50 of the best "About Us" pages to inspire you

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

And since your website’s About Us page often acts as an introduction, it’s safe to say that it’s important to make it unique and engaging.

A successful About Us page is not only packed full of interesting and useful information about you, your brand, and your team, but it should also encapsulate what your brand is as a whole, both stylistically and in terms of personality.

This might sound like a bit of a hefty task, but there’s actually a lot of clever, simple, and exciting ways that you can approach this task, while still maintaining a clean, consistent, and stylish design.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at 50 unique and engaging About Us page examples and explore what makes them tick.

01. A Sharp Palette and Striking Colors

about page website examples


This design for Rook(opens in a new tab or window) keeps things super simple and very sharp by using a strict color palette and clean shapes. Their signature gold shade is used throughout the design in a simple and effective way, by carrying it from the logo, to the imagery, and through to the type.

Consider running a monochromatic filter over some of your photographs just as Rook have done here for their team member portraits. This will give you a tighter hold on the colors used in your About Us page and help to keep your palette small and strong, giving you a chance to really make use of your signature brand colors.

02. Hand Crafted Type and Simple Photographs

about page website examples


This About Us page for Madebyband(opens in a new tab or window) takes a bit of a different approach, but still manages to instantly communicate the brand’s personality via some hand crafted type and a dispersal of simple accompanying images. The use of handwritten type adds a unique personal touch to the page design, and the clean, simple imagery and presence of white space helps to balance everything out.

So, whether it’s through custom type or a few personal images, try to find a way to interject your brand’s personality into your About Us page.

03. Playful Illustrations and Vibrant Palette

about page website examples

Pulp Fingers

A common trope in About Us page designs is to use photographs of your team and location, but why not consider taking a leaf from Pulp Fingers(opens in a new tab or window)(opens in a new tab or window) book and use illustrations instead? This design uses a vibrant three-tone color palette and some sharp, stylized illustrations to create a unique and engaging About Us page that is just as playful as it is informative. Consider putting the camera away and picking up the pencil instead, as illustrated designs can add a fun, unique, and engaging atmosphere to your About Us page design. Pair that illustration with an effective, branded color palette and you’re ready to go.

04. Sophisticated Team Photos and Clean Typesetting

about page website examples


Another theme of About Us pages is to have individual portraits of your team, but why not consider getting the whole gang together and taking one collective group photo?

This about page for Jam3(opens in a new tab or window) does just that by using a large, sophisticated photo of their team as the first focal point. This shot is beautifully offset by a clean and simple layout and neatly set type, all of which combines to form an indisputably elegant and sophisticated about page.

Quick word of advice: If you do choose to go down the avenue of one group photo, do be sure to take into account that naturally people may come and go from your team over time, which will require your photo to be updated more often. But if this is not a problem, then go ahead!

05. Bold Type and Animated Imagery

about page website examples

Purple, Rock, Scissors

Want future clients, employees and/or colleagues to know exactly where your brand’s values lie? Why not put them in bold black and white print, just as Purple, Rock, Scissors(opens in a new tab or window) have done in this example.

Another very cool thing Purple, Rock, Scissors’ About Us page has going for it is their animated header image (click here to see it in action(opens in a new tab or window)) which brings the workplace images to life. A good reminder for us to always keep an eye out for new ways to engage with your audience through design and web tools.

06. Two Color Palette and Bold Illustrations

about page website examples

Mike Kus

A great way to keep your About Us page unique and cohesive is to be strict about your color palette, just as this About Us page design by Mike Kus(opens in a new tab or window) has done. By only using two colors – a foreground and a background – this page becomes heavily stylized and striking. Pair that two-tone color palette with some bold illustrations and type and you have yourself one effective and engaging page design.

Do be sure to choose colors that have a fairly high contrast if you choose to use a two-color palette, as you need your foreground elements to stand out against your background to keep things legible.

For more tips and tricks that will have you mastering color in no time at all, be sure to check out these 10 color inspiration secrets only designers know about.(opens in a new tab or window)

07. Clean Graphics and Visualized Information

about page website examples

Huge Inc.

