Corporate brand identities: A showcase of 40 stunning brand kits to inspire you


Your visual identity is one of the most important aspects of your brand.

It sets your tone as a company, represents your values, and gives you a starting point when it comes to your marketing approach.

It’s important to maintain a consistent visual identity in your branding, since that’s how people will recognize your brand. Having a set brand style guide will ensure your marketing materials are always on track and look as on brand as possible.

Here are 40 awesome examples of consistent visual identity and branding to inspire you:

01. Base


Base is a branding consulting company offering many services to their clients. Their branding speaks of elegance and luxury with its golden tones and minimalistic design, and the patterns create an interesting effect and texture. When you look at their marketing materials, you get the impression of professionalism, which is exactly what you’d want in a brand consultant.

02. Gravy


Gravy is an award-­winning creative studio with a large list of international clients. Not only is the name indicative of how your experience will be with them (‘gravy’ is slang for wonderful), but their branding is as well. The smooth lines in their logo and swish mark make the brand seem like just that — smooth. Their swishing mark acts as a separate entity, giving them more collateral to work with when designing their brand pieces.

03. Letter Cotton


Letter Cotton is a creative workshop specializing in letterpress design. While their colors are bright and modern, their typography is reminiscent of the past. The juxtaposition of the two has a nice effect, and the subtle patterns tie into their passion of the letterpress.

04. Marjoram


Marjoram is an elegant restaurant specializing in unique flavors. Their chefs use a wide variety of herbs and spices to make the dishes memorable. Just like their namesake, illustrations of herbs are the main focal point in their branding.

05. Zerno


Zerno is a coffeehouse in Minsk, and prides itself on its cozy atmosphere and delicious desserts. The colors are pleasant and appetizing, and work well with the types of goods they sell in their shop. Brown imitates the coffee, and the blue/green imitates some of the desserts they sell.

06. Inside Ventures


Inside Ventures is a sales and marketing company based in Kansas City. Their branding aims to keep them young and modern (with the blue) yet bold (with the red). The logo icon is simple, and allows it to be scaled down and scaled up without issue.

07. Dose


Dose, a soda brand, looks clean, simple, and modern. The logo type is minimal, with some abstraction in the ‘e’, indicating that the brand is aimed towards younger audiences. The soft colors are much different than many brightly colored soda brands, and gives the brand a quieter, more natural feel.

08. La Pepa Jaleo


La Pepa Jaleo is a restaurant in Barcelona. Even if you didn’t know what style of food they served, you could infer it by their branding. Their colors are bright and their typography simple, which leads you to think their food would be similar – bright in flavor yet simple and traditional.

09. March Studio


March is a collaboration of architects and creative marketers in Santa Monica. Their branding is simple and structured, much like an architectural drawing. The pops of color add some personality, pulling it slightly into the creative area, but not so much that you lose the strong architectural influences.

10. Tamarindo


Tamarindo is a restaurant in Spain that specializes in international cuisine. Their branding is simple, and looks as though it was hand dipped in pastel coloring. The type is equally as simple, yet the way only some of the letters are used on the coffee sleeves is playful.

11. Moccato


Moccato is a coffee club for coffee lovers, and features home delivery of delicious coffee pods. Their branding is both young and traditional. Young in the way the bright colors are used to represent flavors, and traditional in the way a stencil like typeface was used (paying homage to the coffee sacks and wooden boxes used for transportation). This attracts both young coffee drinkers and seasoned coffee veterans.

12. World Children’s Festival


The World Children’s Festival is held annually in Washington DC, and calls itself the ‘Olympics’ of children’s imagination. This description can be seen at the core of their branding, as it looks as though a child had a hand in it. It is playful and simple, and beautifully understated.

13. Portierge


Portierge is a Polish showroom featuring high quality woodworks. Founded on the ideas of beauty in simplicity and functionality, it took on a Bauhaus aesthetic. It gives a feeling of no frills, but high quality and made to last, which is a great thing to have in furniture.

