60 free sans serif fonts to give your designs a modern touch

60 free sans serif fonts to give your designs a modern touch

It is universally acknowledged that most contemporary designs require a versatile sans serif font.

Sans serif fonts, as you might already know, are the fonts with no projecting lines at the ends. While serif fonts are known to be more traditional, sans serif fonts bring that much needed modernistic touch to the design.

In this post, we have compiled together some of best modern sans serif fonts for your latest project or to inspire you for your next assignment. In case, you want to work with a bunch of them together, do check out Canva’s Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing.

The fonts are all listed as free to use for personal and commercial uses, so let your creativity run wild. Use them with a Canva Pro subscription. We've also added some templates that already have serif fonts and can be used as soon as you click on them.

01. Audrey

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, this elegant font by Cristina Pagnotta combines straight and curvy lines in the most harmonious way possible. It has two variations – regular and oblique.

Download it at Behance.

02. Signika

Created by Anna Giedryś, Signika is perfect for designs where you want the text to take the center stage. With its low x-height, it’s super easy to read even from a long distance.

Download it at Font Fabric.

03. Simplifica

As its name suggest, Simplifica by Kaiwa is a clean, neat and simple font. The uniform line width of this condensed sans serif font lends it excellent legibility.

Download it at Behance.

04. Alcubierre

Alcubierre is a minimal and geometric sans serif font. Created by Matt Ellis, this font will complement any design it’s part of.

Download it at Behance.

05. Dense

Now Dense by Charles Daoud is a very versatile font. Available in thin, regular, and bold, this font redefines subtleness.

Download it at Charles Daoud.

Spice up your social media and spread the word about your business with the Beige and Blue Ocean Great Outdoors Instagram Post.

06. Arcadia

Arcadia is a hairline sans serif font with a feminine vibe. Designed by Manh Nguyen, this font has light strokes and it’s perfect for magazine titles as well as logos.

Download it at Behance.

07. Mohave

Designed by Gumpita Rahayu, this is an uppercase font with dynamic glyphs and a smooth height consistency.

Download it at Behance.

08. Stellar

Stellar by Mathieu Desjardins is a condensed sans serif font with tall uppercase letters which makes it perfect for headings.

Download it at Pangram Pangram.

09. HK Grotesk

Inspired by classic grotesque, this font by Alfredo Marco Pradil, is clean, crisp and extremely legible even for the smaller texts.

Download it at Cargo Collective.

10. Moderne Sans

Moderne Sans is highly influenced by 1920’s typeface, which is why it has that turn of the century look to it. Despite that, this font by Marius Kempken, still manages to look extremely modern.

 Download it at Behance.

Offset a stark photo with a clean, sans-serif font like the one used in the Film Festival Flyer template.

11. Qanelas

Designed by Rodamir Tinkov, Qanelas has a geometric touch to it. Its available in several weights and is perfect for both headlines as well as normal paragraphs.

Download it at Tinkov.

12. Bavro

One look at Bavro and you’ll know it’s the right choice for posters and headlines. This font has neat lines which give it the much needed modern touch. It was designed by Marcelo Reis Melo.

13. Qontra

Another condensed sans serif font, Qontra by Tomaz Hrastar would work amazingly for any typographic application.

Download it at Behance.

14. Higher

Designed by Marisa Passos, Higher has tall letters and a striking futuristic look. This is hands down one of my favorite fonts on the list.

Download it at Behance.

15. Biko

Biko has been designed by Marco Ugolini. Its clean and bold lines make it perfect for logos and copy text.

Download it at Da Font.

16. Marbre

Marbe — designed by Youssef Habchi —might have an Art Deco feel to it, but it can still add a modern touch to your design with its sleek, neat lines.

Download it at BEFonts.

17. Dual

Dual — with its full width, straight lines and 90 degree angles — is a spacious, legible font. Designed by Charles Daoud, it has 10 sets and 251 alternate glyphs.

Download it at Charles Daoud.

18. Hanken

Hanken by Alfredo Marco Pradil is a simple, rounded font. With its level of clarity, it looks equally good as either a headline or body text.