Do you prefer visual graphics to walls of text? Well, check out this design for Huge Inc.(opens in a new tab or window) that takes a unique step by condensing their information into visualized diagrams. By using sharp, bold illustrations, Huge Inc. relays to readers their company values, work process and branch locations.

Consider using symbols, or simple illustrations to condense portions of your information to help communicate your message faster. After all, as Neomam discusses(opens in a new tab or window), “It only takes us 150ms for a symbol to be processed (and) 100ms to attach a meaning to it”. So, encourage speedy visual processing (and add some stylish illustrations to your page design) by using symbols and graphics to underpin your key message.

08. Neatly Set Type and Warm Tones

about page website examples

Studio Alto

It’s often assumed that grids are used most commonly in print media, but this design by Studio Alto(opens in a new tab or window) proves that web uses grids just as much as any print media does. This warm-toned about page has a clearly identifiable four column grid at work that helps each chunk of type sit neatly and legibly on the page.

Do you have a decent amount of type to include on your page? If so, be sure to start out with a grid before anything else! By aligning your type and elements to a grid you will keep your page looking legible and tidy like this example, not messy and all over the place.

09. Simple Layout and Clean White Space

about page website examples

Made By Shape

When designing for the web, whitespace is one of those tools you should never take for granted and should always keep a good handle on. This About Us page design by Made By Shape does just that by balancing out the more densely-packed areas with plenty of whitespace, wide margins, sharp shapes and gentle flat colors.

If you are packing a lot of information and content into your About Us page, consider adding in some whitespace to help balance it out and keep your page looking sleek and professional.

10. A Visualized Timeline and Engaging Palette

about page website examples


Does your brand have a rich and interesting history? Why not visualize it with a timeline, just as Moz(opens in a new tab or window) has done in this vibrant example. By bookmarking key events with a snippet of copy and an accompanying image, Moz’s history becomes visualized and much more digestible and engaging to readers.

Try to tell a story to your readers with your About Us page to give them a sense of how you and your brand came to be, and where you may go in the future, and try to do it in a highly visual way for more maximum engagement.

11. Illustrated Imagery and a Warm Vibe

about page website examples

Food Studio

Do you have a wonderful team behind the scenes? Shed a little limelight on them, just as Food Studio has done here. An interesting thing that Food Studio(opens in a new tab or window) has done, though, is they have executed their employee profiles in rustic watercolor illustrations that feed into the whimsical and warm vibe of the rest of the page.

Establish a theme and atmosphere for your About Us page that matches the rest of your site and branding, and then try your best to shape every element in a way that complements that – whether that means using stylish sleek photos of your team members, or whimsical watercolor illustrations.

12. Bold Colors and Large Team Photos

about page website examples


Looking to make an impact with your design? Consider scaling things up a few notches to make things big and bold. This design by Mixd(opens in a new tab or window) does just that by primarily scaling up the type on the header image, and by also using near-full screen images to really draw focus to the employee bios.

Pair your big and boldly scaled elements with some sharp, high contrast colors just as Mixd has also done to really help your About Us page pack a punch.

Something to keep in mind: the things you scale upwards often become focal points, so, be sure to scale with care. With great scale comes great responsibility.

13. Stylish Imagery and A Simple Layout

about page website examples

Kingdom Coffee and Cycles

This design by Kingdom Coffee and Cycles(opens in a new tab or window) is a perfect blend of simple and modern design. By pairing a simple and clean layout with some stylish images, an engaging video and a helpful map, this design manages to blend form and function in a really great way.

This About Us page also happens to integrate a feed of their Instagram profile along the bottom of the page, which is a very clever way to keep your imagery updated and relevant while also directing attention and traffic toward your social media profiles!

14. Clean Graphics and Sharp Lines



This design for website building tool Wix is appropriately stylish and effective. The clean shapes, light imagery, plentiful white space, and neat typesetting all come together to form a sleek and professional design that perfectly frames their mission statements and simple company timeline.

This is yet another example that shows how important whitespace can be. Note how the content is placed centrally on the page, bound between two wide margins with plenty of white space to balance the design and keep it looking professional.

