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Crop images for better composition

Try our easy-to-use cropping tools to cut any photo down to size to balance your designs or beautifully reframe your photography.

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How to crop an image

Crop, cut, clip

Crop your image in freeform

Get flawlessly cropped photos every time with Canva. Skip the guesswork and crop to a range of aspect ratios to effortlessly tailor your images. Make a perfect square clip, go for the classic 3:2, or find your own fit. While you’re at it, quickly rotate your image with a slider or precise degree input to change its orientation. Now, you can nail that perfect Facebook cover or YouTube thumbnail.

A smart way to crop

Use Smart Crop to automatically crop your image

Can’t decide on an aspect ratio? Automatically cut your image down to the most aesthetically pleasing composition with Smart Crop. Whether it’s a portrait, landscape, or any scenario, highlight the most interesting parts with one click and ensure your images are perfectly framed and visually striking. Let Canva’s crop tool do the work for you, saving you time and effort in the editing process.

Every frame tells a story

Use frames to crop your image into a shape

Want to try fancy cropping with heart shapes, curves, and curly Q’s? Create cute scrapbook layouts or craft personal greeting cards with a variety of frames(opens in a new tab or window) on Canva! Scroll past the conventional rectangular frames to reveal quirky and artful frames, ready for your photos. Add the frame to your design, drag a picture inside, and we’ll crop it just right for your frame, no matter the size or shape.

How to crop an image

How to crop an image

Launch Canva on the app or a web browser. Choose a pre-made template or open a blank layout.

Upload your image from your device or browse millions of free stock photos in our media library.

Select your image, then click Edit photo. Navigate to the Crop panel and choose your desired aspect ratio. Or hit Smart Crop to create the perfect crop with one click.

Fine-tune your image with other tools in Canva’s online photo editor. Rotate your photo to any angle, add stylish filters, or apply quick image enhancements.

Once you’re happy with the results, download your image in high-quality JPG or PNG format. You can also add it to an existing Canva design or share it on social media.

Frequently asked questions

To crop an image online, upload your photo to our editor and select it. Type frames on the search bar and choose from various frames, from circles, triangles, and even abstract shapes. Drag your image to the frame and adjust it to fit your selected shape perfectly.

Double-click the selected image, and scale and resize the area you want to crop. Once you’re happy with the result, save your image in PNG format to ensure a high-quality image when downloaded.

Cropping involves removing unwanted parts of an image to focus on specific elements. On the other hand, resizing alters the image's dimensions, affecting the overall file size and quality. Cropping is mainly concerned with image composition while resizing is more about scale.
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