4 clever color palettes to try in your designs


Looking for inspiration to make your design stand out? Using colors effectively can be a great way to achieve beautiful, eye-catching designs.

Thanks to the endless combinations of hues available on the color wheel, designers have access to a world of unusual and exciting color combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the genius of color is its ability to evoke feelings and emotion—which is one of the key ingredients of creativity!

Choosing colors that work well together before you start designing is a great way to achieve visual harmony. Here are four beautiful colour combinations to get you started.

01. Modern California

modern california

The combination of two warm and two cooler colors will create a calm balance to your design. Crisp apple green is a great color to use if your concept is eluding to freshness or cleanliness.

Using a rich, darker color for your base (4D4D4D) is a nice way to form contrast to fellow, lighter layers.

02. Pastel Parfait

pastel parfait

The pastel color group brings with it the visual illusion of femininity, and can often appear a little washed out – apply a stronger tone if you find your message getting lost in the dust.

These powdery tones evoke feelings of ‘happiness’ and ‘lightness’, perfect to use when alluding to the warmer and sunnier seasons.

03. Desert Earth

desert earth

The Autumnal effect! Earthy tones are the visual answer to raw materials such as sand, wood, leaves, and trees.

Use a creamy, eggshell color as a background to contrast against the bolder hues in your design.

These colors are slightly muted, and therefore an understated and sophisticated collection.

04. Peachy Green

peachy green

The combination of two classically ‘feminine’ colors with two more ‘masculine’ ones, is an even fusion and can be applied to symbolize this balance.

Coral represents warmth, while the green – traditionally symbolizes ‘envy’ and ‘nature’, while in design it relaxes the eye and creates visual calmness.

We hope this post encourages you to combine beautiful tonal hues. We look forward to seeing unique and inventive color palettes of your own!

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