14. Bio & Beauty


This branding for Bio & Beauty takes its namesake and puts it in logo form. The idea of combining biology and beauty products can be seen in the way the ‘2’ and ‘b’ intertwine in the logo mark, each contributing to the other. They work together, and have a harmonious relationship with the subtle, feminine curves. The curves of the letters are also used as a design element on the makeup bag, which is a nice way to add more brand aesthetic.

15. Yolo


Yolo is a product line of sweets for those not hindered by the constant worry of the size of their waistline. The name Yolo is a commonly used acronym, meaning You Only Live Once, and embodies the underlying message of the brand. The colors are rich and youthful, and solidifies the carefree feeling they embody.

16. Ogo!


Ogo (meaning wow in English) is an electronics store in Moscow. At the time of this brand design, they were implementing a new digital sales’ process. This is reflected in the branding. The pixels that make up the logo are sharp and very clearly represent something digital, letting you know that the company deals with technology.

17. Cookoovaya


Cookoovaya is a restaurant in Athens, Greece dabbling in gastronomy. The wisdom it takes to be successful in gastronomy is represented in the logo as well as the name, which is reminiscent of an owl. The subtlety of the owl is paired with the idea of kitchen burners, which makes up the eyes, and brings the purpose of the brand back into focus.

18. DeskIdea


DeskIdea is an online office supply store headquartered in Barcelona. Their goal is to help streamline the process of buying office machines and supplies, and personally cater to your needs. This is portrayed in their branding by keeping everything simple and in black and white. It looks corporate, but still modern, showing they’re cutting edge and have the kind of technologies businesses want and need.

19. Ekberg


Ekberg is a Finnish cafeteria, bakery, and confectioner. It’s been around since 1852, and uses a sophisticated typeface to communicate its heritage (along with displaying its opening year). The pattern pulls from the ingredients that make the confections (grains) and the color is easy on the eye and appetizing, much like their goods.

20. Pistinega


Pistinega is a juice bar in Italy, with its namesake translating to carrot. The logo contains a carrot, which helps communicate this to non­Italian speaking individuals, and serves as a glimpse into what goes into a lot of juices. The branding is simple and fresh, yet still playful and energetic. Perhaps this is a play on how the juice tastes, and then makes you feel.

21. One Design


The visual identity for One Design is clean and clever. The hidden ‘N’ in ONE helps to break up the bold text, and fades perfectly into the background color, truly bringing the two together to become ‘one’.

22. Trivalent


The branding for Trivalent is sharp and geometric. The colors are bright and unique. While it’s not clear what Trivalent does, you can infer from the style of their branding that technology is involved, due to the geometric pattern and color shifting in their logo shape.

23. Macride


The meanings behind Macride’s branding are many, with the main being mythological in nature (hint: honey is involved). Once you learn more about the logo (like that it is also representative of three young men who came together to work creatively), you begin to piece together the different parts and pieces that make the brand what it is. The colors are youthful and fresh, just like the personalities that came together to create it.

24. The Bumblebee


The Bumblebee Dessert Truck that runs in Denver, Colorado is inspired by traditional French pastries and 1950s America. The branding is vintage, warm, and welcoming, and really embodies the retro­ness of the 1950s. The bee logo is elegant, relating back to the French influences found in their goodies.

25. Deerwalk


Deerwalk’s branding is simple and powerful, much like the animal it is named after. The interchange of white, black, and orange happens seamlessly across the different materials, and the brand is strong in all of them.

26. XYY Fashion Shop


XYY Fashion Shop is intended for the US market, and this is depicted in the natural textures found in its branding. It looks hip (‘hipster’, even), and connects with younger audiences. The colors work well with the wood, and create a warm and inviting persona.

27. QC Productions


QC Productions is a multimedia production studio specializing in professional videography and photography services in Canada. Their branding is fresh and forward, much like their work. The colors read as professional, and when translated into their social media they become lively and inviting.

28. Essential Butterfly Shoes


Essential Butterfly Shoes looks homey, friendly, and comfortable. The warm tones are inviting and give off a natural, sustainable air. The recycled paper on the notebook and bag add to the sustainability persona, and translates to the white stamped logo that could be used on packaging or in the store.

