100 stunning picture quotes that will supercharge your creativity

Picture quotes are one of the most pinned images on Pinterest. And when it comes to finding an easy way to seek inspiration, we can see why.

The more visually striking your picture quote combination is, the more inspirational (and shareable) it will be.

So whether you want to take your graphics to the next level or create your own picture quotes for the first time, let’s go through some ways you can elevate your shared quotes using some of the most eye-catching examples on the web.

01. Add graphic images that complement your quote

Bring your quotes to life with a graphic image. Other than helping tell a story and providing context to the quote, graphic images bring oomph to your text.

If you decide to go this route, be sure the image matches the premise of the quote. Ideally, your image and copy work together like flint stones and spark an a-ha moment.

You can also make the graphic image more prominent than the text to draw more attention to the context than what is being said. Try bright, contrasting colors to make a statement, or a more subtle approach with hand-drawn images.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Tang Yau Hoong

This poster design by Tang Yau Hung cleverly fuses symbols of both patience and wisdom into one graphic.

Richard Savill

Representations of science and art are juxtaposed evenly in this design by Richard Savill and perfectly complements the quotation.

This cartographic picture quote by Lauren Hom, encourages the reader tho navigate and explore creativity.

Customize this template in Canva:

Nicholas Moelgy

Taking the wheel on your own dreams is the theme of this design by Nicholas Moegly.

Miguel Harry

This graphic by Miguel Harry emphasizes the inspirational quote with a hand-drawn feather detail.

The graphic stylings reminiscent of Roman decorative art, this picture quote by Erik Marinovich hints at the fact that the quote is actually an ancient Roman saying.

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This graphic quote by Allan Peters uses color to connect his text with the image.

02. Frame your quote

Framed quotes are great for home and office decor — a harmonious collection of framed images and picture quotes may be used to create a gallery wall.

Even a simple frame can add another dimension to the design. A simple frame would be ideal if you have a complicated or colorful design, while a minimalist picture quote would go well with a thick, bold frame that would draw attention to the text.

Here are some examples:

Travis Pietsch

With a vintage, rustic touch, this graphic by Travis Pietsch uses texture and color to inspire creativity.

Guiliano Rusciano

Retro-contemporary design, bold colors, and a strong message are the theme of this motivating graphic quote by Guiliano Rusciano.

Customize this template in Canva:

Neue Graphic

Neue Graphic uses uses layers of different fonts to add visual interest to this charming quotation.


With soft color and a narrow font, this picture quote by BRAVABLCK makes for a wall decor perfect for minimalists.

Kyle Robertson

Cover one eye and read this uniquely designed quote by Kyle Robertson.

03. Turn the text itself into art

Put your creativity to work, by transforming the text into an illustration. Make sure it remains within the right context by having it take a form relevant to the message of the quote. Like the examples below, choose flexible fonts that are still readable if manipulated into an art form:

Mishka Watin

This design by Mishka Watin blend of art and inspiration into an image illustrating the hard work that goes into creating anything of value.

Customize this template in Canva:

Sam Thomason

This whimsical light bulb graphic by Sam Thomason will spark your next idea for a typographic design with its rhythmic font arrangement.

Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith created a beautifully hand-drawn globe that inspires the reader to influence change.

Gosha Bondarev

This graphic is a visual play connoting the instinct and fierce persevarance you will need when hunting for your passion.

Gosha Bondarev

Wilderness takes center stage in this graphic by Gosha Bondarev illustrating the feeling of freedom.

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Andrew Frazier

This graphic by Andrew Frazier inspires the reader to explore beneath the surface with an iceberg illustration.

04. Leave something to the imagination

Abstract picture quotes encourages the reader to think deeper. You can use symbols and visual hints to provide context.

Take the quote to the next level with wordplay, color connections, or partially hidden fonts — the following picture quotes are excellent examples of these possibilities:


Christopher David Ryan

This graphic by Christopher David Ryan cleverly uses keyboard shortcuts to emphasize the keywords in this quote.

Customize this template in Canva:


Eazy G.

Eazy G uses torn paper and different fonts to illustrate that mistakes and repetitions are natural parts of the creative process.

Customize this template in Canva:


Jennet Liaw

This graphic by Jennet Liaw tells the reader to balance ego with hard work through a clever typographic execution.

Ryan McArthur

This fun design by Ryan McArthur illustrates the building blocks of creativity.


Allison Noble

Allison Noble sums up the game that is life with a Scrabble-inspired design.