Download it at Open Font Library.

19. Glacial Indifference

Another font by Alfredo Marco Pradil, Glacial Indifference is an Open Source Typeface. This font would work well on social media posts with quotations or announcements.

Download it at Font Library.

20. Cloud

A humanist sans serif font, Cloud by Typomancer is incredibly versatile with five weights.

Download it at Behance.

Play around with the arrangement of your text to create atmosphere in your design. Check out the Monochrome Nature Travel Magazine template.

21. Corbert

Inspired by the early modernist era, Corbert by Jonathan Hill has optically adjusted circles that give the font clean lines and wonderful legibility.

Download it at Behance.

22. Homizio

Designed by Álvaro Thomáz, Homizio is a modern sans serif font with three weights that make it perfect for almost any purpose.

Download it at Da Font.

23. Modernist

Mix geometric shapes with modern grotesque and you get the brilliant Modernist font by Sean Kane. Available in three weights, the font has beautiful ligatures and multi-language support.

Download it at SeanKaneDesign.

24. Arciform

Fluffy — that’s the word that comes to my mind when I look at the Matt Ellis-designed font, Arciform. The rounded curves fit naturally with the geometric lines.

Download it atBEFonts.

25. Axis

One look at the uppercase font, Axis by Jean Wojciechowski and you know it would be perfect for magazine titles and headings.

Download it at Behance.

26. Fabrica

Specially created for handheld devices, Studio Faculty focused on legibility while creating Fabrica. It’s a great choice for responsive web pages.

Download it at Behance.

27. Arca Majora

Arca Majora, designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil, is an uppercase sans serif font with bold stems and sharp tips.

Download it at Behance.

28. Zelda

This minimalistic font with two weights could be used anywhere without giving it a second thought. Designed by Jabir, Zelda has an unmistakeably futuristic look.

Download it at Behance.

29. Phage

Looking for a fun and rugged type for logos? Phage is the font you need. Designed by Mehmet Reha Tugcu, Phage is an uppercase-only font.

Download it at Behance.

30. Mad Squire

Inspired by double lines, Mad Squire is a fun geometric font created by Nele Tullus.

Download it at Behance.

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31. Komoda

A lot like Higher, Komoda by Asia Ang is also a condensed sans serif font with tall letters. Though, it only has uppercase letters, they are so beautifully done that you won’t even miss their small case counterparts.

Download it at Font M.

32. Nauman

Made specifically for screen applications, Nauman by Jonathan Hill is a clean font with broad open type forms.

Download it at Behance.

33. Unique

Unique, designed by Art Maker, might have a retro look, but it still has that rugged modernistic feel to it.

Download it at 1001 Fonts.

34. Makhina

Believe it or not, Makhina is actually inspired by gas pipes. With its distinct, strong look, this font designed by Nuno Dias, is both fun and functional.

Download it at Dribbble.

35. Adam. CG Pro

My personal favorite, Adam.CG Pro, is an all-caps font inspired by the font, Futura. It was designed by Shrenik Ganatra.

Download it at Behance.

Get the look with the Pink Modern Event Announcement Poster template.

36. Tessellate

Kylee Barnard was inspired by rivers formed through deltas when she designed Tessellate. I absolutely adore the ascenders and descenders of this font

Download it at Gum Road.

37. Kirvy

If Kirvy had a synonym, it would be ‘simple’. Sometimes, there is so much going on in the background that you want a font which can balance it all out — Kirvy by Youssef Habchi was made just for that.

Download it at DaFont.

38. Liquido

Liquido by Alessandro Comotti comes in two styles – regular and liquid. Liquid is a fun, jig-ly variation that you can use for special applications. This is an uppercase only font with high-up bowls.

Download it at Behance.

39. Rhetoric

Designed by Tshepo Mosoeu, Rhetoric is also a grotesque (19th century to early 20th sans-serif designs) inspired font. It is great for headings and body text.

Download it at Behance.

