40 funny posters about graphic designers

Posters can be an incredibly fun and colorful way to brighten up the spaces around you – whether they be in your office or at home.

They can provide inspiration or simply make your environment more enjoyable to be in.

Posters can be beautiful and illustrative, minimalistic and modern, cheeky and funny – really, the list goes on and on. We could all use a little more joy in our lives, so today we’ll be looking at some humorous posters about graphic design and the struggles graphic designers face every day.

Let’s lighten up the mood and explore 40 funny posters all about graphic design and those who love it dearly.

01. “I like it, but I don’t like it.”


Bored Panda

This poster depicts a phrase many of us graphic designers can empathize with and have heard in one form or another at least once. Sometimes, clients don’t want to hurt a designer’s feelings, so they tiptoe around the fact that they don’t like what you’ve done instead of being straight up. This indecisiveness is shown with a lively, colorful background segmented into patterns. It really visualizes the feelings of indecisiveness designers sometimes have while working, and not just with clients, but on our own personal projects.

02. Guidance? Who needs that?



This poster shows one of a designer’s most loved and most loathed utterings. The creative freedom to do whatever we want, but the creative freedom to do whatever we want. Being able to exercise our artistic skills fully is great, but when a client doesn’t give you any parameters it’s easy to get yourself in a bit of a pickle.

03. Ruining the Integrity of a Font



Ruining the integrity of a font is a cardinal sin amongst seasoned designers. Fonts are meant to be used in their truest forms, and when they’re stretched and squashed to fit in somewhere they shouldn’t, they lose their natural beauty. If you need a font to span across a wide plain of space, play with your kerning, or use a font designed for that specific purpose, just like the creator of this poster did. They didn’t squash the same font into all the little curves and corners, they selected the perfect one for each section.

04. Everything Becomes a Hex Code


Digital Synopsis

This poster makes a joke using hex codes, which are the codes used to represent colors. This particular quote reads ‘things aren’t always black and white’, cleverly swapping out black and white with their corresponding codes.

05. Photoshop Isn’t Magic


Bored Panda

While you can certainly do a lot in Photoshop, you can’t work magic. This poster pokes fun at people who expect a bit too much (more like a lot too much) from the program. The image is of an elephant’s backside, and the client wanted to see the front of the elephant, not quite understanding that an entirely new photograph would need to be used rather than ‘turning it around’.

06. Designer Giveth, Client Taketh Away



This poster shows the all too true reality that designers aren’t in as much control as they’d like to be. We still need to please our clients, and in the long run, they’ll want to scrap most of our brilliant ideas. It’s a constant give and take relationship, but at the end of the day, somehow, it works out.

07. Cringe Worthy



This poster really does do what it says. A multitude of things are wrong in this design – the kerning and leading are inconsistent (leading is the space between lines of text). As you can see, both are all over the place, and really, really difficult to look at.

08. Target EVERYONE


Bit Rebels

Design doesn’t work for everyone on earth all at once, so it’s frustrating when designers are forced to work that way. A design is most functional when it serves a sole, dedicated purpose.

09. Not Everyone Gets It


Bit Rebels

Logos can certainly be pictorial marks, but they can also certainly be a ‘font’. What a lot of non-designers don’t understand is that logos that seem to just be ‘fonts’ are typically hand drawn, and not just a matter of bashing keys on your keyboard until you find something that looks good.

10. Design Puns Are Life


Glantz Design

This poster takes design puns to another level. It depicts a chunk of text about kerning that has been ‘justified’. Kerning is the spacing between letters, and justifying text forces the text to fill up a designated space – in this case, a square. The message is that bad kerning can never be excused, and by justifying your text – you’re asking to have bad kerning.

11. Bleeds And Crops


Glantz Design

This poster very wittily pairs bleeds and crop marks together. Bleeds refer to when a design runs off the page, while cropping is the act of cutting something down to better fit a particular design. It pairs a design of blood dripping with crop marks, which warrants a hearty chuckle from designers alike.

12. Good Work Isn’t Fast – Or Cheap


Glantz Design

If you want good work, you’re gonna have to pay for it. If you want fast work, it’s probably not going to be as good (unless you pay out the nose for it). The creative process is just that, a process, and can’t be rushed. This poster brings that to light, and shows that in reality, you get what you pay for.

