Elevating Access to Creativity: Canva for Education Welcomes Clever

At Canva(opens in a new tab or window), we’re passionate about providing educators and students with the most accessible and user-friendly creative design tools. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Clever to enhance accessibility and ease of use for our thousands of school districts. Clever is a leading SSO and Rostering platform in education, making it easier for students and educators to access a variety of educational resources, apps, and platforms with a single login.

"At Canva, we believe in equal opportunity for all students and investing in the future of creativity in classrooms across the globe. We're excited to partner with Clever to make it easy for districts and school systems around the world to easily get started with Canva for Education." - Jason Wilmot, Head of Education, Canva"

Empowering Educators and Students with Canva

Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) empowers K-12 educators, students, and staff to do their best work with ease, with the power of visual communication, 100% free. Whether you’re learning the AI-powered skills of the future, creatively engaging the classroom, collaborating on a group assignment, building a newsletter, or much more, you can do so with Canva to unlock everyone’s potential.

Simplifying Access to Creativity with Clever

Clever is a true champion in simplifying the login process in education. It's a central gateway that allows students and educators to access a variety of educational resources, apps, and platforms with a single set of login credentials. The integration of Clever into Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) ensures that all K-12 educators and students can access our creative tools seamlessly and securely, eliminating the headache of managing multiple usernames and passwords.

Benefits of the Partnership

It’s now easier than ever to bring Canva to every educator and student in your district. We're excited to see how the integration of Canva and Clever will streamline your teaching and learning experiences. 100% free to K-12 districts, this partnership brings you:

  • Secure, Delightful Logins: Students and teachers can login with the same Clever Badge or user credentials they use to access all their other applications, reducing lost instruction time on troubleshooting logins.
  • Enhanced Security: Protecting your students' data is a top priority. Clever employs industry-leading security protocols to ensure compliance with privacy regulations at every level.
  • Seamless Rostering: Student access is updated in real-time with secure, reliable, automated rostering, removing the need for manual account creation and maintenance.
  • Classroom Experience: Teachers, we've got your back! Clever ensures a frictionless login experience to Canva, so you can focus on what you do best—inspiring and educating.
  • Collaborative Learning: Our collaboration features combined with Clever foster creativity and engagement in the classroom. Empower your students to create, share, and learn together effortlessly.

Easy Access Through Clever

To get started with Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) through Clever, educational institutions need to enable the integration within their Clever dashboard and connect their Canva for Districts deployment to their Clever portal. Students and teachers can then seamlessly log in to Canva for Education using their Clever credentials accessing Canva’s digital creativity tools with the click of a button via the Clever Portal.

Clever administrators can request to connect to Canva for Education via their Clever Dashboard here(opens in a new tab or window). Districts who don’t currently have a Canva for Districts deployment should apply here(opens in a new tab or window) first, before connecting to Clever.

To learn more about the Canva for Education integration and requirements, reference the Canva for Education setup guide(opens in a new tab or window) in the Clever Help Center.

Click here(opens in a new tab or window) to learn more about Clever.

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