Making educational comic strips


How to capture and keep kids’ attention

There’s something magical about comic strips. They have a way of sparking intrigue, excitement and drawing you into a story, even a lesson.

It’s no wonder then that they’re such a fantastic interactive educational tool.

Let’s take a look at how you can use comic strips to level up your lessons. And if videos are more your speed, check out this video on how to easily create comic strips to entertain and educate audiences(opens in a new tab or window).

Why use comic strips?

Children love stories, illustrations and bright colors and most of all we love being entertained. Comic strips are a super easy-to-use medium that provide an opportunity to tick all these boxes. And they have a way of sticking in our memory long after we view them.

Why are comic strips such a great educational tool?

You can create comic strips to illustrate a point or a concept for your class. They are a brilliant way to convey complex ideas, scenarios or even situations.

As an educational tool, the real beauty of comic strips is empowering children to create their own.

And with Canva, it’s easy for everyone. When you’re teaching your children a new concept, ask them to create a comic to show their understanding.

This simple and super fun task deepens their comprehension, and clearly shows if someone needs additional help, as they effectively have to digest and then re-share the information they’ve learned.

And we know that strengthens their understanding of the subject matter. The best part? At the end of the task, they have a comic they’ll be proud to show and share.

What makes a good comic strip?

Look at classic comic strips like Garfield and Snoopy and there are some clear commonalities. They are simple and minimalistic. There’s minimal dialogue, minimal illustration and clear ideas expression – sounds like a pretty great framework for teaching, right?

As well as being simple, good comic strips use color sparingly, they ensure any text is easy to read, and they make sure illustrations, especially facial expressions, are easy to interpret and understand.

All these are really easy for children to understand and use, which means great comic strips are well within their grasp.

How to make comic strips in Canva

Finally, let’s take a look at how to make a comic strip in Canva and how you can create a blank comic strip to let your children run wild with their ideas and express their creativity.

On the Canva homepage, search for a comic strip. You’ll see a bunch of templates pop up. There are hundreds of different templates to use. You can use as much or as little of the template as you like. Whether you like the color palette, the illustration style, or the comic framework, once you find one that resonates, open it up.

If you’re creating your own comic strip, lean in and go wild. If you want to create a template for your children to use, you can remove elements until you have a blank comic strip and even lock elements. Once you’ve finished you can download or share your comic strip however you please.

Check out our video tutorial

For a more in-depth look at how to make educational comic strips, check out our video tutorial(opens in a new tab or window).

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