40. Moderan

Moderan, created by Zoki Design, is a fun and futuristic font with strokes stylistically omitted from many letters.

Download it at Zoki Design.

Take a modern approach to your design with the Orange Illustrated Instruments Jazz Poster template.

41. Daruma

A humanist font with graceful round endings, Daruma was designed by Cristina Tejado.

Download it at Behance.

42. Anson

Anson byMikko Nuuttila is a no-nonsense minimalistic font, perfect for headings as well as normal paragraphs.

Download it at Mikko Nuuttila.

43. Leto Text Sans

For Leto Text Sans, Glen Jan took inspiration from traditional sans serif fonts and, from it, created a paradoxically modern font.

Download it at Behance.

44. Kiklo

Kiklo has geometric letters that look good as both small and large text sizes. Designed by Marios Balaskas, it is sophisticated and elegant.

45. Attach

Designed by Krzysztof Janakiewicz, Attach has been specifically created for posters, headlines and logos.

Download it at Font M.

Try using Kiklo with the Purple and Neon Green College Poster template.

46. Fins

As the name already suggests, Fins is inspired by fishes in the big blue oceans. Created by Jake Kho, Fins would be great for special applications.

Download it at Behance.

47. New Dawn

Cahya Sofyan made sure that even if all the letters of New Dawn are enlarged, rotated, or reflected, they would still be very much legible.

Download it at Behance.

48. Quark

Available in several styles and weights, Quark by Typomancer is simple, stylish and modern.

Download it at Behance.

49. Rhyder

Another geometric style font on the list, this one has been created by Adrian Candela. Most remarkable is how the curves in Rhyder were thoughtfully designed.

Download it at Da Font.

50. Metrisch

Metrisch has sharp corners and its terminals have crisp vertical cuts. All sevent weights of this font by Gumpita Rahayu and Petakdua Studio combines short descenders and a tall x-height.

Download it at Gumpita.

The Metrisch font can be used to replace the font in the Pink Photo Spring Promotional Flyer template.

51. Baron

An uppercase-only font by Frank Hemmekam and Font Fabric, Baron has six weights and combines the best features of classical and modern sans serif.

Download it at Behance.

52. Momobo

I have only three words for Momobo by Roberto Rigon – minimalistic, simple and elegant.

Download it at Behance.

53. Dozer

A heavy weight sans serif, Dozer is a display typeface that can be used for posters, logos and headlines. It was designed by Aaron Amar.

Download it at Da Font.

54. Ralev

This self-named font, Ralev has askew letters which make it stand out from all other sans serif fonts.

Download it at Ralev.

55. Certa Sans

With stylish alternates and ligatures, Certa Sans can add a modern touch to any design. This font was been created by Glen Jan.

Download it at Glen Jan.

Sans-serif fonts can add a touch of elegance to your design. Try the Red Asian Travel Magazine Cover template.

56. Gravity

Taking Gravity as an inspiration, Vincenzo Vuono has created a font with a subtly expanding substructure balanced by tapering tops.

Download it at Da Font.

57. Rometric

Reometric is influenced heavily by neo classic architecture. With its geometric shapes and modern angles, it is a flawless amalgamation of the old and the new trends. This font is designed by Thomas Richardson.

Download it at Behance.

58. Kolikoe

Kolikoe is another headline font that needs to be in your font library. Designed by Alex Frukta and Vladimir Tomin, it has crisp lines and inspiring curves.

Download it at Behance.

59. Pier

Now Pier by Mathieu Desjardins is an extremely versatile font. While the lines are thick enough to be used for headings, they are also thin enough to be used for long paragraphs.

Download it at Pangram Pangram.

60. Stig

Inspired by automotive designs, Stig a neo-humanist font. It was designed by Alex Hedin.

Download it at Behance.

Sans serif can also work with handwritten or funky styled fonts. Check out the Taco Tuesday Party Flyer template.

Your Turn

Now that you have got some of the best free sans serif fonts to use, it’s your turn to design something amazing with them. You can add these fonts to Canva and start creating instantly.

Happy designing!     

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