60 free serif fonts to give your designs a traditional touch

While sans serif fonts prevail for displaying text on computers and online, serif fonts are still the undisputed choice for printed work. Here are 60 free serif fonts you can try today.

You can easily recognize serif fonts since they have a small line attached to each letter at the end of the stroke. Serif actually makes letters more recognizable and distinct—and this makes the text easier to read.

To help achieve that much needed traditional touch to your design, I have compiled together some of the best free serif fonts.

To start using them right away, download and upload them directly to Canva.

01. Butler

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.05.11 AM

Fabian De Smet

First up on our list is Butler by Fabian De Smet. Inspired by the Bodani and Dala Floda font, it is perfect for books, posters, headings and invitations.

Download it at FabianDesmet.

02. Fakedes


Cyril Mikhailov

Designed by Cyril Mikhailov, Fakedes is a rounded serif font with double lines which it make absolutely perfect for headings.

Download it at Behance.

03. Forum


Denis Masharov

Inspired by classic Roman fonts, Forum was mainly developed for titles and headings, but I think it would look equally good for paragraphs as well. It was designed by Denis Masharov.

Download it at Google Web Fonts.

04. Muchacho


Jeff Schreiber

Muchacho is an all-caps font with a quirky touch to it. Designed by Jeff Schreiber, this is a perfect font for headings.

Download it at Regular Bold Italic.

05. Athene


Mat Ellis

This traditional font has been designed by Matt Ellis. Athene has gorgeous ball terminals at the end of letters that give it a whimsical look.

Download it at BEFonts.

06. Poly


Nicolás Silva

Poly is a web font that has ink straps and glyphs with vertical emphasis. It was designed by Nicolás Silva.

Download it at Font Squirrel.

07. Barbaro


Iván Núñez

Barbaro by Iván Núñez is a vintage-looking font that would be great for designs much in need of a 60’s vibe.

Download it at 1001 Fonts.

08. Le Super Serif

08-Le Super Serif


Le Super Serif is a distinct fashion forward font with 88 ligatures and special alternate characters. It was created by SuperBruut.

Download it at SuperBruut.

09. Firefly


Sean Coady

Firefly is a quirky hand drawn serif font that instantly conveys a vintage vibe. The font was designed by Sean Coady.

Download it at Behance.

10. Pelmeshka


Cyril Mikhailov

Inspired by Bodoni font, Pelmeshka is a very fun font that would make perfect for a variety of uses from blog headings to text for children’s books. It was designed by Cyril Mikhailov.

Find it on Behance.

11. Fénix


Fernando Díaz

Fénix by Fernando Díaz and TipoType Foundry has very strong serifs and rough strokes which give it an extremely elegant look. Whether you use it for headings or paragraphs, it’s highly legible either way.

Download it at Google Fonts.

12. Akura Popo

12-Akura Popo

Twicolabs Design

Another vintage font on the list, Akura Popo is created by Twicolabs Design. It is a classic condensed serif font with a tough look.

Download it at Twicolabs.

13. Molesk



Designed by Pedro Lobo, Molesk is a slab serif font which, as you can see, takes inspiration from old typefaces. It has meticulously rendered shadows at the end of the letters that make for an amazing finishing touch.

Download it at UpperType.

14. Rancho


Nach Oh!

Rancho has three different styles, all adopting a Wild West look to it, making it perfect for almost any purpose. It has been designed by Nach Oh!.

Download it at 1001 Fonts.

15. Bariol Serif

15-Bariol Serif


This beautiful font was design by Atipo. Bariol Serif has clean lines and high legibility which makes it a great choice for both headings and paragraph texts.

Download it at Behance.

16. Lovato Light



Lovato Light does have a geometrical construction but it still reminds you of inscriptional lettering. It was designed by Philatype.

Download it at Behance.

17. Yeseva One

17-Yeseve One

Daniel Johnson

Download it at Da Font.

18. Luthier


Adrià Gómez

Luthier has high contrasts and sharp serifs. Created by Adrià Gómez, it has four different styles that make it an extremely versatile font.

Download it at Behance.

19. Cormorant


Christian Thalmann

Inspired by Garamond legacy, Cormorant is a display font and Christian Thalmann has optimized it for high resolution and large sizes.

Download it at Git Hub.

