideal friend card

Design by TruthandArtDesigns

A good friend loves you despite (and even because of) your flaws. With TruthandArtDesigns, you can joke about these memories—because who else knows and loves you like they do?

Wish your bestie a happy birthday with this Orange Milk and Cookies Balloons Birthday Greeting Card template on their special day.

2. The obligatory card

Humorous obligatory birthday card from BreakoutPressCo

Sometimes, the best way to say something is by being honest. A card like this one by BreakoutPressCo will be a welcome and comical way to say happy birthday.

Customize this Blue and Pink Belated Birthday Card template for the next birthday on your calendar this year.

3. The “you’re older than me” card

Birthday card from Cotton On

If you have a friend that is ever-so-slightly older than the rest of the friend group, this one’s for you. Even if they’re only a few months older than you, tap into the laughs by pointing out the age gap with this card from Cotton On.

Remind your loved one that old is gold with this Vintage Birthday Card template.

4. The “I love you the most” card

Design by Scribbler Cards

There’s nothing like a little perspective to show how much someone means to you. This design from Scribbler Cards puts the punchline on center stage, making it hard to miss the humor.

Customize this Blue Illustrated Cats Birthday Card template to let the special people in your life know how much they mean to you.

5. The card for those who love pie

Birthday card from Cotton On

Here’s one for the friend who is not excited about their birthday this year. This card by Cotton On is a great way to remind them of what’s important and give them some clear-cut reasons to appreciate their special day.

This card is also a great choice for your friend with a sweet tooth because like the chart says, the main reason we all love birthdays is cake.

Customize this Apple Pie Graphic Girlfriend Birthday Card template for the pie lover in your life.

6. The card for your significant other

Design by TinyBeeCards

A pun card with a cute illustration and message is a perfect option for your special someone, like this TinyBeeCards design shows. And this isn’t a gesture we like to reserve simply for Valentine’s day cards.

Tip: Choose a cute image that relates to your partner—maybe they love otters or can't go a day without watching cat videos.

Choose this adorable Green Bear And Cake Illustration Belated Birthday Cardtemplate for your significant other.

7. The fire hazard card

Design by FinchandtheFallow

So many candles, so little cake… After the age of 10, matching the number of candles to your age becomes a bit of a struggle (not to mention a fire hazard).

This card by FinchandtheFallow is a great option for the friends out there who refuse to settle for a couple of candles on their cake.

Keep the fires at bay with this Heart Candles Husband Birthday Card template.

8. The card for your friend who doesn’t love sports

Design by Hello Pretty

Not everyone enjoys competing in sports. However, the fact of life is that we all had to win a race to get here. We won’t get into the details, but you catch our drift.

This card by Hello Pretty is a funny and rather subtle reminder of life’s first race and is a great way to show your friend that they’re a winner in your eyes.

Give someone a laugh on their birthday by customizing this Birthday Cardtemplate.

9. The card for your gamer friend

Design by AwkwardAffections

We’ve all got that friend who loves their computer or gaming consoles.

This card by AwkwardAffections will play to your friend’s interests. Make it personal by thinking about games they love to play, and wording the message on your card to match the game.

Level up your birthday game by customizing this Black White Video Game Nerdy Birthday Card template for their birthday.

10. The frugal person's gift card

Design by NicoletteAnneDesign

At the end of the day, no matter how much money you put into buying a present, the true quality of a good gift is the thought behind it. We like to think that the best way to express the thought and feeling behind your gift is in a heartfelt message.

Though this card by Nicolette Anne Design may front as a funny observation on your financial position, take the time to express your love inside. You’ll get the kind of reaction that money can’t buy.

Emphasize that your presence is the present this year with this Black & Yellow Nerdy Pixel Art Nerdy Birthday Card template.

11. The pug lover’s card

Design by LovePugsAndKisses

Cards with cute animals on them are a timeless classic, and pugs are amongst the cutest of them all—in our humble opinion, anyway. A card like this one from LovePugsandKisses is great for anybody who is a dog lover.

Wish the puppy lovers in your life with this Pastel Illustrated Pug Birthday Card template.

12. The card for the digital influencer in your life

Design by UshiStore

Thanks to social media, our birthdays have turned into an opportunity for 24-hours of fame. There are the constant Facebook notifications from friends and maybe a few Instagram dedications paired with heartfelt captions.

Tap into the hype and gift a card like this one from UshiStore. It will get your friends excited about all the other greetings to come.

Get instant likes by customizing this Boyfriend Birthday Card template for your special someone this year.

13. The card that states the obvious

Design by SarahBurnsPrints

Sometimes the best cards are the most simple ones. If you’ve got a confident friend who doesn’t mind turning a year older, this card from Sarah Burns Prints is for you.

