20 inspiring logo ideas

20 inspiring logo ideas

Your logo is the face of your company. You could even argue that it’s one of your most important design assets. The goal of your logo is to be recognized, remembered, and encourage positive feelings towards your brand. So, when it comes to the design, you want to ensure that you’ve given it some thought and looked at plenty of logo ideas to get you started.

If you want your logo to elevate your brand and take your business to the next level, you need an inspired logo design. But what should you do if you’re feeling uninspired—and don’t know the best direction to take your logo design? We’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve sourced 20 inspiring logo ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing—and get the design inspiration you need to create the perfect logo for your own business.

Food and beverage logo ideas

Competition in the food and beverage industry can be fierce. If you’re launching a packaged goods brand you need to figure out how your logo will help tell a story about your product, help it stand out against the competition and grab your customer’s attention.

If you’re launching a restaurant, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from the other eateries on the block and drive foot traffic into your location.

The perfect logo design is a key element in helping you to stand out in the food and beverage industry. Let’s take a look at a few logo design ideas to get those creative juices flowing (pun intended).


Logo design by 99designs designer cmyk13

The logo design for this coffee company embraces the geometric trend, using different shapes to create a striking abstract graphic, reminiscent of a cafe or coffee house.

Like the coffee-inspired geometric design of this logo? Capture the look with the Orange and White Cup Icon Coffee Cafe Logo template. 

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Logo design by MADE Agency on Behance

The vintage feel of this combination mark logo is perfect for this throwback restaurant concept. (Plus, the red and yellow color palette are reminiscent of ketchup and mustard—a clear visual nod to the brand’s food and restaurant roots.)

Like the bold graphic and red/yellow color palette in this design? Capture the look and feel of this logo with the Red and Black Bowl Japanese Restaurant Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer Sandeep Roy

This brewery logo design also embraces the geometric trend, using a variety of shapes and lines to create a minimalist design that looks and feels like a stained glass window—also delivering visual impact in the process.

Like the shape of this logo? Embrace a similar shape with the Green House Icon Construction Logo template. 


Logo design by Jitesh Lakshman on Behance

The logo for this burger restaurant has a variety of abstract burgers featured in the logo, from the interior of the “B” graphic to the graphic that separates the logo’s typography—a clear nod to burger buns.

Because this is a burger restaurant, all those burgers in the logo only stand to strengthen the restaurant’s branding. (No one is going to question what kind of restaurant this is once they catch a glimpse of the logo!)

Launching a burger joint of your own? Take a nod from this logo design and incorporate a burger graphic into your logo design with the Orange and White Burgers and Shakes Logo template.


Logo design by 99designs designer Priyo

The typographic logo for this crepe food truck keeps things classic—but adds visual interest with the connected graphic elements of the “C” and “R.”

Like both the typographic and diamond-shaped elements of this logo design? Get the look with the Black Retro Logo template.

Retail logo ideas

The retail industry is changing. And if you want to successfully launch a new brick-and-mortar shop, product line, or ecommerce operation, it’s more important than ever to have a strong point of difference and build a strong connection with your target customers.

And that all starts with the face of your brand. Or, in other words, your logo.

Let’s take a look at some retail logo design ideas to help inspire your retail branding.


Logo design by Anthony Gribben on dribbble

This minimalist logo not only looks clean and modern, but the lines in the design give the look and feel of an abstract skyline—perfect for a retailer based in an iconic city like San Francisco.

Want to recreate the “abstract skyline” look of this logo design? Try the Black and White Lines Architectural Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer mm graphics

The logo for e-commerce retailer Mark & Scribe keeps things simple—but the interesting typographic elements (like the missing lines in various letters) makes it memorable.

Do the interesting typographic elements of this logo design speak to you and your brand? Explore unexpected typography with the Beige Bear Children & Kids Logo template.


Logo design by 99designs designer Agi Amri

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Between the quirky illustration and the classic serif font, this logo has a distinctly cozy, vintage feel—perfect for a small bookstore.

The bird illustration in this logo design could not be any cuter (or quirkier!). Want a bird-inspired design for your logo? Try the Black and Red Communications Logo template.


Logo design by Bill Pappas on Behance

Another logo, another bird. This logo design skips the illustration for a more abstract, geometric bird graphic that feels equal parts edgy, modern, and sophisticated.

