Amazing views from above: 24 epic drone photographers to follow (they’ll make you wish you were a bird)

Drone technology today has made aerial photography to easier, cheaper, and much more accessible, letting us see the beautiful world we live in from a whole new perspective.

We’ve rounded up 25 epic drone photographers you need to follow on Instagram.

1. Michael Goetze and Jampal Williamson (@saltywings)

These two Australian photographers/videographers founded SaltyWings in 2016 and capture beautiful remote and magnificent landscapes, focusing on seascapes. Aside from Western Australia, some of the places they’ve shot are Kauai, Norway, Nusa Lembongan, and Tahiti.

2. Arran Witheford (@arranwitheford)

Dorset-based travel photographer Arran Witheford shoots breathtaking photos from his travels around Europe. Follow for stunning shots of seascapes, seaside towns, lakes, hills, and cliffs.

3. Felix von Schwanewede (@fevonos)

This photographer’s dreamy shots of magnificent landscapes feature lush greenery, islands, trains, and quaint cottages. Behind each photograph is the story of how he captured the shot or how he feels about the subject.

4. JP and Mike (@abstractaerialart)

UK-based photographers/creative articsts, JP and Mike capture naturally-formed abstract shapes from a bird’s eye view. According to the brothers’ photo captions, “The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above.”

5. Nick Chu (@nk7)

Nick takes his drone to the streets of Hong Kong to reveal the charm of this bustling city. Not all photos in his feed are taken with a drone, but those that are serve to prove that a change in perspective are all it takes to find beautiful images in a mundane street scene.

6. Tobias Hägg (@airpixels)

This creative artist and photographer from Stockholm, Sweden, shares with us some absolutely breathtaking photos of nature. He shares thoughts and dreams that come with each photo he posts.

7. Razvan Sera (@razdood)

In his personal website, Razvan reveals that he’s always known he had a unique perspective on the world, and that through drone photography he’s found the perfect way to share it. Capturing the heart of Chicago and some of the places he travels to in between, the way this photographer represents the world is awesome.

8. Miles Stephenson (@from.miles.above)

This UCLA grad student is passionate about mountains, and this passion really comes through in his photography. Get ready for epic drone photos of snow-covered mountains and some beaches around the United States.

9. Marina Vernicos (@mvernicos)

Professional photographer and founder of Create to Aid (CREAID), a non-profit humanitarian organization helping people in need through art, Marina shares with us photos she’s captured from traveling 114 countries. Many of her photos feature human subjects—sometimes, even herself.

10. Victor Cheng (@veeceecheng)

This art director and content creator originally from Toronto and now based in Hong Kong says in personal website that he draws his creative inspiration from the cities and cultures he’s experienced from his travels. While not exclusively drone photography, his feed features perfectly-framed subjects and remarkable symmetry and patterns in superbly-composed photos.

11. David Lau (@dl_archi)

This urban, architectural, and city photographer from Hong Kong has an eye for symmetry and patterns. He shares this vision through Instagram, encouraging followers to stop and take a moment to see the beauty in things they might normally just pass by.

12. Alejandro Petrakovsky (@alepetra_)

This film director, photographer, and visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has a gift for discovering “that unique and unrepeatable moment, those that deserve to be captured” founded audio-visual production company, FISH productions. His creative vision is seen throughout his photos of cities and seaside towns.

13. Bo Le (@safromabove)

As stated in his website, passion for travel and adventure is the driving force behind this epic drone photographer’s awe-inspiring shots of South Australia. He’s been shooting the city, rivers, lakes, and valleys of South Australia since 2015, garnering more than 60,000 followers on Instagram.

14. Boyan Ortse (@boyanoo)

This photographer’s account is a beautiful mishmash of wherever he travels, featuring a small photo series of one destination at a time—foggy, snowy hills in Switzerland, quaint streets in Orvieto, deep blue waters and colorful structures of Portovenere, and multicolored tulip farms in the Netherlands.

This photographer takes us to the streets of Shanghai and Hong Kong. His unique perspective adds extra to the ordinary—pedestrians on the street, buildings and city lights, highways, and railways.

16. Karolis Janulis (@karolis.jay)

This nature and lifestyle photographer from Lithuania has been featured across several media channels such as BBC, Time, and CNN. Karolis posts a set of photos for each place he visits, keeping his feed consistent. Wherever he is, he captures stunning aerial photos that make you wish you could always see the world from up high.

Another Australian photographer, Jess’ love for the ocean is evident in her work—featuring turquoise-blue waters, whitewashed beaches, happy surfers, pink lakes, crystal clear tidepools, and parasol-filled shores. Now based in Hawaii, expect to see more amazing beach and surfing photos from Jess.

18. Jerome Courtial (@jcourtial)

French photographer and creative director based in London, Jerome Courtial captures the magnificent colors of landscapes and seascapes. Aside from the fun facts and humorous reflections he shares about the places he travels to, he sometimes includes useful drone photography tips that can help others up their game.

19. Arts Enriquez (@arturorafaelenriquez)

A Manila-based visual artist and photographer, Arts finds that the world is best viewed from high above. Of his work, he says, “I want to capture the small things that make the big picture.” He has a keen eye for frames worth taking, often stitching together the shots he captures to create surreal worlds that could only exist in your dreams.

20. Lance Asper (@lance_asper)

Lance is a videographer and photographer from Florida. Striking colors and abstract patterns stand out in his shots of Florida’s beaches and neighborhoods offering a whole new perspective of the tropical paradise.

21. Martin Sanchez (@zekedrone)

What started out as a hobby has gained this photographer first prize in the National Geographic and Dronestagram’s 2017 International Drone Photography contest and globally-recognized and published works. His feed features both cityscapes and landscapes.

22. Aquiles Pirovano (@jacktheartist)

A lifestyle photographer and art director from Buenos Aires, Aquiles focuses on brightly-colored structures around South America. Some photos are post-processed to create imaginative and unique images.

23. Katie Teague (@katie_teague)

As stated in her Instagram profile, this creative catalyst’s mission is to awaken consciousness one frame at a time. Her moody photos of landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife have a calming way of reminding us of the many wonders the world has to offer.

Ending the list with a bang, this photographer’s photos offer a unique perspective of the world around us. His feed is filled with photos that highlight the warm, fiery light captured in photos of man-made structures.

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