Canva for Education in NSW Department of Education: How to get started as a teacher

Canva for Education for remote learning

Canva and New South Wales Department of Education have signed an agreement to provide free Canva for Education access to every single student, teacher, and staff member in the state. In the article below, we'll give you an in-depth guide to setting up and using Canva for Education as a teacher in NSW Public Schools.

Creativity, design, and visual thinking are central to preparing our students for the world outside of school, and for fostering engagement in the learning that happens in the classroom. Canva fosters creativity, collaboration, and visual communication - all critical future ready skills for students to learn.

Whether you’re working to create and access more visually engaging learning materials for your students, or to provide the tools and opportunities for your students to create and design their own assignments in more flexible and professional ways, Canva for Education is a simple, yet powerful tool to add to your toolbox. Canva for Education is your best bet for encouraging students to do their best work and build creativity in the classroom—whatever that may look like.

What is Canva for Education?

Canva for Education is a powerful design tool, allowing you and your students to create visually stunning designs for any subject or age level. You and your students can create your own designs from scratch, or choose from our library of over 60,000 high quality, educational templates. From presentations, posters, and infographics, to worksheets, project-based learning, and lesson plans, the possibilities are endless.

How to get started with Canva for Education

If you already have a free personal Canva account: If you already use Canva with a personal email address you can change your login details to your DET email in Account Settings. Or, simply sign up for a new account to get access. If you choose to change your login details to your DET email you will be upgraded once you log out and log back in again.

If you are using your DET email on Canva: Teachers who already use Canva with their DET email address will be upgraded automatically thanks to the Department of Education.

If you have a Canva Pro account: For teachers who have Canva Pro accounts on their DET email address, you can upgrade if you would like to switch to Canva for Education. To do this, simply email [email protected]

Set up your Canva class and collaborate with your students

You can think of Canva as your own virtual classroom, where you can have conversations about work, helping to clarify tasks as you go, leave students to work amongst themselves and submit completed work, as well as provide feedback for assignments, all in the same place.

Please note: parental or guardian permission is required for inviting students under 13 to Canva for Education. We have a sample parental consent form if you need it. You can also learn more in our privacy policy.

To create a new class:

  1. Click the gear icon and then select Billing & Teams
  2. Scroll down in the main window and click Create a new class
  3. Once you’ve created a class, go back to your homepage, click the name of the class on the left hand side, then click the People tab
  4. Invite students to your class from here. You can toggle between classes by clicking your initials in the upper left corner of the screen

Top templates to get you started

  • Presentations - make lessons and classroom presentations interactive and engaging
  • Infographics - bring technical subjects to life - such as science processes - and showcase facts and figures
  • Lesson plans - build out a lesson plan or calendar of activities in seconds
  • Worksheets - from science, to English and maths, you can print or complete our worksheets online
  • Classroom decor kits - decorate your in-person or virtual classroom with these high quality, themed kits. From Zoom backgrounds, to posters and more.
  • Student video - get students to introduce themselves or have older students present their work through video
  • Group work activities - foster project-based learning with these templates across a range of topics
  • Social-emotional learning activities - support student wellbeing and help them manage their emotions

Share visual assignments with your students

There are several ways you can share assignments with students through Canva.

Create an assignment in Canva. Publishing your work as an assignment will allow students to make a copy, complete, and send it back to you for review. Students are notified by email.

  1. Open your assignment template in the editor and click ... in the top right menu.
  2. Select Assignment
  3. Give it a description and click Next. This description will be attached to the assignment template that is shared with students.
  4. Choose who the assignment is for. On the text field, type a class, a group, or individual student names
  5. Click Publish to finish

Students will receive an email notifying them they have an assignment to do. Or their assignment can be found under Shared with you. Here’s what they need to do to complete the assignment.

  1. From the notification email, click Start my assignment to open the assignment template
  2. The students' unique copy of the design will display to them in the editor

The students make edits to the design to complete the assignment, then submit it for teacher review by clicking Send to teacher.

You’ll find the assignment under the Classwork tab on the left hand side of your homepage. By clicking it you can review the assignment and leave your feedback for the student.

Share an assignment with Google Classroom. Create activities in Canva and share to your Google Classroom as an assignment.

  1. Select the top right drop down arrow and select Google Classroom
  2. Choose the class you want to share with, then select Assignment as the sharing method
  3. Fill in the details, select who to assign it to, the topic, the due date, and click Post

Once students have completed their work they can turn it in via Google Classroom.

  1. They select Google Classroom from the top right menu, and choose the class to submit to
  2. Choose the assignment, then select Attach to attach the Canva design to the assignment

Go to Google Classroom to Turn In

Share an assignment with Microsoft Teams. Create work in Canva and share to your Microsoft Teams as an assignment.

  1. From the top right click ... and select Microsoft Teams
  2. Choose who you want to assign it to in Microsoft Teams
  3. Fill in the details for the assignment, and click Assign

Want more guidance?

Check out our in-depth teacher guide here, or sign up for one of our weekly introductory webinars.

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