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Gather data and insights before strategizing your next move. Make a questionnaire for relevant respondents using Canva’s online questionnaire maker and get specific feedback on your product or service. Create compelling surveys with visual tools, graphics, and charts from Canva Docs.

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Gather insights with the right questionnaire

No matter your profession and industry, getting the pulse of your target audience is key to growth. Strategize your career progression or business expansion with concise data and actionable insights.

Get your research rolling by creating a questionnaire using Canva’s questionnaire maker. Craft your survey from any of our customizable document templates. Open a Canva Doc and design a questionnaire that would make your respondents happy to share their feedback and perspectives. Use design elements from photos and graphics to paint a scenario or visualize data with charts and diagrams. Need some formatting ideas or tools to use next? Trust /Magic commands to make creating a document fun and easy. Then, present your questions to anyone in a layout that is easy to share and read, more importantly, easy to answer.

How to make a questionnaire

  1. Launch Canva Docs
    Open Canva on your desktop or mobile device and search for Docs to start a new visual document.
  2. Choose a questionnaire template
    Get specific layouts from Canva Docs to format your questions. Look through our collection of customizable templates and narrow your choices according to a theme, style, and color.
  3. Build a questionnaire
    Define the purpose and extent of your questionnaire. Is it for a product survey? A client interview? Or probably a course examination? From there, form your list of questions and set them chronologically and stylishly on your document. Customize your chosen template to your preferred formatting, from the sample texts and headings to the font style, color, and size.
  4. Incorporate helpful visual details
    Turn your questionnaire into a visual document. Use visual aids to illustrate your questions more clearly. Browse our media library for graphics you can drag and drop onto the layout. Modify their colors and sizes to complement the overall design. /Magic commands help you format your document and easily add a photo, graph, chart, or an existing Canva design.
  5. Share and collaborate
    Share your online questionnaire with your respondents, interviewee, team, or class. Then, collaborate easily on the document by making and tracking changes or leaving comments. You can also export it as a print-ready PDF file or a new Canva presentation with our Turn Docs to Decks feature.
Create a questionnaire

Get a better idea of what people want

In a highly aggressive market, research can help a business gain a competitive edge. Have your fingers on the pulse of the public. Use Canva’s questionnaire maker to design a survey with questions that get to the heart of what your target market wants.

Gather data and ideas using either open-ended or closed-ended questions. Supplement your queries with ordinal scales that quantify your respondents’ perceptions. Get to know your demographics closely with an easy-to-answer nominal scale. Combine and arrange these different methods of questioning using a questionnaire template and intuitive editing tools from our visual Canva Docs.

Prepare a visual questionnaire

Want to know if you’re hitting the mark? Survey your clients to see where you’re doing well—and where you can still improve. Create a questionnaire that makes providing feedback quick and easy for customers. Rely on Canva’s online questionnaire maker to organize your questions to make the answering process smoother and keep them engaged with appealing visuals.

Apply the principles of great design as you make a questionnaire. With Canva Docs, it’s easy to create a document with all the right tools to get you started. Type "/" to get a list of /Magic commands to prop up your layout. Find graphics that enhance your questionnaires, like photos, videos, graphs, charts, or even your existing Canva designs. Then, select the best font and color combinations that reflect your brand and are also highly readable. Don’t be afraid to infuse some artistry into your survey questionnaire.

Collaborate with your market

It’s much more economical to retain a loyal client than to attract a new one. Their opinions matter not only among fellow consumers but also to your product or service. Build on the trust of your client base by asking them for their input through a questionnaire. Canva Docs lets you easily work on your online questionnaire with your team and respondents with multiple sharing options. Let them in on the editor to add changes, leave comments, or publish a copy with a print-ready PDF file to hand out.

With Canva’s questionnaire maker, you can state a brief purpose of your survey before you list down your questions. Then, gather responses from your demographics and easily track interactions on your document with Design Insights. You can organize your questionnaire's output by using affinity diagrams to consolidate these ideas. Need a quick presentation of your questionnaire? Simply Turn Docs to Deck with a few clicks away, customize a bit, and you’re ready to present.


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