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05. Breathe life into your quote by incorporating it an image of the outdoors

When all else fails, take inspiration from nature. Your picture quote can then function as a nice escape from a stressful work day or as a reminder of how you’ll reward yourself with a vacation after a challenging project.

For this format, choose a consistent style and color for the text so as to not distract from the landscape. Below are a few examples:

Jamar Cave

Jamar Cave alludes to self-discovery with an image of a wide-open field and whimsy typeface.

Customize this template in Canva:

Irony Story

This image illustrates overcoming towering adversities with a mountainous background and simple but powerful text.

Customize this template in Canva:


Alander Wong

Imagery illustrating fall is perfect for Alander Wong’s picture quote about dreaming no matter how many seasons have passed.

Customize this template in Canva:

Aaron Boles

Aaron Boles uses the cold, dry, snowy woods to represent the value of hard work in this charming picture quote.


Michael Mason

This image quote by Michael Mason illustrates embracing change and going with the flow.

06. Make it a poster

Picture quotes attain larger than life power when it’s printed as a poster.

Choose large, bold letters but be careful about mixing up the typography — make sure the fonts you use complement each other. Add more visual interest by rendering the text in symbiotically balanced colors.

Remember that you don’t want to have too much going on — which is a tempting thing to do when you’re working on a large canvas. Let’s take a look at some good examples:

Amy Hood

Customize this template in Canva:

This graphic quote by Amy Hood motivates the reader to turn their thoughts into action with exclamatory emphasis on important words and bright colors.


Clement Goebels

The vintage appeal of this poster illustrated by Clement Goebels complements the classic quote.

Sarah Mora

With transparent text and flowery imagery, this graphic quote by Sarah Mora gently encourages the reader to move forward, small step by small step.

Customize this template in Canva:

Visually Fresh

This graphic by Visually Fresh takes a literal perspective by using wood as the main imagery.

The Motivated Type

This poster by The Motivated Type inspires the reader to follow their dreams with beautiful typography.

Customize this template in Canva:


This graphic quote by Fubiz uses a few different typefaces in various shapes and sizes to create visual cadence.

Customize this template in Canva:

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische uses metallics, font pairings and unique angles in this beautiful poster.

Customize this template in Canva:

Zachary Smith

This graphic by Zachary Smith uses a vintage approach for a the timeless advice.

Customize this template in Canva:

07. Use an unconventional canvas for your quote

Quotes can humanize an otherwise impassive object like a wall or building.

Not only that — having your quote directly on a wall, for example, is not only a nice alternative to a framed photo, it can lend impact and texture to your quote.

You will find wall or building quotes in the form of decals on office and living room walls, and as slogans and family mantras. You can also find them on posters by train stations and in other public areas.

Here are a few examples:



The simple, typeface in this ad by Nike makes for a bold, motivating statement.


The tall, daring font of the artsy quote by Underbelly brings the wall to life.

Chase Kettl

Chase Kettl takes homey elements to illustrate the creative process.

Peter Hammarstrand

This graphic quote by Peter Hammarstrand uses bold, contrasting colors to match this powerful quote.

08. Make It Fun and Childlike

Even the oldest quotes can live forever in youthful fonts and colors. When done right, this style can make even the most complex ideas easier to understand.

Choose eye-catching colors that would typically be associated with children like the primary colors, cotton-candy pastels, oranges and purples. Take it a step further by adding whimsical accents like stars and animals for a playful aesthetic.

See the below for fun, vibrant examples:

Risa Rodil

Use your imagination to be inspired by the enchanted design of this graphic quote by Risa Rodil.

Customize this template in Canva:

Ben Weeks

This graphic quote by Ben Weeks uses a comical typeface to illustrate the spontaneous side of creativity.

Customize this template in Canva:

Dina Rodriguez

Bright colors, fun exclamatory accents, and a well-balanced font pairing make up this playful graphic quote by Dina Rodriguez.

Customize this template in Canva:

Jan Renor Curioso

This graphic quote by Jan Renor Curioso uses bubbly typeface and graphics to inspire the reader to use their imagination.

Customize this template in Canva:


Aleksei Bitskoff

Customize this template in Canva:

Alejandro Lopez Becerro

The basic shapes and colors that make up this picture quote by Alejandro Lopez is both childlike and contemporary.

Customize this template in Canva:

09. Remember that sometimes, less is indeed more

Minimalist design is popular in the modern design scene — it is simple, yet elegant. A minimalist quote graphic typically displays no more than text and a simple background for a clean look.