29. Wildfoot


Wildfoot has been offering travel services and experiences since 2008. They attract travellers both young and old, though both share the thrill of adventure. Their branding is bold, like the places you’ll experiences if you travel through them. Topographical patterns can be found throughout, and add a lovely texture, much like the terrain encountered by travellers.

30. Pablo & Rusty’s


Pablo and Rusty’s is a small batch coffee roaster, wholesaler, retailer and cafe in Sydney. They are passionate about getting their coffee from sustainable areas and creating the perfect roast. This is displayed in a typographically dominant identity. The serif font is reminiscent of old coffee sacks and crates, and is relatively popular in the coffee culture. The simple color scheme is professional and polished, much like their product.

31. SMBA University Entrepreneurship Center


The branding for the SMBA University Entrepreneurship Center is classic and scholarly. The center aims to encourage and educate students about starting businesses. It does this by representing education in its logo (an open book) and surrounding it by ‘businesses’ being built from the ground up. The repetition of the logo in the website represents the patience and diligence that goes into educating the students.

32. Hemslojden


Hemslojden is a Swedish non­profit that promotes craft across the country. The bright colors and iconography pays homage to its heritage and the idea of handcrafted items. The branding is spread across a number of items that crafty people use, like canvas bags and wrapping paper.

33. Mother


Mother makes cold­pressed juices, milks, smoothies, and the likes in barcelona. The branding shows the love and care that goes into each and every concoction. Its namesake represents love and care to the T, and the soft colors portray the natural fruits, nuts, and vegetables that go into their products.

34. Arkin


Arkin is a software defined data center operation. They are a wave of the future, and their crisp and new wave branding shows this. The shape of the logo looks sharp, almost extra-­terrestrial­-like, and the color stands out nicely against the dark background – almost glowing. Their logo mark is used as a design element as well, giving it a dual purpose and almost acting as beacons of lights pointing you in the direction of the future.

35. Fast Eddie’s


Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop truly gives of the impression of the good old, all-American barber shop of the past. The simple use of black and white lends well to the time period their channeling, and the addition of scripty, textured fonts adds class. The logo is clever, merging the iconic barber’s comb and an eagle, and showing imagery of an old 50s ‘Greaser’ gives the brand a mascot of sorts.

36. Appex


Appex is a company that develops mobile applications. A rainbow of colors in the logo covers the wide variety of apps they create, and the unique shape gives a techy, mathematical feel (much like the process of creating apps). Due to the many colors in the different facets of the logo mark it is able to be broken up and applied to different areas of their marketing materials as a design element.

37. BV Photographie


BV Photographie specializes in artwork photography. The emblem resembles a wax seal found on old envelopes, giving it a classic feel. The black on black business cards are very high class and elegant, which relates back to the artwork he photographs.

38. Ontic


Ontic, based in Milan, creates customized jewelry. It merges digital visual arts and modern jewelry design. A lot of their jewelry is geometric, and that is reflected not only in their logo, but in their packaging and patterns.

39. Print Britannia


Print Britannia offers litho and digital printing and graphic design services. Their branding is bold in color and intricate in nature, showing they can handle an array of jobs. They showcase their branding across a number of products, which informs viewers that they can print on a multitude of objects.

40. The Stow Brothers


The Stow Brothers is a realty partnership between two brothers. Their typography is industrious, showcasing the brothers’ experience and skill in the real estate industry. A lot of their collateral was created by local professionals, which goes to show their love for the area they are selling and renting homes in.

After seeing all of these examples of beautiful visual identity, it’s easy to want to create something just like them. But it’s important to make sure your branding serves the correct purpose, and suits your brand’s core values and persona. Consider all of the different ways you can use your identity to promote your brand, and try to push the envelope (putting your branding on your envelopes is always a good start).

The sky’s the limit when it comes to promoting your brand and establishing your identity, and new and interesting ways of doing so are cropping up every day. What new and interesting way will you come up with to showcase your brand’s visual identity?

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