14. The 21st birthday card

Design by WeArePaperPlane

While turning 21 can feel like the beginning of adulthood, for a few noteworthy people of the past, 21 coincided with worldwide success. As this card by WeArePaperPlane reminds us, Steve Jobs had founded Apple and Jane Austin wrote the story of Pride & Prejudice by the age of 21.

Add some noteworthy milestones to this Orange Girl Photo Birthday Card template for your friend on their big day.

15. The sibling card

Design by WithPuns

Siblings can go from screaming at each other to hugging each other at the drop of a hat. This WithPuns card perfectly reflects the unique relationships we can have with our siblings.

Give your sibling a treat this year with the Light Yellow and Blue Cake Birthday Card template.

16. The fun facts card

Design by WeArePaperPlane

Dad facts are a great way to get back at your father for all his terrible dad jokes. This WeArePaperPlane card flips the script on all those bad gags.

Share some fun facts with your loved ones on their birthday with this Salmon Pink Illustrated Cat Trivia Facts Card template.

17. The welcome to adulthood card

Design by JessieKingDesign

In recent years, the word ‘adulting’ has become a popular verb to describe the realities that come with growing up.

Whether it’s the harsh reality of learning how to do the laundry properly, or the idea of meal preparation for the week, using these concepts as inspiration for a birthday card (like the example above, by Jessie King Design) is a great way to welcome a friend or family member into adulthood.

Customize this Turquoise Hand Drawn 21st Birthday Card template to give those who are having a rough time facing reality a little smirk on their birthday.

18. The fad diet card

There’s many a millennial who is constantly getting hooked on the latest fad diets. This card makes fun of the fact that sometimes those fad diets can leave you wanting—especially on special occasions like Birthdays or Christmas.

While the card from RealPeopleGoods above refers to Christmas, why not create your own birthday card design with the same idea?

Be sure to let your friend know that they are beautiful and that it’s perfectly acceptable to have a slice of cake for their birthday.

Customize this Food Love Card with your friend’s diet requirements for a laugh on their birthday.

19. The gift card

Design by That Card Shop

When the card is all you’re giving, you might as well do it knowingly. This card by That Card Shop is best delivered with a wink… and a promise to do better next year.

Give the gift of this Violet and Yellow Funny Birthday Card to those near and dear to you on their big day.

20. The “I’ll do almost anything for you” card

Design by FreshCutPrints

When it comes to a birthday card people often express the idea that they would do anything for their friends or family. But if we stop and think about that sentiment for a minute, we realize everyone has their limits. That’s what this Fresh Cut Prints card reminds us.

For your more realistic friends, why not show your love with the more honest message: That you would try and do anything for the lucky recipient, but might not succeed.

No need to move mountains for a birthday card this year. Simply customize this Blue and Green Illustrated Mountains Birthday Cardtemplate for your special someone.

21. The card for your favorite horror movie buddy

Design by PurpleTreeDesignsUK

Some friends eat together, some friends go on hikes together, and other friends watch horror movies together.

If that sounds like you and your friend, then their birthday is a great time to remind them of how you would survive a zombie apocalypse, with this card from Purple Tree Designs UK.

Customize this Dark Purple Halloween Birthday Card template for those special friendships in your life.

22. The card for best friends who laugh at each other

Design by Flair & Paper

Best friends are friends who laugh at each other—in the most loving way, of course. If you and your friend aren’t afraid to tease each other every now and then, a card like this Flair and Paper number is a perfect idea.

It’s funny and honest. And between two close friends, it humorously encapsulates what best friends do for each other.

Customize this Teal and Brown Illustrated Oldie Happy Birthday Card for your partner in crime.

23. A card for the young ones

Design by Cheeky Kumquat

This card from Cheeky Kumquat is a cute way for grandparents to have a bit of laugh with their grandchildren. It comically points out the obvious age difference.

Illustrate this Yellow and Red Comics Funny Birthday Card with age jokes for your friends on their big day.

24. The card for your crush

Source: Urban Outfitters

Maybe you’ve been meaning to tell someone you have feelings for them. This card from Urban Outfitters is a great (and admittedly bold) option for the crush in your life.

Express your feelings in a semi-subtle way with a card like the one above.

Customize this Pink Bacon Card for your crush’s birthday this year.

25. The card for your favorite introvert

Design by SpellingBeeCards

This card is perfect for any friend who might consider themselves an introvert. While some friends want to have a big birthday bonanza, we’ve all got a friend who prefers board games and pizza.

Use a card like this one from SpellingBeeCards to show the quiet ones in your friend group that you know them well enough to know exactly the kind of birthday party they’d prefer.

Wish that chill coffee loving friend Happy Birthday by customizing this Brown and Cream Illustrated Coffee Friendship Greeting Card template.