However, don’t shy away from bold colors — just maintain a healthy balance between the typography and the white space of your canvas.

Martin LeBlanc

The simplicity of this graphic quote by Martin LeBlanc reads a bit like a PSA — straight to the point.

From Up North

The bold, subtly stylized font adds understated visual interest to this quote.


Less is more in this minimalist design by Apostrophe9.

Faried Omarah

The pensive imagery in this graphic quote by Faried Omarah is subtly encouraging.

Marius Roosendaal

This poster by Marius Roosendaal uses a color that is said to spark creativity — green.

Arthur W. Presser

The bold, yet minimalist design of this poster by Arthur W. Presser uses clever punctuation.


Sacha Strebe

This snackable Mary-Kate Olsen quote designed by Sacha Strebe uses a soft, editorial aesthetic.

Customize this template in Canva:

10. Don’t be afraid of fancy fonts

Cursive or script fonts just feel more personal, like it could be a handwritten letter. There usually isn’t much left to be done with a cursive font, so keep the rest of the graphic simple. Also, try different textures that also exude a “homemade” vibe, like watercolors or graphite.

Play with these different textures in the background to add a layer of visual interest to the graphic. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Lauren Saylor

Lauren Saylor uses whimsical calligraphy in flowing watercolors to gently push the reader forward.

Customize this template in Canva:

Mandee Thomas

This graphic by Mandee Thomas uses an inspiring and elegant calligraphy typeface.

Customize this template in Canva:


The typography beautifully communicates the message of this quote.

Customize this template in Canva:

Joel Felix

This graphic quote by Joel Felix uses bold letters to create a strong structure for the powerful quote.

Customize this template in Canva:

Youssef Farhi

Youssef Farhi uses texture to add visual interest to this otherwis simple of this picture quote.

Customize this template in Canva:

Reem Hashoush

The enlightening nature of this quote by Reem Hashoush is conveyed in illuminating gold typography.

Customize this template in Canva:

Gosha Bondarev

This picture quote by Gosha Bondarev is fearlessly authentic with its texture and use of fonts.

This handwritten quote by Ben Johnston is an excellent example of whimsical but solidly structured typography.

Typography Inspired

This graphic quote has royal aesthetic with gold, cursive lettering and a dark background.

11. Use props

Quotes with accompanying objects and furniture is an ongoing trend on Instagram. These bits and pieces add life or interest to what would otherwise just be a one-dimensional graphic.

Add something simple like office supplies, a chair, plant, or even textured fabric to the background for added flair. These are great for marketing materials and branded social media posts. They offer a warm, personal feel, like in the following examples:

Melvin Leidelmeijer

This graphic by Melvin Leidelmeijer inspires the reader in a bold, handwritten typeface and stamp-like layout.

Customize this template in Canva:

Sean McCabe

The hand-drawn typeface of this quote illustrated by Sean McCabe perfectly flows together.

Chandin Mahimkar

Gel pens can make the most simple, yet unique art, like what Chandin Mahimkar created.


Martina Flor

The perfect home accent, this framed art by Martina Flor has a welcoming feel with its cursive lettering and elegant colors.

Sean McCabe

The design of this poster-like image quote by Sean McCabe is perfectly structured and is easy to read.

Eugenia Clara

There is a calming yet playful aesthetic present in this artsy image quote by Eugenia Clara.

Chandan Mahimkar

This graphic quote by Chandan Mahimkar resembles a handwritten invite, complete with homely props.

Mark van Leeuwn

The functional, handwritten typography of this illustration by Mark van Leeuwn has our stamp approval.

Kaitlyn Bender

This crafty graphic by Kaitlyn Bender blends the handmade text of the quote with the textured background.

12. Choose vibrant colors for your canvas

When you think of popular brands, which colors do you remember? If you are designing a picture quote for promotional purposes, consider including bright, bold colors in the background like yellow, red and blue. They bring a feeling of excitement and trust, and create a lasting impact.

Choose a large typeface to command attention and keep other elements like props and accents, to a minimum as to not distract from the messaging.

See the below examples:

Donart Selimi

Customize this template in Canva:

The vivid, contrasting colors in this graphic quote by Donart Selimi resembles an artistic ad.

Jackson Alves

This classic signage-look by Jackson Alves incorporates playful typography and colors.

