Not sure what font looks best for web?

Typography is the main pillar of the print and web design.

We know finding the perfect font for your web project can be difficult. This is why we personally handpicked a collection of 50 gorgeous fonts that you can use for free.

01. Guerrilla


Carlos Zurbia

This gorgeous font is created by Carlos Zurbia from Chihuahua, Mexico. It is inspired by graffiti and has a sleek, brushed look.

Download at Font Fabric.

02. Milano


Marco Oggian

Milano is one of Marco Oggian’s many amazing design projects. It has been designed on behalf of Citype and resembles the Navigli, a glorious set of rivers, located in the heart of Milano and is inspired the beauty of the city itself.

Download at Citype.

03. Skinny Bastard


Marcelo Reis Melo

Created by the Stockholm-based designer Marcelo Reis Melo, Skinny Bastards is a raw, hand drawn font with a skinny structure which is filled with energy and personality.

04. Jaapokki


Mikko Nuuttila

The Finnish typography designer Mikko Nuuttila is the one responsible for the creation of Jaapokki. The font itself features a bold, blocky type structure with runic looks which goes great with nature-themed imagery.

Download at Mikko Nuuttila.

05. Arsenal


Font Squirrel

The uneven width of this typeface and the ornamented caps make it an exquisite font with a vintage character and imposing appearance.

Download at Font Squirrel.

06. Gudea


Agustina Mingote

Agustina Mingote has designed a clean and functional font with a condensed structure. Gudea is great for minimalist designs and goes well when applied on text paragraphs as well as bold headlines.

Download at Font Squirrel.

07. Cabin

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.16.03 PM

Impallari Type

Cabin is a bit thinner than the previous type and although both may seem slightly similar, this one has an elegant finish that makes a wonderful pair for calligraphy headline. We can thank Impallari Type for the creation of this beautiful type.

Download at Font Squirrel.

08. Amaranth


Gesine Todt

A cheecy, minimalist font designed by Gesine Todt. It’s bold italic version has a playful look and can be used in catchy headlines.

Download at Google Fonts.

09. Open Sans


Steve Matteson

Open Sans is one of the most beautiful free fonts that can be found on the Web. It has a universal look, clean symmetrical shape, and elegant finish. It gives off a delicate feel to any minimalist design, it’s readable and balanced, and goes well in any text formatting.

Download at Google Fonts.

10. Rex


Font Fabric

One of Font Fabric’s many striking typeface designs, Rex will surprise you with its raw geometric shape and clean look. It comes in three weights, light, bold and inline. The capital letters have a unique finish that gives the typeface an imposing industrial look.

Download at Font Fabric.

11. Josefin Sans


Santiago Orozco

Created by Santiago Orozco, Josefin Sans is beautiful sans serif font with curvy arc and terminal shape and a slightly condensed appearance.

Download at Google Fonts.

12. Tikal Sans


Miguel Hernandez

This sans serif font designed by Miguel Hernandez from Latinotype has shrunken ascender and descender which gives it a gorgeous retro look.

Download at Font Squirrel.

13. Arvo


Anton Koovit

Arvo is designed by Anton Koovit and can be described as a geometric slab-serif which a minimalist, balanced look. The font comes in 4 cuts and is great for creating sharp headlines.

Download at Google Fonts.

14. Alfa Slab One


José Miguel Solé B

This elegant chuncy font by José Miguel Solé B is a wonderful choice for any design. As seen on one of Canva’s whimsical graphics, Alfa Slab One is a great solution for designing short headlines with a bold look.

Download at 1001 Fonts.

15. Troika


Joël Carrouché

This papercut typeface by Joël Carrouché has an edgy look and blocky all-caps letters. The uneven cut of the font gives it a sloppy, yet imposing appearance.

Download at Behance.

16. Kan Kin


Alexey Frolov

Another gorgeous font that can be found over Font Fabric that will amaze you with its contemporary retro style. Kan Kin is a bold sans serif font with elegant arc and terminal elements that make it a unique typeface, perfectly suitable for headlines.