15. Bold Feature Colors and Highlighted Info

about page website examples


Black and white never go out of style, but in some cases, a purely monochromatic design can be a bit much, so consider breaking up that two tone color palette with one or two striking feature colors just as 6tematik(opens in a new tab or window) has done here. By adding in splashes of hot pink and bold blue, the otherwise sharp black and white color scheme is broken up and the focal points are highlighted.

Be sure to keep in mind that the more things you highlight with a feature color, the less effective that technique becomes, because if everything is highlighted, people won’t know where to look. So be sure to only highlight your key points of information to help signal to readers exactly where the important info is.

16. Wide Margins and Minimal Elements

about page website examples


Margins are the edges, borders and space around the main part of your design, and by making them smaller, you can increase the tension of your design, and by making them wider, you can create a calmer layout. This About Us page from Alfred(opens in a new tab or window) takes the latter approach by keeping their margins wide and open, making for a clean, minimal and relaxing page design.

This design also happens to centrally align its type, something which is usually considered a bit of a rule breaker, but in this case, with this small amount of type and clean design, it works perfectly. Don’t be afraid to bend the ‘rules’ a little and adjust your design until you find something that sticks.

17. Striking Type and Personalized Profiles

about page website examples

Big Cartel

This page design for Big Cartel(opens in a new tab or window) keeps things relatively simple, and lets the content shine. With the simple but impactful mission statement, the beautiful piece of hand type, and the employee profiles, the bones of the design are super simple, but the content is striking and eye-catching.

This about page also does something quite unique with the employee profile pictures – each image has a small play button that when clicked triggers a very short video of each person in their free time, from playing with their children to flying planes. This simple and unique addition to the Big Cartel About Us page gives users a more personal glimpse into the team’s personalities.

18. Modular Layout and Warm Tones

about us website examples


As I’m sure you’ve noticed during your online travels, web pages are commonly divided horizontally, with each section leading into the next like a ladder. But have you ever considered foregoing that typical structure in favor of a more modular layout like this one from TOWA(opens in a new tab or window)?

This design divides the information into interlocking rectangles and squares to make a neat cluster of information, reviews, facts, and imagery. This modular layout has been paired with a consistent warm-toned color palette that complements the imagery used and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Not only does this modular layout look good and feel unique, but it also saves on space, keeping the webpage short and able to fit on one screen in many cases. A win/win all round!

19. Striking Colors and Bold Graphics

about us website examples


In simple terms, this design from Visionaire(opens in a new tab or window) is big and bold. The use of the signature Visionaire red color throughout the page design helps to reinforce the link between the brand and that specific color, as well as making for a striking design. The use of bold type, big blocks of color to separate information chunks, and the bold diagrams help to immediately reinforce to readers exactly who Visionaire are.

20. Strong Contrast and Vintage Illustrations

about us website examples

Woah Nelly Catering

This about page for Woah Nelly Catering(opens in a new tab or window) by Cody Small(opens in a new tab or window) steps away from the sleek, flat, professional web design trends, and opts instead for a warm, inviting, vintage-inspired design. By pairing beautiful warmly colored illustrations with vibrant imagery and super simple type, this About Us page is made unique and engaging.

Check out how the illustrations have been used as a background for some of the elements, which is a great subtle way to add in color and texture to your design. Just be sure to keep the contrast high between your content and background image, though, to keep things legible. In this case, simple white shapes have been created to maintain that contrast and alignment with the rest of the elements.

21. Fine Type and A Clean Palette

about us website examples

EB Pearls

Are you looking to make a more professional, clean About Us page? Well, take a leaf or two from EB Pearls(opens in a new tab or window)’ book and choose a fine sans serif typeface, develop a clean and light palette, and then throw in some which space for good measure. This design is elegant, professional, and soothing thanks to the lightly colored imagery, the abundance of white space and the light typeface.

Notice how one of the focal points of this design is EB Pearls’ mission statement positioned just under the main image. While it’s commonly thought that a big and bold typeface is the best way to attract attention, sometimes a lighter, finer one can be just what the designer ordered.

22. Muted Colors and Simple Illustrations


Eva Black Design

This about page from Eva Black Design once again keeps things simple but stylish. By using a small muted color scheme, imagery that complements each other, clean type and stylish little illustrative icons, this design manages to pack a decent amount of written information into a fairly small space.

