60 free outline icon sets perfect for contemporary designs

60 free outline icon sets perfect for contemporary designs_featured image

With the ever-changing trends, it can be challenging to keep designs relevant and forward-thinking.

No one wants their website or app to look like it’s stuck in the late 1990s (sorry, Comic Sans). Luckily, contemporary design trends favor minimalist, eye-pleasing simplicity in lieu of the flash graphics and bouncing 3D buttons of the past.

A hugely important part of the contemporary “less-is-more” style is the use of icons. Not all icons are created equal, though.

We love the simplicity of outline icons, so we’ve rounded up 60 sets of free outline icons (over 6,500 individual icons) to help you create your best designs yet. Enjoy!

01. Education Icons

Image 01

Education Icons

This set of more than 100 education themed icons will make you feel smarter just by looking at it — double helixes, E=MC2 and more. Download Here

02. Linea

Image 02


Linea is a whopper of a free set, including more than 730 icons in seven different categories such as music, ecommerce, arrows, weather and more. Download Here

03. Hawcons

Image 03


Hawcons is another huge set including more than 500 icons. You can try the outline or filled versions and they’re available in two different colors. Categories include sports, weather, emojis, file types and more. Download Here

04. 200 Sketched Social Icons

Image 04

200 Sketched Social Icons

This set of over over 200 sketched social media icons includes both typical and more unique social network icons, like Vimeo, Yelp and Evernote. Available as individual icons or download the full set. Download Here

05. 112 Totally Free Icons Set

Image 05

112 Totally Free Icons Set

This lovely set of 112 icons with rounded corners is both fun and useful. The mixture of bold and thin lines works well in a variety of designs, and with your basic user interface needs covered, you can’t go wrong. Download Here

06. 198 UI Icons

Image 06

198 UI Icons

You’ll find currency symbols, media user interface, ecommerce icons and more in this set of almost 200 icons in black or gray. Download Here

07. Linecons

Image 07


Linecons is a modern and useful user interface set which includes 48 icons that everyone can get some use out of. Download Here

08. El Dorado + Stroke 3132 Mini

Image 08

El Dorado + Stroke 3132 Mini

El Dorado + Stroke 3132 Mini is a massive set of both filled and outline icons in practically any category imaginable. From babies to appliances and everything in between. Download Here

09. Bubbles

Image 10


Bubbles is a great user interface set of 48 icons with some less common icons such as a paint brush, an ID badge, and more. Download Here

10. Ocean Packages


Ocean Packages

The Ocean Package is a lovely and detailed set of 20 nautical icons that will make you yearn for the sea. Also available for download are 18 wilderness icons that can’t be missed. Download Here

11. 450+ Simple Outline Icons

Image 13

450+ Simple Outline Icons

This large set of 450 outline icons features categories such as weather, science, object attributes, lifestyle and more. Download Here

12. Web Outline Icons

Image 14

Web Outline Icons

This useful little set of 36 user interface and productivity icons will come in handy for a vast variety of projects. Download Here

13. Ingen1c00ns

Image 15


Ingen1c00ns is a set of 100 ingenious essential icons. These typical user interface icons have a modern twist which makes them a fun choice for your next project. Download Here

14. App and Web Minimal Outline Icons

Image 16

App and Web Minimal Outline Icons

This set of 200 user interface icons is great for use in apps or on the web. More than the typical UI set, this set contains fun icons from yin yang and rainbows to a fried egg and a martini. Download Here

15. Hexagonal Outline Icons

Image 17

Hexagonal Outline Icons

This set of 48 hexagonal outline icons include typical user interface symbols as well as popular social media networks. You’ll have to enter your email to enjoy these icons, but they’re worth it. Download Here

16. Dirty Music


Dirty Music

Dirty Music is a great set of 81 icons which includes any icon you’ll need for media playback user interface, plus some e-commerce icons as well. Download Here

17. Ink Style Icons

Image 19

Ink Style Icons

Ink Style is a unique set of 100 icons with a personal hand-drawn feel. These user interface and weather icons (with a Pac Man in the mix for added fun) will definitely satisfy your need to be different. Download Here

18. Christmas Outline Icons

Image 20

Christmas Outline Icons

This festive set of 10 Christmas icons will satisfy your design needs come holiday time. These adorable icons will rounded corners will put you in the Christmas spirit in no time. Download Here

19. New Year’s Hand Drawn Icons

Image 21

New Year’s Hand Drawn Icons

Let’s celebrate this beautiful set of 55 hand-drawn icons. The New Year’s and party theme will make you want to set off some fireworks and dance the night away (after popping some bottles, of course). Download Here

