Get inspired by 20 photographers who celebrate women from all walks of life

We all have great women—our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, best friends, and coworkers—in our lives. And in this day and age, it's more important than ever to find ways to celebrate and empower them every day.

Here are 20 amazing photographers who do just that on a daily basis through their Instagram feeds. Follow, share, and be inspired by their powerful depictions of women from all walks of life.

01. Yumna Al-Arashi

With a degree in international politics focusing on the Middle East, London-based, self-taught photographer Yumna Al-Arashi incorporates her extensive research and knowledge on sexuality and human rights into her work.

02. Underneath We Are Women

Founded by Australian wedding and baby photographer Amy D. Hermann, Underneath We Are Women is a book (set to come to shelves in 2019) that celebrates diversity by showcasing the stories of 100 amazing women from who represent every shape, size, skin color, and age.

03. Cat Holmes

A believer in photography that highlights self-acceptance, Cat Holmes is a family, couple, and portrait photographer whose work never fails to keep things refreshingly real.

04. Yagazie Emezi

A self-taught, documentary photographer based in Nigeria, Yagazie Emezi travels all around the world (particularly to various African communities across the continent) to capture stories of amazing women who have powered through trauma, violence, and abuse.

05. Lauren Carlyle Smith

Lauren Smith's specialty is capturing women just as they are—without planned wardrobes, settings, props, or Photoshop. Follow her unique project on social media through the hashtag #morethanamirror.

06. Devyn Galindo

Part of the queer community herself, Devyn Galindo captures women from underrepresented communities like the Chicanx and indigenous resistances in Los Angeles. She shines a light on these underground movements through her sophisticated fashion and portraiture work.

07. Steve Gindler

Portrait photographer Steve Gindler switches between analog and digital when taking portraits of women. This combination of mediums adds a sort of vintage touch to his feed, putting emphasis on women and the natural beauty within.

08. Helen Salomão

Photographer Helen Salomão from Salvador de Bahia places the spotlight on Afro-Brazilian women by beautifully capturing images of their skin and bodies. Her raw photographs reflect each of their personal stories and distinct heritage.

09. Cheyenne Gil

In her own words, Bodouir photographer Cheyenne is “in the business of empowering, reclaiming, celebrating, and honoring all bodies." She makes sure to place extra emphasis on this last part on her website: "ALL BODIES. All of 'em."

10. Savanna Ruedy

Savanna Ruedy’s no-fuss portrait photography puts the focus simply on the women in them. As a commercial photographer, her works have been published in various magazines like Elle and Glamourgirl, and she’s commissioned high-profile work for clients such as Betsey Johnson, Maybelline, and Nike.

11. Jen Needham

Empowering women through quietly confident boudoir photography, Jen Needham says on her website: “For way too long, our world has told us to step back, to quiet ourselves, to shrink our bodies and our minds, to not be so much. But we are waking up. We are realizing that what we were taught was total bullshit.”

12. Catherine Servel

Catherine Servel's photographs of women emphasize each subject's form, beauty, and inner character. Her refined fashion photography style has placed her work on the covers of everything from W magazine to New York magazine's The Cut.

13. Alessio Albi

aItaly-based photographer Alessio Albi creates elegantly dramatic portraits of women by framing their close-ups with natural elements (light, water, shadows) or even simply just their hair. By getting up close, he magnifies the inherent beauty within each of his female subjects.

14. Lindsay Wynn

Body-positive photographer Lindsay Wynn creates stunningly creative photos of women baring their all, exuding confidence in their own skin. She works with the same diverse group of models to showcase her all-organic, cruelty-free feminine wellness products, Momotaro Apotheca.

15. Muslim Sisterhood

Founded by Sara, Lamisa, and Zeinab, Muslim Sisterhood captures everyday lives of Muslim women around London, showing the world a wider spectrum of the modern Muslim woman and her culture.

16. CreativeSoul Photography

Husband-and-wife duo Regis and Kahran create inspiring, one-of-a-kind portraits of young girls through CreativeSoul Photography. These fun, dynamic images go well beyond the stereotypes of traditional child portraiture.

17. Agatha Powa

Film photographer Agatha Powa creates authentic portraits of young womanhood. In an interview with No Basic Girls Allowed, she says, “I always try to get a glimpse of vulnerability, because I think that’s what connects us as human beings.”

18. Mou Aysha

Humanitarian Mou Aysha creates stunning portraits of local Bangladeshi girls and women that she meets through her travels. Her style focuses on little else than their eyes, facial accessories, and earnest expressions.

19. Chanel G.

Chanel not only captures everyday women beautifully in her portraits, but she also mentors and encourages other young photographers through their individual artistic journeys by leading photography and blogging workshops.

20. Quarter Moon Co.

Founded by two amazing babes, Michele and Shanon, Quarter Moon Co. works with brands to create empowering visuals that celebrate every aspect of the modern woman—from their families to their daily lifestyles.

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