Customize this template in Canva:

Jessica Woodard

This pretty graphic quote by Jessica Woodard uses cotton candy pastel colors and flowy typeface.

Customize this template in Canva:

Shahzaib Asif

The centered format of this poster by Shahzaib Asif and combination of bright and neutral colors create a perfect balance.

Customize this template in Canva:

Michael Fied

The layout of this poster by Michael Field inspires the reader with structured typography and architectural accents.

Customize this template in Canva:

Yana K

With bright, contrasting colors and simple accents make for a bold graphic quote by Yana K.

Customize this template in Canva:

Erik Marinovich

This graphic quote by Erik Marinovich with turn-of-the-century decorative accents can inspire any illustrator to create something just as detailed.

Martin Rariga

Martin Rariga lends a positive tone to an otherwise gloomy subject using a sunny-sky combination of colors.

Customize this template in Canva:

13. Make use of overlays

You see these all the time as featured images in blogs, shareable social media posts, or on websites to promote a product or service (ie. a testimonial) — simple text overlayed on an image.

Here are a some nice examples:

Jon Peters

Jon Peters uses a background image of a workspace underneath its bold text quote to encourage the reader to explore their creativity.

Chelsea McConkey

Chelsea McConkey intertwines the typography with the flower graphic for a beautiful picture quote.

Dennie Soetopo

This poster by Dennie Soetopo uses bold typography overlayed with an image of Steve Jobs.

Jessica Rose

The floral texture of this inspiring graphic quote by Jessica Rose makes a bold statement with subtle but vibrant colors.


Adam Trybula

Customize this template in Canva:

This timeless quote by Maya Angelou is overlayed with an image of the beloved author.


Mister Doodle

The typographic overlay in this picture quote by Mister Doodle complements the wood workshop background image.

14. Play with textures for your background or in the lettering

Texture adds depth to simple text. Whether it is a chalky or vintage paper-type backdrop, you can evoke an inspiring mood with this simple feature.

Keep the texture subtle as to not distract from the text. Neutral colors work best, but don’t be afraid to inject a pop of color to grab the reader’s attention. Simple graphic art and real-life accents make for excellent add-ons.

Here are some examples to get you going:


You will be inspired to do just so by this charming, heartfelt graphic.


Ana of Arneri Design

With its creased, textured look, this graphic by Ana of Arneri Design has vintage appeal.

Customize this template in Canva:

Ryan McArthur

The minimalist aesthetic of this graphic quote by Ryan McArthur balances its powerful message.


Poh Koon

This picture quote by Poh Koon capitalizes on a widely-reconized silhouette.

Erik Marinovich

The chalky aesthetic of this graphic quote by Erik Marinovich boldly motivates the reader.

Steven Samiento

This graphic quote by Steven Samiento illustrates the try-fail-and-adjust nature of creating something great.


This graphic quote is made up of beauty props and beautiful calligraphy.

15. Use contrast

Contrast in a picture quote makes a bold statement. Try a dark background with a white or bright letters and shapes or vice versa. It makes the letters and images pop off the canvas.

Contrast can be more than color, though. Try your hand at divergent font sizes and types. Remember, the contrast in your graphic should match the tone and message of your quote. See the following examples for inspiration:

Bill Dawson

Complementary colors and font sizes work well in this scholastic graphic quote by Bill Dawson.


Ozan Karakoc

The elegant architecture of this poster by Ozan Karakoc is just as distinguished as the premise of the quote itself.


Illustrating excitement, this contrasting graphic quote by Flavorinnovator is dripping with creativity.

Filip Slovacek

Resembling a book cover, this textured graphic by Filip Solvacek offers a mysterious feel.


Decode this unique graphic quote by Studio-JQ with symbolic accents and contracts font sizes.

Mike Kus

This contemporary poster by Mike Kus uses black and white with a pop of color.

Customize this template in Canva:

Gaelyn Harvey

This graphic quote by Gaelyn Harvey uses bright colors against a black background.

Giuseppe Fierro

This poster by Giuseppe Fierro commands the reader’s attention with its classic black and white combination.


The dark, starry imagery of this graphic quote by Sabkhong inspires the reader with a thought about overcoming challenges.

Dan Lee

The impact of this graphic quote by Dan Lee can be attributed to its bold, white, and scaled up text.


You can make some of the most meaningful words from influential people come to life with picture quotes. Keep these examples in mind while creating your next one, and you’ll be well on your way to proclaiming the messages and ideas relevant to you or your brand with highly shareable picture quotes.

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