20. Hand Drawn Cooking Icons

Image 22

Hand Drawn Cooking Icons

Hungry for more? This hand-drawn set of 55 food icons will have you running to the kitchen to grab some grub before you start your next design. Download Here

21. Location Icons

Image 23

Location Icons

Completely lost? Find your way to the nearest anything, using these location icons. This set of 50 icons includes tons of different locations to help mark your maps and comes in outline and filled styles. Download Here

22. General UI Icons

Image 24

General UI Icons

You can never have too many options for UI icons. This set of 100 has tons of crisp and practical icons suitable for tons of projects. Download Here

23. Miscellaneous Line Icons

Image 25

Miscellaneous Line Icons

Food and drinks, locations, sports, technology, arrows, and weather are just some of the vast options in this set of 210 icons.

24. 80 Free Awesome Cameras


80 Free Awesome Cameras

This unique set of 80 super-detailed modern and vintage camera icons will make you wish your project had something to do with photography or videography. Download Here

25. Creaticon

Image 27


Creaticon is an energetic set of 24 coffee shop icons that will make caffeine addicts everywhere rejoice. So grab your cup of joe and get to work! Download Here

26. 100 School Educational Icons


100 School Educational Icons

Ready to get schooled? This set of 100 education themed icons will have you longing for the good ol’ days. Or not, if high school kind of sucked. Either way — these are useful. Download Here

27. Food and Beverage Line Icons

Image 29

Food and Beverage Line Icons

There’s no such thing as too much food. Swipe this set of 37 icons and you’ll have your choice of sushi, cupcakes, roast chicken, and more. Download Here

28. Iconalone



Iconalone is a great set of 110 outline icons which is neatly designed and suitable for multiple projects. The set includes icons in various categories, such as user interface, recreation, food, sports, and more. Download Here

29. Twoo

Image 31


Twoo is a unique set with 24 miscellaneous icons which are playful and have a great chunky texture to them. You can experiment with both the outline or colored versions. Download Here

30. Bikini 60’s

Image 32

Bikini 60’s

Bikini 60’s is an appealing set of 60 clean user interface icons. These icons are two-toned which gives them a different feel than other UI sets. Download Here

31. Simple Line Icons 2

Image 33

Simple Line Icons 2

Simple Line Icons 2 is a comprehensive set featuring 100 UI icons including cloud features, media playback, and some food icons thrown in for snacking. Download Here

32. 170 Thin Line Icons

Image 34

170 Thin Line Icons

This set of 170 thin line icons is super sleek, while still being playful. You’ve got your basic UI needs covered, plus a few other miscellaneous icons. My personal favorite is the princess crown, but to each their own. Download Here

33. Nucleo

Image 35


Nucleo is a set of 50 icons that are perfect for app design. They come in both outline and filled styles. Download Here

34. Two-toned UI Icons

Image 36

Two-toned UI Icons

This is another great set of user interface icons that are crisp and clear and features two-toned details. Download Here

35. Freeline Icons

Image 37

Freeline Icons

Freeline icons is a set of 40 user interface and object icons. These eye-catching icons feature an unclosed stroke in the outline design which gives them added visual appeal over other UI sets. Download Here

36. Icon Pack Vol. 1

Image 38

Icon Pack Vol. 1

Icon Pack Vol. 1 is an all encompassing set of 80 user interface and object icons featuring crisp, thin lines that give this set a really clean vibe. Download Here

37. Feather Icons

Image 39

Feather Icons

Feather icons is another large set of 130 user interface icons that has a more laid-back style due to the rounded corners, which gives it a great cohesive look. Download Here

38. Simple Line Icons

Image 42

Simple Line Icons

Simple Line Icons includes more than 100 user interface and object icons which include the perfect details to make this set really stand out. Download Here

39. Ego

Image 43


Ego is a set of 100 “icons with personality” and it’s easy to see why. The designer has eschewed curved lines in favor of an angular and geometric style, which makes these icons one-of-a-kind. The set includes people, places, animals, and plenty of other objects. Download Here

40. Star Wars Icons

Image 45

Star Wars Icons

The only limit to the usefulness of this fun set of 12 Star Wars icons is your imagination. I won’t say that you can’t live without these, but I will say that you need them immediately. Because, BB-8. Download Here

41. 77 Essential Icons

Image 49

77 Essential Icons

77 Essential Icons is a set that says it all with its name. Another great set of tidy icons that will declutter your designs in a flash. Download Here

42. Swifticons

Image 50


Swifiticons is a great-looking set of 92 icons in a vast array of categories, including science, medical, kitchen, weather, transport, and brands. It’s up to you to chose how to use the outline, filled, or colored styles. Download Here

