20 modern logo ideas and tips


You want your logo to feel fresh, modern, and on-trend. Which is why, when you’re designing your logo, it’s so important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in design—and embrace those trends and ideas to create a modern logo.

But what’s modern is always changing. So what, exactly, does a modern logo look like today?

Let’s take a look at 20 modern logo ideas and tips to help you design a logo that feels timely and on trend in 2020.

Minimalist modern logos

Have you ever heard the saying “less is more?” Well, that’s definitely true when it comes to minimalist logos.

Minimalist logos forgo over-the-top design elements for a more simple and streamlined. And the end result? A logo design that’s both minimal and modern.

Here are a few minimalist, and modern, logos to get your creative juices flowing:

This logo keeps things simple—but adds visual interest with the arrow graphic in place of the H’s crossbar.


Logo design by Jowel Ahmed on Behance

This minimalist logo is so effective because it focuses on two design elements—typography and a simple graphic. Capture the same look with the Orange Flower Icon Floral Logo template. 

The only elements in this logo design are six lines and a circle. But even though the elements are minimal, the way they’re arranged creates maximum visual impact.


Logo design by 99designs designer duskbitz

Want to keep take a nod from this logo design and keep things simple? Try the Beige Bear Children & Kids Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs EWMDesigns

This logo design is simple and minimalistic—but the “scribble” graphic is so unique and unexpected, it immediately makes the logo memorable.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple graphic to create an impactful logo. Get the look of this less-is-more logo design with the Yellow Sound Wave Icon Band Logo template. 

Replacing the interior of the letter “o” with a drop-shaped graphic not only adds visual interest to this logo, but it immediately conjures up images of liquid—perfect for a coffee company.

Want the same kind of minimalist feel for your coffee company? Try the Black Beans Beantea Cafe template.


Logo design by 99designs designer :: scott ::


Logo design by Paulina Moksa on Behance

This minimalist logo design avoids veering into generic territory thanks to the abstract rose design, which adds visual interest.

The circular elements give this logo design a distinctly feminine feel. Recreate that feminine look and feel with the Peach Circle Wedding Logo template. 

Tips for designing a minimalist modern logo

Want to embrace a minimalist look in your logo design? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make an impact. Because minimalist modern logos are simple in design, you need to make sure you choose design elements that make a visual impact; otherwise, you run the risk of your design being unmemorable or generic.
  • Use a less-is-more approach. If you’re tempted to incorporate more design elements (color and graphics and movement, oh my!), remember that the entire point of minimalism is to keep it simple—so embrace that simplicity and stick to one or two focal elements.
  • Focus on balance. Creating a sense of balance is important in any design—but it’s especially important with minimalist design, where there are less places to hide. Make sure that all the elements in your logo design are balanced (otherwise, the imbalance will be extremely noticeable).

Geometric modern logos

Geometric logos are having a moment—so if you want your logo design to feel fresh and on-trend, incorporating geometric shapes, lines, and designs can be exactly what you need to take your logo to the next level.

Want to go geometric? Here are a few modern logo designs for inspiration:


Logo design by 99designs designer ludibes

Capture the simple (but eye-catching!) look of this geometric logo with the Classy Geometric Jewelry Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer Dusan Klepic DK

Geometric shapes are women together to create an intricately designed graphic in this visually impactful logo.

Take inspiration from this design and use geometric shapes to create a bold, visually interesting logo with the Pink Mandala Massage Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer cucuque design

The geometric shapes in this logo design all have sharp edges—but the placement of each geometric shape creates a bold “D” in the center of the graphic, a nod to the brand’s namesake.

Like the one-two punch of bold, geometric design and simple typography? Capture the look with the Light Green Shapes Abstract Logo template.


Logo design by Lucas Fields on Behance

This logo design uses geometric shapes and an eye-catching color palette to create a typography-inspired logo that feels both

modern and edgy.

Part of the reason this logo design works is, without a doubt, the geometric typeface. But another reason? The bold color palette. Incorporate bold hues into your logo design with the Yellow and Purple Gift and Souvenir Shop Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer Ian Douglas

The way the geometric shapes are layered in this design creates a sense of depth and movement, making the logo feel more “alive” and vibrant than other geometric styles.

The layering of shapes creates a sense of movement in this design. Want to create similar movement in your logo? Try the Midnight Blue Yellow Sun Travel Logo template. 

Tips for designing a geometric logo:

Is the geometric trend your choice for your modern logo design? Here are a few tips to embrace the trend and go geometric with your logo:

  • Go simple…Because geometric shapes are so visually interesting, sometimes simple shapes arranged in new, interesting are all you need to design an impactful logo.
  • ...or go intricate. On the flip side, using geometric shapes to create intricate designs is a more unique approach to the trend—and can make for a more memorable design.
  • Try a bold color palette. Geometric design is already bold—so pairing your logo with a bold color palette is a great wait to mirror that boldness in your design.