Download at Font Fabric.

17. Lato


Łukasz Dziedzic

When he designed Lato, Łukasz Dziedzic probably didn’t expect his font to become such a success. Six years after its creation, the typeface, which name means Summer in Polish, has become one of the most popular web fonts that can be found free online.

Download at Google Fonts.

18. Ubuntu


Dalton Maag

Designed to provide a unique touch to the appearance of the Linux operating system, Ubuntu provides readability and has a clean, contemporary look.

Download at Fonts2U.

19. Null


Font Fabric

Null beautifully combines the use of shrunken counters and enlarged stems and strokes. This chunky headline typeface, created by one of the undeniable leaders in the free web font industry sector, makes a great pair with sans serif fonts with regular and light weight.

Download at Font Fabric.

20. Asche


Tony Thomas

At the price of a fair attribution, this great font by Tony Thomas can be your best friend in designing striking headlines for print as well as web projects. It has an edgy, condensed structure and unevenly set arms and shoulders which give it a unique look.

Download at Media Loot.

21. Waterlily



If you’re fond of brushed typography with an enchanting appearance, go ahead and play around with this gorgeous font in Canva. Waterly is a watercolor-inspired font created by TheHungryJPEG.

Download at Freebies Bug.

22. El Capitan


Petr Knoll

El Capitan is a hand-drawn, ornamented typeface created by the Czech designer Petr Knoll. This font will give your designs a rebellious look with a touch of artisan beauty.

Download at Pixel Buddah.

23. Etna


Krisjanis Mezulis

Etna is a sans serif font created by Krisjanis Mezulis that has the boldness, beauty of a volcano. The English letters closely resemble another free font by Font Fabric called Intro, yet, the Cyrillic version has a rather tribal style that makes it a great alternative to other sans serif fonts.

Download at Freshhh.

24. Duwhoers


Agga Swist’blnk

Duwhoers is a hand-drawn, brushed font by Agga Swist’blnk which gives of designs a feeling of freedom and aims at delivering a vintage, homemade appearance.

Download at Sellfy.

25. Butler


Fabian De Smet

Butles is designed by Fabian De Smet and is a free serif font inspired by Bodoni and Dala Florida. It has 14 weights and is great for text in any size and formatting.

Download at Fabian De Smet.

26. Nazaré


David Szebenyi

Nazaré is a free uppercase typeface designed by David Szebenyi. It has a unique tribal touch inspired by the Portugalian culture and style.

Download at Sellfy.

27. Ruffle Beauty


Anis Iday

Ruffle Beauty is a free hand-drawn font by Anis Iday which has a thin structure that’s ideal for headlines and graphics withs lots of white space that allows the font to “breathe” and provides clear readability.

Download at Behance.

28. Butch


Pere Esquerrà

Butch is a free handmade font by Pere Esquerrà with a scribbled look that gives off designs a worn off appearance while maintaining a contemporary look with its sans serif structure and clear lines.

Download at Behance.

29. File


Font Fabric

File mixes curved and edgy elements. It has a blocky structure with a slight Sci-Fi feel and can be a great choice for bold titles.

Download at Font Fabric.

30. Novu-M


Laura Pol

NOVU — M is a free sans-serif font with a geometrical appearance. It’s designed by Laura Pol and has a balanced structure and condensed tracking. It works well for headlines and gives off an industrial look.

31. Anivers



Anivers is a sans serif font designed by Exljbris. The font has an edgy appearance which distinguishes its design from other minimalist fonts.

Download at Font Squirrel.

32. Stoked


Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Stoked is a unique minimalist font with a touch of vintage elegance. This typeface is designed and released by Marie-Michelle Dupuis and is free for your personal and commercial projects.

Download at Behance.

33. Break


Rajesh Rajput

Break is a modern free font ,designed and released by Rajesh Rajput. The font pack includes five weights and deliver a minimalist look to every project it’s used in.

Download at Gumroad.