This is yet another example of where a good grid system can get you. By dividing your page vertically into columns and then aligning your elements to this grid, you will not only create a good looking design, but you’ll manage to save a lot of space (and time!)

23. Animated Imagery and Punchy Type

about us website examples


Do you want to bring life to your design, but aren’t sure how? Why not do as Fantasy has done and take a step into the world of animated imagery! Using videos and animated GIFs as background elements is a growing trend in the world of web design as it can create an immersive effect (check out Fantasy’s page to see for yourself(opens in a new tab or window)).

Aside from the engrossing full screen animated background elements, this About Us page is designed fairly simply, with plain black title text and a few red elements to highlight important links and the brand mark.

24. Creative Bios and Engaging Graphics

about us website examples

Superfluent Design

This About Us page by Superfluent Design(opens in a new tab or window) takes a unique approach to the employee profile design by using a centralized graphic, two full-length employee portraits, and individual rungs of information and stats about each person. Not only is this technique unique and engaging but it also humanizes the business and puts a face (and personality) to the name.

Always keep in mind that when people click on the ‘About Us’ tab of your site, they are looking for more of an insight into who you and your brand are, so don’t feel like you can’t interject a little personality and creativity into your design.

25. Bold Shapes and Colored Imagery

about us website examples


This design by Firstborn keeps things sharp and bold by using sharp shapes, bold colors and a strong sense of alignment. These shapes and colors are also perfectly complemented by bold, clean sans serif typefaces that help to highlight the titles in a natural way.

A great way to brand some photographs for placement on your About Us page is to do just as Firstborn have done here and run your brand’s signature color over the image. Not only will this brand your photo, but it will help it fit in with the rest of your design and color palette much easier!

26. Playful Atmosphere and Vibrant Colors

about us website examples

Ghostly Ferns

This About Us page from creative studio Ghostly Ferns(opens in a new tab or window) fosters an immediately friendly, positive and playful atmosphere through bold, vibrant colors, large and clear mission statements, and a dose of humor (check out the “spooky graveyard of past interns”).

When designing your About Us page try to find a way to visualize your brand’s personality. By using a carefully selected palette, creatively written copy, and a unique, branded theme to your page design, you can give your brand a visualized ‘voice’, and give any future consumers a clear idea of exactly who you are.

27. Minimal Elements and Cool Tones

about us website examples

Gin Lane

When using a lot of photographs on your About Us page, try to select images that fit well together to ensure you maintain a cohesive design. In this beautiful and minimal example from Gin Lane(opens in a new tab or window), each photograph has a very similar color palette of heavy blacks and whites and cooler tones.

A simple way to make your images appear more cohesive is to color all of them in a similar way by using filters. Filters are a magical one-click way to recolor and enhance your photos, so be sure to find a filter that works for you and your design and run them over each image to get on your way to a cohesive design.

28. Clustered Elements and A Balanced Design

about us website examples

Meg Long Creative

This design by Meg Long Creative(opens in a new tab or window) takes a bit of a different approach to About Us page designs. By bundling the graphic, image and type elements rather than neatly aligning them, and sizing each element randomly rather than cohesively, this design creates a less polished, more thrown-together composition.

But don’t be fooled – while this design may appear thrown together and clustered, the composition is still very carefully constructed. Note how each element is evenly balanced by other elements to ensure that no one part of the design overpowers the other. Always maintain that balance!

For more tips on mastering composition in your designs, be sure to have a look at these 10 tips.(opens in a new tab or window)

29. Bold Colors and Visualized Process Map

about us website examples

Image Conscious Studios

Do you have your heart set on a bold and striking color palette? If so, be sure to try and keep the rest of your design fairly clean and simple just like this one from Image Conscious Studios(opens in a new tab or window) to keep the design from becoming garish or overwhelming. This design uses a striking black, white, grey and yellow color palette, and it balances that striking palette out with a simple, flat, sharp design.

Plus, not only does this page design look good, but it’s also highly functional and informative. This example uses simple, circle-based graphics to explain their process and philosophy in an easily digestible way. Remember that your about page should be equal parts informative and stylish which, as this example shows us, is 100% possible.