20. Valkyrie


Hendrick Rolandez

Valyrie by Hendrick Rolandez is a stylish font perfect for logos, branding and fashion magazines.

Download it at Dribbble.

21. Ledger

21-Ledger Regular

Denis Masharov

The right amount of stroke contrast and wedge-like serifs, makes Ledger a highly readable font. It was designed by Denis Masharov.

Download it at Google Web Fonts.

22. Jura

17-Yeseve One

Daniel Johnson

Jura, too, has wedge-shaped serifs which give it an eclectic feel. Designed by Daniel Johnson, this elegant font is available in four formats

Download it at Ten by Twenty.

23. Palacio Font

23-Palacio Font

Nathan Thomson

Inspired by fonts like Homestead and Museo, Palacio is a very simple font with graceful, thin lines. It was designed by Nathan Thomson.

Download it at Da Font.

24. Tryst



Tryst is a transitional, highly readable serif font. Designed by Philatype, it would look outstanding as a paragraph font.

Download it at Behance.

25. Blnc


Agga Swist'blnk

Agga Swist’blnk designed this font with Old Western type stylings in mind. Blnc would be great for logos, headlines, posters, and pretty much anything.

Download it at Behance.

26. Rachel


Danilo De Marco

Danilo De Marco combined the Bodoniano and Lapidale fonts to create Rachel. And I have to mention this – the ball terminals at the end of letters are stunning.

Download it at Pay With A Tweet.

27. Hagin


Font Fabric

With a geometric and old school style, Hagins is ideal for branding and logos. It was designed by Miroslav Bekyarov for Font Fabric.

Download it at Font Fabric.

28. Brela


Makarska Estudio

Created mainly for editorial designs, Brela is highly legible because of its tall x-height. It has been designed by Makarska Estudio.

Download it at Makarska Estudio.

29. Modum


Jonathan Hill

Modum has an old world charm with a contemporary, distinctive aesthetic. This font was designed by Jonathan Hill.

Download it at Font Squirrel.

30. Kilauea


German Di Ciccio

Kilauea is probably one of the most unique fonts on this list. This all-caps font was designed by German Di Ciccio.

Download it at Behance.

31. Klinic Slab

31-Klinic Slab

Lost Type

Kilinic Slab is one of the most exhaustive fonts on the list. With 4 weights and italics for each rendition, this font by Joe Prince is absolutely stunning.

Download it at Lost Type.

32. AC Big Serif

32-AC Big Serif

Adrian Candela

AC Big Serif was created by Adrian Candela by mixing thick and big serifs with elegantly thin bars and stems. And the end result, as you can see, is none other than this beatiful font.

Download it at Behance.

33. Zorus Serif

33-Zorus Serif

Da Font

One look at Zorus Serif and you will feel like you have transcended to an old era. Designed by Jérémie Dupuis, this font is full of elegance and charm.

Download it at 1001 Fonts.

34. MatchBook


Lost Type

With rounded serifs and extended forms, MatchBook by Simon Walker makes for a great headline font. It has a textured variation with a rough grittiness that give it an old western look.

Download it at Lost Type.

35. Dude


Lost Type

Reminds you of a cowboy, right? With 12 different gritty serif styles, there is something for everyone here. It has been developed by Dan Gneiding.

Download it at Lost Type.

36. Abraham Lincoln

36-Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Inspired by playbills and advertisements of 1800’s, this humanist display face font has sturdy serifs and was designed by Frances MacLeod.

Download it at Lost Type.

37. Tight Rope


Tight Rope

Alonzo Felix got the inspiration for Tight Rope from advertisement banners of old circus troupes. The font has subtle curves and heavy serifs, making it a great choice for vintage posters.

Download it at Lost Type.

38. Serrific


Wiki Blinks

Designed by Andrew McCluskey, Serrific is clean, simple and a classic font. Absolutely terrific.

Download it at Da Font.

39. Atletico


Lukas Bischoff

Designed by Lukas Bischoff and Sascha Timplan, Athletico is a contemporary, crisp, and minimalist font.

Download it at Artill.

40. Foglighten


Grzegorz Luk

Foglighten by Grzegorz Luk reminds me of Chanel No. 5 for some reason — maybe because of its stunning ligatures. It would make for a great headline font.