26. A card for your “save the bees” friend

Design by cardinky

This pun card from cardinky plays on the colloquial term ‘b-day’ and includes an adorable picture of a bee wearing a party hat.

It’s also the perfect card for the friend who is environmentally savvy and loves the importance that bees have in protecting our ecosystem.

Send your best wishes with this Happy Bee Day Birthday Card template this year.

27. The card for your favorite sister

Design by CheekyZebraCardShop

If your sister is older than you, she has known you for your entire life. Who else can be more blatantly open and honest with you?

A card like this from the Cheeky Zebra Card Shop has cheeky humor that will not only make her laugh but is the kind of humor that often only sisters share.

Wish your sister well on her big day by customizing this Pink and White Girlfriend Birthday Card template.

28. The card for your Australian friends

Design by TheDigiSloth

Maybe you’re in Australia and you’re sending this to a friend in another country. Or maybe, you’re sending it to a friend who loves the Australian culture.

In the card above TheDigiSloth has used the koala (a beloved native animal) to not only create a cute card but also as a play on words.

Pun your way through your loved one's birthday with this Bear Long Distance Birthday Card template.

29. The card for your mom

Design by GreetingsFromHellAU

Your mom may know how much you appreciate and love her, but it doesn’t hurt to remind her of this fact every now and then. Especially on her birthday.

Why not put a funny twist on the classic message, “you’re the best mom in the whole wide world”, with this card from GreetingsFromHellAU.

Use sincere words on the inside of the birthday card to remind your mom how truly special she is to you—and that you love her for more than just doing your washing!

Make mom feel special on her big day with this Pink and Cream Flower Illustration Mom Birthday Card template.

30. A card for those who are thirty, flirty, and thriving

If 21 is the age where you start to feel like an adult, then 30 is when you realize you’re in the thick of it. A card like this one from TheDigiSloth is a cute and funny way to remind our loved ones of their milestone occasion.

However, no one likes to be made to feel insecure about their age. So remind them of all the things that they have achieved.

Help your friends embrace the big 30 with this Green Woman Photo 30th Birthday Card template. Add a funny photo of you together for an extra laugh.

31. The “you’re so vain” card

Design by maggieandmog

Use this card from maggieandmog as a way to poke fun at your friend who knows full well that they are getting spoilt. Make sure to include an earnest message on the inside. Joke-gifts and sarcasm are all well and good, so long as you make it clear you care a great deal about the person you are gifting the card to.

Give your loved ones the attention they deserve and want on their big day with this Teal Bold Typography Birthday Greeting Card template.

32. Not another birthday card

Design by LisaBDesignAU

If you’re looking for a way to make an adult birthday card standout, play with a sarcastic message like this Lisa B Design AU card.

Say it how it is with this simple Teal and Black Geometric Shapes Dad Birthday Card template.

33. The card for every crisis

Design by Scribbler Cards

Life happens, and the best way to ease the stress is to have a little laugh. Use a card like this one from Scribbler Cards to show support and offer a welcome touch of lightheartedness to an otherwise potentially stressful day.

Customize this funny Checklist Card template for your struggling pal this year.

34. The respect your elders card

Design by RealPeopleGoods

Pointing out just how much you respect your elders on their birthday cards is an inoffensive way to draw attention to their “superior” age.

This card from RealPeopleGoods does it perfectly by recalling a common experience many older generations experienced.

Customize this White, Grey, and Blue Browser Nerdy Birthday Card template for all your “superior” pals.

35. The card from a nagging child

Design by mugheads

This funny birthday card from mugheads is perfect for any mom who has young children. This too-realistic birthday card will no doubt put a smile on her face.

36. The card for those with an undying love for Spice Girls

Design by ExGirlfriendsCards

The 90s proved to be a successful decade for the Spice Girls, and for many, they have lived on to become a timeless girl band. This card from ExGirlfriendsCards comically plays with the classic Spice Girls lyric, “Spice up your life”.

Customize this Navy Blue Girls Friendship Card template for all the Spice Girls in your life. Add a funny message and photo of a time you all dressed up for extra effect.

37. A card for all the foodies you know and love

Design by TinyBeeCards

Many of us have built strong relationships centered around going out and eating with our friends. Tap into those positive memories with a card like the one above from TinyBeeCards.

If you have a brunch squad, then an egg pun is perfect for you. Maybe you have a friend who is a foodie and knows everything about cheese and wine. In that case, try a pun of a different variety like, “have a gouda birthday” or, “I camembert-leive that you’re already 25”.

Whatever you go with, partner it with a cute and funny animation like the card above for an added giggle.

Try this Turquoise Cool Egg Birthday Card template for your next brunch lovers’ birthday.

38. The card for a messy son

Design by HandmadeDorset

Every parent loves to sneak in a mention of unfinished chores into regular conversation.