30. Geometric Layout and Sharp Colors


Joy Intermedia

This design by Joy Intermedia(opens in a new tab or window) uses a combination of geometric shapes, sharp and flat colors, and whitespace to make for a stylish, sleek and professional About Us page. By dividing each visual and written element into sharp, square frames, the design is given a unique grid-like structure. Plus, the use of these square sections makes aligning each element quick and easy.

Another benefit of using a heavily geometric, strongly aligned design (aside from the fact that it looks good) is that this layout helps to guide the eye through the design – from block to block.

31. Stylized Photographs and Striking Contrast

about us website examples

Mr President

This About Us page for Mr President(opens in a new tab or window) takes a unique but highly effective approach to their About Us page. By using an appropriately stylized, non-traditional team portrait, and a sharp color palette, this design is made classy and sophisticated, while simultaneously modern and sleek.

This page design is not only stylish but it’s also up to date as it has live feeds from the Mr President Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep the information updated and relevant, while also promoting each social media account. Each social media graphic(opens in a new tab or window) has had a monochromatic filter run over it to help it tie in with the color scheme of the brand and page design.

32. Large Titles and Engaging Visuals

about us website examples


Want to put the focus on your type? Well, consider taking a leaf from Neotokio(opens in a new tab or window)’s book and scale it all the way up. This design makes the type a main focal point by using a big and bold typeface to create a striking, eye-catching title. This exaggerated headline is complemented by an otherwise fairly simple and clean design that keeps the focus on the written content.

This design also manages to communicate a lot of brand personality through the simply designed data visualizations that give readers a glimpse into the work and personal habits of the team behind Neotokio and how they have changed since 2006. Not only does this help construct a personality for the brand, but it also visualizes how much the brand has changed over the years. So, if your brand has changed for the better over time, try to find a way to capture that visually for your audience.

33. Simple Visuals and A Clean Composition

about us website examples

Focus Lab LLC

Sometimes less really is more as we can see in this beautiful, clean example from Focus Lab LLC(opens in a new tab or window). This design keeps things simple and elegant by using sharp images, clean typefaces, and a very subtle use of the signature red brand color.

One thing to note about this design is how carefully the type has been set. When designing websites, try your best to adhere to some of the more common typographical ‘rules’, like avoiding widows and orphans when setting paragraphs.

For more tips on mastering type and for a few tips on how to avoid typographical pitfalls, have a read of these 20 Typography Mistakes Everyone Makes.(opens in a new tab or window)

34. Large Scale Brand Mark and Neatly Set Type

about us website examples

Image Mechanics

Does your brand have a stunning logo(opens in a new tab or window)? Well, why not flaunt it across your About Us page? This page design for Image Mechanics(opens in a new tab or window) does just that by using a very largely scaled logo right towards the top of the page. Not only does this big and bold brand mark help familiarize people with your brand, but it also creates a striking focal point for the design as a whole.

Once again, this exaggerated brand mark is complemented and balanced out by a fairly simple design – including neatly set type, a very small color palette, and super simple, neatly aligned imagery. When designing your page, pick your battles wisely, be sure to be intentional about which elements you emphasize, and which you keep simpler and more understated.

35. Doodled Illustrations and Leading Lines

about us website examples

Have A Nice Day Online

This design for Have A Nice Day Online(opens in a new tab or window) is vibrant and playful, thanks to the custom illustrations dispersed throughout the page. But, these playful doodles aren’t only for aesthetic purposes, they also have a function – they act as leading lines that help guide the eye throughout the design, from the company introduction, through to the partnerships and brand values.

Always consider the viewpoint of your design, and where your viewers’ eyes naturally go when viewing your page. Your About Us page should be easily navigable and easy to follow, so try to structure your design and composition in a way that makes it all too easy for your viewers to follow.

36. A Striking Neon Feature Color and Geometric Shapes

about us website examples

Prime Union

Want to make your design ‘pop’? Well, take some inspiration from this neon About Us page design for Prime Union.(opens in a new tab or window) With the combination of a vibrant neon feature color, bold type, geometric shapes and a strong degree of contrast, this design just about leaps off of the page.