43. Animal Icons

Image 51

Animal Icons

If you’re feeling wild, why not download this great set of cute animal icons? This set features 20 different animals in both outline and colored versions, and includes the happiest lion I’ve ever seen. Download Here

44. UI Outline Icons

Image 54

UI Outline Icons

Another admirable set of 150 user interface and object icons, including a cute smiling rain drop that’s like the icing on the cake. Download Here

45. Birply Icons

Image 55

Birply Icons

Birply Icons is a fun set of 40 miscellaneous objects available in two different styles. If you’ve been searching for an icon of a flag waving on the moon, look no further. Download Here

46. UI Icons

Image 56

UI Icons

This set of 100 general user interface icons features bold lines and rounded corners. You can pick and choose the icons you need, or simply download the whole pack all at once. Download Here

47. Zen Icons

Image 57

Zen Icons

Zen icons is a set of 12 whimsical icons featuring paper, writing instruments, locks and keys. The swirly background of these circular icons is sure to grab your attention. Download Here

48. Micons

Image 59


In case you’re a sucker for odd numbers (hey, we’ve all got our quirks), Micons includes 231 well-crafted icons to add to your collection of user interface icons. Download Here

49. Fitness Vector Icons

Image 60

Fitness Vector Icons

Drop and give me 12! Twelve fitness icons, I mean. These are perfect for anyone designing a fitness or health related app as they cover all the basic functions. Download Here

50. Traffic and Transportation Icon Collection

Image 62

Traffic and Transportation Icon Collection

This is an awesome set of 71 ground transportation outline icons. Cars, bikes, trucks, buses, and more. This set also includes traffic signs and other miscellaneous symbols. Download Here

51. Tool Icons

Image 64

Tool Icons

This collections of 24 realistic and detailed tool icons is guaranteed to bring life to any DIY website. Nuts and bolts not included. Download Here

52. Lynny Icons

Image 65

Lynny Icons

Lynny Icons is an extensive set of 450 icons spanning categories such as electronics, weather, ecommerce, arrows and more. What can you use these icons for? The better question is: what can’t you use these icons for? Personal favorites include the crescent moon and stars icons and the bow tie. So classy. Download Here

53. In the Hospital

Image 67

In the Hospital

The In the Hospital icon set has successfully turned a skeleton into something as adorable as a swaddled newborn. This set of 51 icons includes people, medical symbols and medical equipment, which are so pleasant you almost don’t even notice the corpse with the tagged toe. Download Here

54. Bertie Icons

Image 68

Bertie Icons

Bertie Icons is a set of 56 user interface icons that stand out due to the hexagonal outline around each icon, so grab these for your collection! Download Here

55. Sport Icons for iOS 7

Image 69

Sport Icons for iOS 7

This set of sports icons really hits the ball out of the park. Going above and beyond the basics, you can find such icons as a yogi in tree pose and an Ultimate player leaping for the disc. Also included? Six-pack abs- no crunches necessary. Download Here

56. Line Icons

Image 71

Line Icons

Another monster set of 274 general user interface icons that also includes emoticons, devices and multimedia, weather, arrows and finance. Yes, that is an emoticon with a mustache. (We didn’t know they could grow facial hair either). Download Here

57. UI Icons

Image 73

UI Icons

Add this set of user interface icons to your collection and gain access to 120 arrows, email, weather, storage device, and image editing icons. Available in both outline and filled versions. Download Here

58. Startup Icons

Image 79

Startup Icons

This pack of 150 business startup icons does not disappoint. I personally like the guy picking something out of the trash because it gives me the impression that his business doesn’t let anything go to waste. Either that or he just dropped his snack in the bin and is kind of hangry about it. Download Here

59. Rivolicons

Image 85


Rivolicons is another nice set of 132 clean user interface icons with thin lines and crisp shapes that would look great in practically any project. Download Here

60. Smart House Icons

Image 90

Smart House Icons

Last but not least, an interesting set of 40 Smart House icons. My favorite part of this set is imagining what the buttons would actually do in real life — does pressing the paw print button call your robotic canine over for some uncomfortable cuddles? Only time will tell. Download Here

Your Turn

As you can see, there are a ton of icons available for many different occasions.

You can use them to replace text on buttons to reduce visual clutter, add some quirky fun to menus and descriptions, add visual appeal to lists, break up areas of long text, and they’re just plain useful when it comes to designing apps.

These days, less is more. Outline icons are enjoying their moment in the sun and showing no signs of slinking back into the shadows anytime soon.

Can’t get enough? Check out our list of the 49 best sites to find beautiful and useful free icons!

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