34. Rissa


Maulana Creative

Looking for a bold and beautiful hand drawn typeface? Rissa is a free font which is ideal for headlines. It’s absolutely free and is created by Maulana Creative.

Download at Pixel Buddah.

35. Oswald


Google Fonts

Oswald is a popular Google Font and is widely applied to magazine web designs which aim at creating a retro feel while maintaining an elegant, minimalist appearance.

Download at Google Fonts.

36. Bernier


Ryan Pyae

If you’re wondering which font will best suit your vintage-styled design, you better check out Bernier. This font, designed by Ryan Pyae, has a textured appearance and comes in three styles: Regular, Distressed, and Shade.

Download at FontM.

37. Fertigo



Another web font designed by Exljbris that has won a place in our collection. Fertigo is a sans serif font with elegant, brushed look that provides high readability.

Download at Font Squirrel.

38. Aquatico


Andrew Herndon

Aquatico is one of the many amazing projects of the talented designer Andrew Herndon. It’s a free font that you can use in your personal web design projects. Aquatico is inspired by various sea creatures and has a clean, rounded look.

Download at Behance.

39. Chunkfive


The League of Movable Type

Chunkfive is created by The League of Movable Type. As it’s clear from the name, this font presents a chunky, stylish look that’s great for grabbing visitor’s attention.

Download at Font Squirrel.

40. Intro Rust


Font Fabric

Another Font Fabric typeface that has made it to our list. Intro is among the many amazing fonts created by this company. It has a blocky look and symmetrical letters that make it a great choice for web headings with minimalist design.

Download at Font Fabric.

41. Aller


Dalton Maag Ltd

Aller is a sans serif font that’s widely used in various web design and print projects. It is created by Dalton Maag Ltd and comes in three weights that provide beautiful web copy formatting.

Download at Font Squirrel.

42. Val Stencil


Font Fabric

This bubbly font is great for slider headings and short titles. It is a bit difficult to read if it’s not the right size, yet, it’s a great solution for web projects which aim at uniqueness.

Download at Font Squirrel.

43. Zag


Font Fabric

This minimalist sans serif typeface comes in five weights and has an overall thin and condensed structure. It has two additional decorative versions which can add diversity and uniqueness to every design.

Download at Font Fabric.

44. Roboto Slab


Google Fonts

Roboto Slab is popular choice for the web. It’s a condensed sans serif with a minimalist appearance that gives off an industrial feel when combined with the right elements and color palettes.

Download at Google Fonts.

45. Delicious


Font Squirrel

Delicious is yet another popular web font that creates just the right balance between elegance and minimalism to become one of the top fonts used on the Web.

Download at Font Squirrel.

46. Bellaboo


Marcelo Melo

Bellaboo is a sans serif typeface which has a clean, brushed look. It is designed by Marcelo Melo and is specially optimized for the Web.

Download at Sellfy.

47. Order


Mike Hill

Order is a geometric, sans serif font which comes in three weights: rounded, light and outline. It’s created by Mike Hill and has a unique characters design that’s great for short CTA headlines on sliders and web headers.

Download at The Freebies Bay.

48. Cute Punk


flou and cute punk

This handwritten typeface is created by flou and cute punk. It has a thin structure and a textured style that makes it great for websites which target a younger audience.

Download at Behance.

49. Glacial Indifference


Alfredo Marco Pradil

Balanced, clean and symmetrical, Glacial Indifferencec is a great choice for every element of your web design. You can thank Alfredo Marco Pradil for creating this excellent typeface.

Download at Font Library.

50. Frinco


Ryan Pyae

Frinco is a thin sans serif font with nautical look designed by Ryan Pyae. It’s absolutely free for personal and commercial projects.

Download at Fontm.

Did You Like This Free Web Font Collection?

We did our best to find and share with you some of the most unique and eye-catching fonts that can be used for free. We’re excited to see what amazing designs you’ll come up with so don’t hesitate to share your Canva projects in the comments below.

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