13. What We’re Made Of


Glantz Design

This poster is a funny take on the aesthetic stereotype of a graphic designer. It covers everything from typical wardrobe pieces to caffeine addiction. Not all graphic designers fall into this stereotype, but it’s fun to see how people perceive them.

14. Designing In Circles


The Chive

This poster brings to light that sometimes, being a graphic designer can be like being on the hunt. Good clients have a good idea of what they want and will work with you to allow you to add your creativity to it. Bad clients don’t have any ideas and expect you to keep designing until they see something that clicks. You can design 100 beautiful things, but still come up empty handed if you can’t find what they client truly wants.

15. Lorem Ipsum?


The Chive

Lorem Ipsum is a fantastic tool many graphic designers use as ‘dummy’ text. When designing something, typically a website, we don’t always have all of the content right away. In order to keep the process moving along, we use Lorem Ipsum to fill in the empty areas with something that looks good and is reminiscent of standard prose.

16. Love it but…


The Chive

There is nothing more frustrating than someone saying they love what you’ve done, but they want you to change everything you’ve worked so hard to create. Creating awesome designs takes time, and when that process is rushed and your work isn’t valued as an art, it can be discouraging

17. Misunderstandings Happen Frequently


Bit Rebels

This poster shows a funny example of a designer-to-client misunderstanding. The client didn’t realize that animated actually meant animated, as in the style. You can feel the frustration in the agitated lines of the lettering, and the cute little character brings forth the hilarity of the situation.

18. A Day In The Life


The Untapped Source

This poster is pretty self explanatory. It shows a day in the life of a graphic designer and the hectic things we encounter on a day to day basis. It doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed looking at this poster, just like it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed during a hard day’s graphic design work.

19. Out Of Touch


Bit Rebels

This poster depicts a client wanting to attract a younger audience base. They clearly don’t understand their audience, but they’re trying, and as designers we try to help them better understand who they’re aiming to.

20. Designers Need Their Space



As much as we love a client who is invested in their project, when they’re a helicopter client it can get a bit frustrating. As professionals we should be trusted to deliver something that pleases you, and if our shoulders are constantly being looked over we can’t do our best work.

21. Fonts, Fonts, Fonts


Bit Rebels

Sure, designers love fonts. But we all know that there is such a thing as ‘font overload’. It isn’t necessary to accentuate every word in a different font when we can design a much better solution, and this poster pokes fun at that idea.

22. Trophy Worthy



It’s nearly impossible to gauge what work will win those prestigious design awards every year, but winning awards shouldn’t be the motivation. Creating awesome work that serves a purpose is a true graphic designer’s goal, and if we win an award in the meantime it’s just the icing on top of the cake.

23. Design Puns, Yet Again


Behance / Sara Heffernen

This poster takes the popular phrase ‘oh, crap’ and combines it with crop – the act of cutting something down to fit a certain space or aesthetic. The crop symbol is included, and adds to the funny (punny), lighthearted poster. It’s perfect for a designer’s office.

24. Kerning Is Important


Behance / Sara Heffernen

This poster truly shows the importance of kerning, which is the spacing between letters. You can see what looks like the word ‘keming’, and it is cleverly depicted alongside its definition. After reading the meaning, you see that the ‘m’ is really an ‘r’ and ‘n’ smashed together – a prime example of bad kerning.

25. Fonts Make Designers Happy


Behance / Sara Heffernen

Yet another punny poster, this one takes the well loved font Univers and pairs it with a heartfelt saying. It’s fun, cute, and a great poster for designer couples – or anyone who loves a good pun.

26. Bold And Proud


Behance / Sara Heffernen

This poster not only promotes body positivity, but it also ties in font styles. Bold is a larger, deeper version of a typeface, and is used wisely as a metaphor for people here.

27. Not Everyone Belongs


Behance / Sara Heffernen

Lots of people play around in Photoshop, but that doesn’t make them a designer. Becoming a designer takes years of training, and when people dismiss our skills because they’re familiar with ONE of the programs we use (there are many) it’s a low blow.