Like the edgy, geometric graphic in this logo design? Get a similar look with the Modern Real Estate Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer Sign.Yra

This whimsical illustrated logo design, complete with pops of color and a sophisticated script font, is both chic and playful—the ideal balance for a high-end baby boutique.

The soft pastels and fun illustrations in this logo are cute enough for kids—but visually interesting enough to grab their parents’ eye. Capture the look with the Blue Fox Icon Children & Kids Logo template. 

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Business and technology logo ideas

Every day, it seems like there’s a new startup, tech company, or buzzworthy tech-inspired business launching. And if you want yours to stand out, you need more than a strong product or service—you need a strong brand to go with it.

Let’s take a look at a few logo design ideas to deliver a dose of creative inspiration for your tech business branding and logo design:


Logo design by 99designs designer goopanic

Having different versions of your logo gives you a level of versatility and adaptability—like in this logo design, which has a variety of logo types (including a variety of colors and layouts) for different business uses.

Do you find the geometric/typographic designs the most visually interesting of these logos? Then you’re definitely going to want to try the Orange Triangle Retail Logo template. 


Image via Winston-Salem Journal

Truist Financial Corporation is the result of a merger of two more traditional banks—and this minimalist logo is a clear statement that they’re rebranding to be more tech-centric and on-trend.

If the minimalist approach to this logo—with a simple graphic and classic font—feels on-brand for you, try the Blue Square Icon Abstract Logo template.


Logo design by 99designs designer kosta-xd

The graphic element in this logo design—a combination of a physical cloud and an electrical cord—is not only memorable and easily recognizable, it’s also a fantastic example of creating a visual representation for your brand’s products or services (in this case, cloud-based technology).

Like the subtle cloud element of this design? Go cloudy with your logo design with the Blue Cloud Icon Community & Non-Profit Logo template.


Logo design by Vedran Vaskovic on Behance

Connecting the two “n” letters in this logo design is a graphic way to reinforce the brand’s name and the collaborative element of the platform.

Like the bold green and white color palette of this logo? Get the look with the Green Connection Icon Internet Logo template.


Logo design by 99designs designer wielliam

Another example of using geometric shapes and lines in logo design, this logo design is clearly designed to remind viewers of both the WiFi signal (thanks to the circular lines) and a house—which, from a branding perspective, is a solid choice for a smart home company.

Like this design—and want to incorporate a house-inspired graphic into your own logo? Try the Contemporary Simple Black House Logo template. 

Beauty industry logo ideas

If there’s one industry where aesthetics matter, it’s the beauty and personal care industry. The entire industry is based on making things more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than they already are—and if you want to succeed, you need to carry that principle into your logo design.

Here are a few logo design ideas to help inspire a beautiful logo for your beauty-based business:


Logo design by 99designs designer thisisremedy

The bold geometric graphic, sans serif font, and perfect spacing all blend together to create a visually striking logo design for this perfumery company.

Dig the bold graphic of this logo? God bold and put your graphic front and center with the Red and Black Bed and Breakfast Logo template.


Logo design by 99designs designer majamosaic

This logo design feels sleek, sophisticated, and modern—thanks, in large part, to the “B” graphic, which uses triangles to lend an interesting geographic element to an otherwise simple design.

Want to incorporate a triangular geometric element into your logo design? Get started with the White and Green Minimalist Architectural Logo template. 


Logo design by Unspoken Agreement on Behance

When it comes to logo design, sometimes less is more—as is the case with this CBD skincare line, which relies on simple typography and a single, bold circle graphic to create visual interest.

The circle element is the clear showstopper of this logo design. Get a similar look and feel with the Teal Circle Spa & Esthetic Logo template. 


Logo design by Inisigniada on Behance

The subtle gradient in this logo’s typography not only adds visual interest, but creates a sleek, sophisticated feel that feels appropriate for a spa’s branding.

Like the botanical graphic and simple typography of this logo design? Get the look with the Orange Flower Icon Floral Logo template.


Logo design by 99designs designer no noise

Men’s brands make up a larger part of the beauty and personal care industry than ever—and this beard balm is the perfect example of branding that will appeal to men. Between the bold graphics, the textured background, and the vintage-inspired design, this logo is sure to jump off the shelves and grab the attention of image-conscious men in need of a new beard grooming product.

The vintage-inspired graphics help this logo stand out. Get a similar vintage look with the Rustic Mountain Logo template. 

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