This HandmadeDorset card is a great way for parents to indulge that amusing pastime, while also showing that they love their child regardless.

Customize this Turquoise and Yellow Funky Boyfriend Birthday Card template and let those close to you know how proud you are of them.

39. A card for all the dads who love their tools

Design by LittleSloth

While dad jokes may make you cringe every now and then, working one into your dad’s birthday card—like LittleSloth does here—will guarantee a laugh.

Although they may know how much you love them, why not give them a little reminder of how you feel? This loving sentiment will be particularly well received on such a special day.

Customize this Blue and Gray Old Man Sketched Dad Birthday Card template to bring a smile to your old man’s face.

40. The “things that get better with age” card

Design by TheCuriousCactus

This example from The Curious Cactus is a great way to show that many things really do get better with age. From the taste of wine and cheese to beautiful trees, this is sure to give your loved one a fresh perspective on turning another year older.

Customize this Fine Wine 40th Birthday Card for all your aging loved ones.

41. The awesome card

Design by Scribbler Cards

This card from Scribbler Cards is by far the most versatile option on this list. It’s a great card for your awesome friend and, just as it says on the card, it’s perfect for all occasions.

This card is also of particularly good use f your friend has a double up celebration. Maybe they got engaged on their birthday or chose to line up their wedding with another notable occasion. It can be frustrating when the event you’re attending is too specific for most cards to cover. That certainly won’t be a problem with the card above.

Customize this Yellow with Shapes Typographic Funny Thank You Card template for an all-encompassing greeting on your loved one's birthday this year.

42. The truth bomb card

Design by PurplefrogDesignsAU

Ever heard the saying “it’s funny because it’s true”? Every day we are older than we were the day before, and what better time to remind someone of that than on their birthday! This Purple Frog Designs AU card is the perfect way to encourage someone to seize the day.

Try this Blue and Yellow Emoji Nerdy Birthday Card template for your friends on their next birthday.

43. The belated birthday card

Design by PaperlessPost

Missed your friends or loved one's birthday? Don’t stress. ake up for it by sending them a card like this Paperless Post one that will not only have them forgiving you but giggling at the same time.

Make up for missed time with this Blue Bird Birthday Belated Greeting Card template.

44. A card with some good advice

Design by BettieConfetti

We can’t help but love a card that marries wordplay with a wholesome message. Perfect for any level of relationship—from your neighbor to your best friend—the BettieConfetti card here is a simple and honest gesture that shows you care.

Customize this Green Woman Photo 30th Birthday Card template for your pals birthday this year.

45. The sarcastic card

Design by brashmoose

If your contribution to the birthday celebrations is the piñata, then this card from brashmoose would make a perfect addition to your gift.

We all have a friend who complains about the attention they receive on their birthday. This card is an amusing reminder that maybe they aren’t in such a bad position after all.

Try this Beige Daisy Belated Birthday Card template for those who need a bit of a laugh and a reality check on their birthday this year.

46. A card for all your action movie lovers

Design by YellowOtterStudios

Got a friend who loves quoting action movies? Take the opportunity to make a pun out of a classic movie line and your movie-loving friend will go crazy for it! This card from YellowOtterStudios has referenced the classic terminator line “Hasta la vista, baby”, but any movie quote can work provided you use a bit of wit to come up with a little pun for added laughs.

Some fun example to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A hairbrush saying “There’s no place like comb”
  • A bowl of jelly saying “You had me at Jell-O”
  • A sprig of thyme saying “Tale as old as thyme”

Make a pop on your pals’ birthday with this Yellow Red Blue Comic Superhero Friendship Card template.

47. The card that shares the importance of cake

Design by SpellingBeeCards

This card by SpellingBeeCards unapologetically strips birthdays back to exactly what they are: A celebration of being born.

Share the importance of cake with this Navy Blue and Red Illustrated Pixel Cake Nerdy Birthday Card template.

48. The cheesy card

Design by BeckaGriffin

This card from Becka Griffin is for the friend who likes cheese. The cute illustrations are a perfect way to show your loved one that you really know them—and their taste in cheese.

Play with your pun-loving friends on their birthday with this Yellow and Brown Cute Cheese Necktie Dad Birthday Card template.

49. The “since it's your birthday” card

Design by Scribbler Cards

This card from Scribbler Cards is another perfect option for all the siblings out there. Your sibling will certainly find the idea amusing, while also appreciating your good will.

Show your brother some love on his birthday with this Aqua Geometric Patterned Brother Birthday Card template.

50. The card for a huge milestone

Design by Objectables

50 is the age where you can claim you’ve lived half a century. This card from Objectables celebrates that reality.

Design tip: To make this card sentimental, include some old photos and funny memories.

Make a mountain out of a milestone with this Brown and White Illustrated Floral Adult Birthday Card template.

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