Download it at Gluk Fonts.

41. Artifica



With horizontally flat serifs, short descenders, settled curves, and upright italics, Artifica by Julia Zhdanova is definitely one of my favorite serif fonts.

Download it at Google Web Fonts.

42. Geared


Lost Type

Geared has been inspired by industrial culture and this font has 4 spectacular weights for you to use. It was designed by Ben Dalrymple.

Download it at Lost Type.

43. Kawoszeh



Designed by GLUK fonts, Kawoszeh is a very traditional font with exquisite letter strokes.

Download it at Font Squirrel.

44. Arctic


Matt Ellis

Arctic by Matt Ellis is a slab serif font with strong and thick lines that give it an amazing cold northern feel.

Download it at BE Fonts.

45. Bobber


Dmitry Goloub

Bobber is an all caps alternative slab serif font with a very fun and vintage look. It was developed by Lucas Almeida and Dmitry Goloub.

Download it at Behance.

46. Superlative


Wesley Jefferies

Inspired by yearbooks, diners and of course, art deco, Superlative is also an all-caps font. It was brought into existence by Wesley Jefferies.

Download it at Behance.

47. Musket



Musket is a condensed slab serif font by Bu!. It’s also a clean cut font that would look good anywhere you place it.

Download it at ByBu.

48. Ponsi

Opmaak 1

TypeFaith Fonts

As you can see, Ponsi by TypeFaith Fonts has geometric lines with baseline stroke extensions. That’s the stuff sturdy slab serifs are made of.

Download it at Font Spring.

49. Silver Fake

49-Silver Fake

Alex Frukta

Silver fake has a contemporary design that has an old world look about it. That’s why this slab serif font, designed by Alex Frukta for Font Fabric, would look equally good in both modern and retro designs.

Download it at Gum Road.

50. Corduroy

50-Corduroy Slab

Ryan Welch

Created specifically as a headline font, Corduroy by Ryan Welch is an all-caps serif font.

Download it at Behance.

51. Weston


Pavel Pavlov

Inspired by Grover and Rockwell, Weston is a rounded slab serif font. It was designed by Pavel Pavlov and FourPlus Studio for Font Fabric.

Download it at Font Fabric.

52. Korneuburg Slab


Flö Rastbichler

Korneuburg Slab is gritty, quirky and a great paragraph font. Flö Rastbichler took inspiration from the beautiful city of Korneuburg in Lower Austria and created this masterpiece.

Download it at Behance.

53. Corki v2.0



This font by Typedepot is a condensed slab serif with Tuscan style alternatives. With the addition of lower case letters, Corki just got perfect.

Download it at TypeDepot.

54. Aleo


Alessio Laiso

Aleo is a semi rounded slab serif font with a sleek structure. With three weights, this font by Alessio Laiso has exceptionally high readability.

Download it at Behance.

55. Dirty Slab

55-Dirty Slab

Simon Stratford

Dirty Slab by Simon Stratford takes its inspiration from Hamilton wood type and transports you to the late 19th century when type was cut out from the wood.

Download it at SimonStratford.

56. Newslab


Latinotype Foundry

Newslab has been created by combining three typefaces — Andes, Sánchez and Roble. The brains behind that genius transmorgification is Latinotype Foundry.

Download it at BeFonts.

57. Bree Serif

57-Bree Serif

Type Together

Bree Serif was launched after the big success of its cousin Bree. This is Google-approved web font was designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.

Download it at Google Fonts.

58. Sreda


Font Fabric

Sreda is a slab serif font with crisp and neat letters that make it perfect for paragraphs. It was designed by Elena Kowalski for Fontfabric type foundry.

Download it at Font Fabric.

59. Unna



Especially designed for book designs and editorial projects, Unna is an open source font with delicate serifs and strong stems. It was designed by Jorge de Buen Unna and OmnibusType.

Download it at Behance.

60. Choplin


Font Fabric

Choplin was designed by René Bieder while keeping three main things in mind – simplicity, geometry and neutrality. Its Open Type features make it a wonderfully versatile font.

Download it at Font Fabric.

Your Turn

Now that you have all these brilliant free serif fonts, it’s your turn to put them to use.

Is serif not your style? Check out 60 free Sans Serif fonts to give your designs a modern touch.

Happy designing!

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