This design also layers a few elements, including the title type, and some geometric shapes and type over the image. While this technique definitely won’t work for everyone and every design, it can be a bold and modern technique to make use of. Moral of the story: always have a go at experimenting with new techniques, and don’t be afraid of the neon ends of the color spectrum.

37. Collaged Imagery and Wide Margins

38_CollagedImagery (1)

Social Print Studio

We’ve looked at plenty of About Us page examples that use minimal, clean, and neat photography, but minimal photos are by no means the be-all and end-all. What about some snapshots of a bit of organized chaos? This page design by Social Print Studio(opens in a new tab or window) does just that by using a cluster of busier images and collaging them in an engaging way.

But, what keeps this design from appearing too overwhelming or overdone is the use of margins between each image. The simple pieces of whitespace that help separate each image from the last helps this design stay legible and fairly organized, while still embracing and celebrating the business of each image.

38. Vintage-Inspired Palette and Whimsical Imagery

about us website examples

Kittie's Cakes

This vintage-inspired About Us page for Kittie’s Cakes(opens in a new tab or window) keeps things whimsical and inviting by using warm colors, playful illustrations, and beautiful traditional type. The simple illustrations dispersed throughout the page bring a unique and cheerful tone to the brand, and help to break up the sharp horizontal lines of the page structure.

This design also uses hierarchy to the page’s benefit. By emphasizing each section’s titles, even people who are simply skimming over the page will get the gist of the key info – who they are, what inspires their products, and their brand values. Always remember to pay attention to your hierarchy when designing your page to make things very legible.

39. A Warm Palette and Clean Shapes


Story and Heart

This about page by Story and Heart(opens in a new tab or window) is warm, inviting, while still remaining professional and sleek. The sharp shapes, strong alignment, and clear use of a grid help to structure and frame the beautiful scenic header images as well as the friendly, warm employee profiles.

Note as well how the four header images in this example are a bit of a mixed bag of photographic styles – some are heavily textured, some are scenic, some are shots of animals. Try to mix up your imagery to create a more rounded image and story for your About Us page, so that people get a much stronger visual idea of who you are.

40. Dark Tones and Strong Typographical Alignment


Always Creative

If there’s one thing the fashion, design, and creative industry as a whole can agree on, it’s that black will never go out of style. So, chances are, neither will this sharp, dark design by Always Creative(opens in a new tab or window). The use of a sharp black background and white/light grey type over the top creates an air of mystery, intrigue, and stylishness.

Do be careful when designing a dark design though and make legibility your top priority. Don’t use type that is too dark, or that clashes against the black background as not only will this not look too great, but it will make things nearly impossible to read, which is never desirable.

41. A Clean Layout and Visualized Facts

about us website examples


The key intention behind an About Us page is to let people get to know you, so why not feed people a few facts about you and your brand just asSubstrakt(opens in a new tab or window) have done in this example. By using large images and a small tidbit of type, each ‘fact’ is made much more digestible and enticing to read, which gives consumers a clear understanding of exactly who Substrakt as a brand.

Consider breaking up your About Us page into separate sections to help readers more easily navigate and consume your information. For example, this design first introduces the brand, then the team behind the scenes, and the seven individual ‘facts’ about the brand. By breaking your design up in this way, you discourage skimming.

42. Mirrored Elements and A Small Palette

about us website examples

The Mealings

This design for The Mealings(opens in a new tab or window) mirrors things by vertically dividing the page and reflecting each element on either side to create a balanced bio for each team member. The color palette for this design is kept very small, with just a simple navy color and white to keep the contrast high and composition minimal.

This example also uses typographic hierarchy to draw attention to certain elements of the design – i.e. each person’s name and title, and the small tidbits of personality information along the bottom. When designing your own About Us page, don’t forget to use scale, font weight, and various typefaces to redirect attention.

43. Geometric Employee Profiles and Monochromatic Imagery


Globule Bleu

Who said all employee profile images have to be presented as carefully spaced, square, portrait photographs? Nobody! So, take a leaf from Globule Bleu’s(opens in a new tab or window) book and mix up your employee profiles a little. What Globule Bleu does here is instead of portraits, they use images of objects to represent each staff member, that when clicked on reveal an actual portrait and small bio.