Typographic logos

Sometimes, all you need to tell your brand story is words—and if that’s the case, a typographic logo could be a great option.

Using typography to represent your brand (whether a single letter, an acronym, or your full company name) is not only a modern take on logo design, but it also ensures your logo is instantly recognizable to your customers.

Like the idea of a typographic logo? Here are a few examples and ideas to get your creative process started?


Logo design by Antonio Calvino on Dribbble

The bold typography, unexpected color palette, and textured element in this logo all come together to create a unique logo that will immediately stand out to customers—even without a graphic.

The centerpiece in this logo design is the bold font choice. Capture the look and go bold with your typography with the Orange Triangle Retail Logo template. 

A simple, strong font and bed-inspired graphic element for the “E” make for a memorable furniture logo.


Logo design by 99designs designer Redsoul

Like the stacked text design in this logo? Get the look (and the impact) with the Black White Simple Animal & Pets Logo template. 


Logo design by Amélie Touchet on Behance

Want to jazz up your typographic logo? Try incorporating animated elements, like this design.

The rounded look of this typographic design feels modern and fresh. Get the look with the Brown Rectangle Photography Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer VU Designs

The continuity between the lines of this font transform simple typography into something more graphic and interesting.

The typographic elements of this logo may be simple—but they’re effective. Get the same simple-but-powerful feel in your design with the Blue Bordered Retail Logo template. 


Logo design by 99designs designer ultrastjarna

If you want an elegant, feminine look to your logo design, a script font is the way to go.

As mentioned, script typography lends an elegant look and feel to designs. Infuse elegance into your logo with the Green Heart Icon Environment Logo template. 

Tips for designing a typographic logo

Does a typographic design feel like the right modern logo choice for you? If so, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure it’s readable. Because typography is the only element in your logo, you want to make sure people know what company they’re dealing with. Make sure whatever font you choose for your logo design is readable.
  • Jazz things up with color. If your logo design isn’t feeling interesting enough (which can happen when you only have type to work with!), try jazzing it up with an unexpected color palette.
  • Experiment with different layouts. Just because you’re doing a typographic logo doesn’t mean your design has to be in a straight line! Experiment with different layouts and letter placement until you have a logo design that feels uniquely you.

Optical illusion logos

If you want your modern logo to leave your audience doing a double take, you might want to hop on board the optical illusion trend.

These logos use design elements to trick the eye, creating an illusion of depth, movement, or a 3D effect.

Want to create an illusion in your logo? Here are a few examples to show you how it’s done:


Logo design by Caramurú Baumgartner on Behance

The lines in this logo design create depth and a three-dimensional shadowbox effect with the logo’s main focus—the letter “B” in the center of the design.

Want to create depth in your logo design—but with a graphic element instead of typography? Try the Orange and White Burger and Shakes Logo template. 


Logo design by eugênia pessoa hanitzsch on Behance

The layout and placement of the letters in this logo design create the illusion of 3D box.

Want to get the same square-inspired shade as this optical illusion logo? Try the Black and White Framed Kessey DJ Logo template. 


Logo design by Pragmatika on Dribbble

If we didn’t know better, we’d swear this was a bullseye folded over a bench—but the optical illusion in this abstract logo design comes from the placement and shaping of the lines and other shapes.

Want to recreate the abstract style of this logo design? Try the Indigo Circle Abstract Logo template. 


Logo design by PrstiPerje on Dribbble

Like the look of this logo—just without the optical illusion element? Go for a more simplified design with the Green Connection Icon Internet Logo template. 

This illusion-inspired logo design brings back memories of glitchy VHS tapes—which, from a branding standpoint, makes total sense for a film company.


Logo design by Hampus Jageland

Another optical illusion logo, another folded effect—although this time, the focal point (the letter “B”) looks as though it’s being folded vertically, as if it were wrapped around a wall.

This optical illusion is bold and in-your-face. Want to incorporate more of a subtle trick of the eye into your logo design? Try the Modern Real Estate Logo template. 

Tips for designing an optical illusion logo

Want to incorporate an optical illusion into your logo design? Here are a few tips to help you design a modern logo that tricks the eye:

  • Don’t visually overwhelm. If you go too big with your optical illusion, it can visually overwhelm your audience. Make sure that your logo design is not only a trick to the eye—but pleasing to the eye as well.
  • Keep the rest of the elements simple. If you’re incorporating an optical illusion into your logo design, you want it to be the focal point. Keep the rest of your design elements simple and let your illusion take center stage.

Get inspired with these modern logo ideas and tips

You want your logo design to feel fresh, timely, and modern. And now that you have this modern logo ideas and tips, you have all the inspiration you need to bring your modern logo to life. So what you are you waiting for? Get out there and get designing?

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