Your guide: Design for food & wine

Does this sound familiar food lovers? You've just sat down with a friend over a cloud-like cappuccino or a perfectly poached egg and your first thought is to share it with the world. Whether it’s a Pinterest post for your nutrition blog or a social media graphic for a bar and restaurant review, using beautiful graphic design will help you do those mouth watering flavors justice!

Design for Food & Wine

To get you started, we have collated cool ways to design according to your favorite cuisine. Through the application of type, image and color - let this guide help you create awesome designs appropriate to your chosen #foodporn! Below is even a handy little glossary to help you make sense of any design-y words.

Type Glossary (3)

1. Dim Sim Down-Low

  • Show the food off! Look for clear copy space when choosing your image so you can design to the composition, rather than over it.
  • To symbolize the texture and tone of the dumplings you can desaturate the image using the advanced sliders and increasing the transparency.
  • For a clean and basic aesthetic, Archivo Narrow font was used for the ‘dim sim low-down' text. A great option for a more contemporary touch.

2. Big-time Burgers

D I N I N G (8)
  • Big, juicy burgers deserve to be celebrated in color - adding a bit of saturation to your image will help emphasize the bright ingredients.
  • The condensed typeface used for 'Classic' is Economica, it represents the height of the burger and has a fairly 'classic' burger joint feel to it.
  • Always consider your grid within the layout. Here, the burger and type are given equal space which lets them both speak well.

3. The Ultimate Grape Experience

D I N I N G (10)
  • Wines are a tasteful and elegant part of the culinary experience, and it's important to ensure the design around it has the same aroma.
  • Serifs are a great way to signify something within this fine group. Here, Libre Baskerville was used for the small text and Playfair Smallcaps (a stronger title font) for 'GRAPE', which helps create hierarchy by highlighting words of importance.
  • Text wrapping is a clever tool to use! Wrap your text around your grapes, representing the way a grapevine grows.

4. Hola Mexican

D I N I N G (12)
  • With Mexican food comes exciting flavors and vibrant color. Use these as a tool when designing your Mexican visual feast!
  • Mexican food is lively, so keep this in mind when choosing your typeface. Bold, rounded title fonts like Lilita One are a fun way to execute this.
  • Make your type dynamic! Rotating 'Hola' gives the design an eye-catching twist.

We hope this guide inspires your design and has given you fresh new ideas to help you create beautiful food and wine graphics according to your cuisine!

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