28. Design Jokes Are The Best Jokes


Behance / Sara Heffernen

Most designers love a good design joke, and this one doesn’t let us down! Everyone with a bit of design knowledge knows that using the font Comic Sans is a no-no, and this joke cleverly relays that message.

29. Always With The Times


The Untapped Source

This poster fuses together a common phrase, ‘get with the times’, along with a universally known typeface, ‘Times New Roman’. The clever use of punctuation makes it easy to understand for non font-savvy people, and entices a chuckles from designers.

30. Designers Always Make It Work


Bit Rebels

This poster depicts a situation many a designer has faced. Something MUST be done, and it MUST be done in a certain way – but the two don’t always go together. As a designer, it’s our job to make it work, somehow, someway. And when it does, we rejoice.

31. Breaking Planes



This poster is a wonderful reminding to push yourself, and does it in a slightly humorous way. The message is to think outside the box, and the designer did it – literally. It’s great because even though you can’t see everything, you still know exactly what the message is.

32. Logos Don’t Have To Be HUGE



Brands want to be well known, and a lot of times they think plastering their logo obnoxiously large on their marketing materials will make it easier for people to remember them. What they don’t understand though, is that a large logo doesn’t always work for the design. Normally it overwhelms the design, and the overall marketing message is lost.

33. You Can’t Have It All


Colin Harman

This poster gives a breakdown of the type of work you can receive based on your requirements. Most people want great design (of course), but they want it cheap and quick. You can see clearly how those options intersect. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for – cheap and fast won’t be great, and great and fast won’t be cheap.

34. Always A Great Time

34 (1)


The popular song about the YMCA is taken over by CMYK in this fun poster. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black), respectively. These letters refer to the four inks commonly used in printing.

35. Hex Code Coffee



This cheeky illustration shows a designer at a coffee shop, asking for his coffee to be #000000. If you’re a designer, you know that means black (#000000 is the hex code for black). It’s a funny take on how true designers live and breath design constantly – no matter where they are (even getting their caffeine fix).

36. Free Work?


Creative Market

Design is sometimes underappreciated and undervalued. This poster shows something both new and seasoned designers hear too frequently – the notion that a client should get a discount because they’re a ‘big player’ in the industry. While sometimes designers will agree to do work on the cheap to build their portfolio or work with someone they really like, it shouldn’t be expected. Would you expect to get a discount from an electrician because of your company (odds are, probably not)?

37. Designers Are Complex People


Yoke Design

This poster shows the complexities you can encounter when having a relationship with a designer (stereotypically, of course). Design takes over our lives, including trickling into our personal relationships. Our nerdiness about design will quickly come out wherever we are, whether it be the grocery store or out at a restaurant. Just be prepared to quickly leave if the restaurant uses Papyrus or Comic Sans on their menu.

38. Logo Files Are Not Document Files


Website Design Nieuws

Sending someone a ‘high res’ logo in a Word document is not high resolution. This is something people not in the industry don’t understand, and it can be a daunting task for a designer to go back and forth with a client to get the files they so desperately need to do good work.

39. Never Heard That One Before


Website Design Nieuws

The phrase depicted on this poster can be a frustrating one to hear. It means a client isn’t satisfied, and they don’t know why they’re not satisfied. Designers tend to grow thick skins when it comes to their work (sometimes forcibly), so we can take a critique when someone doesn’t like something if it’s constructive. But when we’re given critique with no valuable feedback, it’s hard to make progress.

40. Colors Aren’t Just ‘Colors’


Digital Synopsis

Designers all around the world unite in the struggle that is color. To a normal, non-designer person, the colors they see and name are pretty basic: blues, greens, reds, pinks, etc. To a designer, there are a multitude of hues to consider along with their shades and tints.

After looking through all of these wonderfully hilarious posters, it’s hard not to feel a little empathy for those who’ve went through these experiences. But we can rest assured that they’ve exercised their issues through awesomely designed posters.

Do you feel inspired and want to create something of your own to ‘jazz’ up your own office space (see what I did there?)? Using the awesome resources on Canva will enable you to create your own humorous poster in no time, or you make your own with Canva's poster maker tool.

If you create something you’re proud of, post it in the comments!

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