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Create documents with total ease. With Canva’s free online document maker, you craft attention-grabbing reports and whitepapers, plans and proposals, memos, certificates, and data visualizations in no time at all.

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Seamless online document creator

Create and collaborate on a number of documents wherever, whenever with Canva’s versatile document maker. Treat our beginner-friendly editing dashboard as your team’s virtual workspace with our collaborative features, diverse document templates, and comprehensive font and design elements library.

Find a template among our gallery of professionally designed layouts, whether you’re tasked with a year-end report, a persuasive proposal, or a striking certificate. Customize your chosen design by uploading your own assets onto the dashboard or browsing our media library for free design elements.

Need to visualize your facts and figures? Get ideas from Canva’s extensive range of infographic templates. Get your team’s input by giving them editing access on the workspace. And once you’re done, download your document in your file type of choice. Send it as a newsletter or post it on your one-page site or blog without leaving our dashboard.

How to create a document online

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva and select “Office” on the header banner and click the type of document you want to create. Alternatively, use the search bar and type the specific doctype you want to create so you can easily narrow down your choices.
  2. Start inspired
    Narrow down your search templates by category, style, theme. If you already have a concept in mind, you can start with a blank template.
  3. Customize your template
    Make the template yours. Browse our library for logos, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements to make your video dynamic. Use our font combinations and color palette generator. Upload your own assets and drag-and-drop them onto your template with ease.
  4. Collaborate
    Invite your team to work on the design by giving them access to the dashboard. Collaborate and edit documents seamlessly in real time.
  5. Share and post with ease
    Download your document in high-quality PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. Post and publish it on your social media, blog, or website, or present your report or proposal straight from our dashboard.
Create a document

All-in-one document workspace

Canva has stunning templates for a wide range of requirements—from business proposals and plans, reports and white papers, memos with letterheads, to achievement certificates for school or work and more. Whatever document type you’re working on, you’ll never have to use another digital workspace again.

Grab any one of these templates and customize them for free. Get creative while keeping effortlessly consistent with your corporate or school branding using Brand Kit on Canva Pro.

Design features to keep your document interesting

With Canva’s document creator, it’s easy to keep your documents engaging whether or not you’ve got any design know-how. Using our beginner-friendly editing dashboard, you can easily make a document polished enough to engage your colleagues and impress your clients.

We have an extensive selection of free fonts plus a range of stunning font combinations that will make your headers visually enticing. Keep your document from being too wordy by using just the right amount of visualizations wherever appropriate. Easily add tables, charts, and other visual assets within minutes. Want to tell a compelling story with your facts and figures? Use Flourish on Canva to embed beautiful infographics onto your document and bring your data to life.

Seamless collaboration

Canva’s team features make collaborations simple, interactive, and effortless. To do this, simply invite your team, choose their access, and work together within minutes. You can all collaborate on a single document, tag each other and assign tasks, leave comments, and resolve suggestions in one dashboard—all in real time.


Editing a document on our dashboard is easy. Choose a format or template that fits your requirement, upload your brand assets, then copy and paste your text content onto your draft.

If your report or proposal requires data visualization, you can easily create and embed charts, maps, and other infographics using Flourish, which you can easily log on to within our design dashboard.

To make a QR code for a document, use an online QR code generator where you can easily drag and drop your file or input your website.

Alternatively, if you want to generate a QR code for your document and embed it directly onto a layout, use your ME-QR generator account by connecting to it right within our dashboard.

Keeping your documents safe online requires a bit of investment. Consider a cloud storage service with a two-factor authentication feature that you can access across different devices for ease of maintenance.

A tip to guarantee the overall safety of your documents, consider adopting the 3-2-1 backup strategy which is simply having three copies of your data – two on different devices and the last one on an online back-up solution.

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