This example also foregoes the typical spaced, square frames, instead favoring tessellated diamond shapes to create a striking geometric silhouette. Plus, by pairing that silhouette with some monochromatic filters creates a really striking and memorable page design.

44. Responsive Imagery and A Clean Layout

about us website examples

Lateral Inc

The beauty of this page has to be experienced first hand, so before we get into dissecting the design, check it out over here(opens in a new tab or window). Give your mouse a little bit of a wiggle and watch as the employee profile portraits move to stare at your cursor. Pretty cool right?

The rest of the design is really very simple, with a predominantly monochromatic color palette and simple design, but the cursor-tracking feature is a simple but innovative take on the typical About Us page design, and it’s what makes this example memorable, engaging, and unique.

So, don’t feel that in order to be memorable you have to have a big, detailed design. Sometimes a simple and clever idea is all it takes.

45. Mixed Multimedia and Visualized History

about us website examples


Do you have a lot of information to impart to the readers of your About Us page? Consider extending yourself beyond the written word and through to other platforms of media just as Ugmonk(opens in a new tab or window) have done in this example.

In this piece, Ugmonk includes written copy, photographs, graphics, maps, timelines, embedded videos etc. to capture the ever-growing history of the brand. This content-heavy approach is cleverly offset by a fairly simple design, with some minimal type, wide margins, and a fairly small palette. Remember to always keep the focus on your content and let your design frame and complement it in a natural way that enhances communication.

46. Bold, Flat Colors and Clean Type


Studio Cinco

This design by Studio Cinco(opens in a new tab or window) creates a lively, vibrant, and bold tone for their brand by using an eye-catching palette made up of red, yellow, grey, and a rich black, and pairing that punchy palette with a simple sans serif typeface.

Note as well how this design uses colors sampled from the image to help make the design appear more cohesive. If you have a branded image that you would like to use on your About Us page, consider sampling colors directly from it to build your page’s palette quickly and effectively.

47. Minimal Imagery and Elegant Type

about us website examples


This example by Huuman(opens in a new tab or window) is yet another example of a clean and sophisticated About Us page design. From the use of neatly aligned elements and clean palette, right through to the beautiful flat lay header image, this design amalgamates form and function in the best way.

This informative and cleanly designed page is also finished off with a cluster of “things you may not (need to) know about us” which includes video game scores, number of cats owned, etc. This fun, lighthearted signoff is a nice way to add some humor and personality into an otherwise very professionally designed page.

48. Glitch-Inspired Graphics and A Striking Signature Color

about us website examples


This design by Nclud(opens in a new tab or window) can only be described as modern, creative, daring, and memorable. This glitch-inspired About Us page is incredibly immersive, right from the moment you click through to the page. The vibrant purple feature color is striking, as are the obscured employee profiles that only reveal when hovered over. This design is incredibly immersive and engaging.

Not only is this design incredibly immersive thanks to the visual design, but the written copy as well is engaging and expressive. To have a bold and daring page design and dull copy would not quite work, so when designing your page, be sure to put as much stock in the written word as you do the visual picture.

49. Elegant Illustrations and A Romantic Palette

about us website examples

Feather and Stone

This design for Feather and Stone foregoes fonts, photographs, graphics, and a majority of other typical About Us page conventions. Instead, it takes things back to the roots and presents their history and their introductions via illustrations and beautiful handcrafted type.

This elegant and romantic design is just perfect for Feather and Stone who happen to be wedding photographers, as it adds a very elegant and personal touch to the page design that they might not have been able to achieve with sharp graphics and neat typefaces. Consider introducing illustrations and/or hand crafted type into your design to bring a touch of sophistication and charm into the mix.

50. Sketched Illustrations and Simple Personality Visualisations

about us website examples

Loud Noises

This final example by Loud Noises(opens in a new tab or window) is another example of how beneficial heavily-illustrative About Us page designs can be. However, unlike the previous example, this piece combines both type and illustrations to make a bit of a sharper design, and one that can include a bit more information.

The contrast between the sharper sans serifs and the rougher sketches in this example creates a unique effect and constructs the brand as one that is a master of both analog and digital disciplines. Plus, the use of digital typefaces ensures that the written content will be legible to just about anyone, which is always a positive thing.

What does your About Us Page say about you?

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