How Canva for Education and Quizizz Teamed Up to Bring Joy to Quizzes

How Canva for Education and Quizizz Teamed Up to Bring Joy to Quizzes

Laughter is one of life’s greatest joys, and that’s a key reason we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Quizizz, an engaging assessment, instruction, and practice platform used by 50+ million people around the world. Quizizz is much more than gamified quizzes. With a library of 30+ million teacher-created activities, Quizizz motivates students to master new concepts while making learning more interactive and fun! For this partnership, Canva for Education designed a collection of student-friendly meme templates specifically with Quizizz in mind. Educators are empowered to provide personalized (and silly!) reactions to students’ quiz responses by combining the Quizizz meme tool with these amusing Canva memes.

Check out the collection of Quizizz templates!

Here’s how educators can use the collaboration of Canva and Quizizz memes to provide students with smiles and feedback:

  • Login to Canva for Education. Canva for Education’s 100% free for K-12 teachers, students, and school systems.
  • In Canva, type “Quizizz” or “Teacher meme” in the search bar. You’ll find over 30 customizable meme templates ready to upload on Quizizz. They can be used for every subject area and any grade level.
  • Thinking ahead, here are two ways educators can include these memes in their next Quizizz activity:

Celebrate a student’s correct answer;

Or offer encouragement following a student’s incorrect answer.

  • Take the opportunity to explore the different templates, select one you like, and click “Customize this template”. Then you’ll have the option to add your name or headshot, edit captions, insert graphics, and more!
  • Once you’re done, click “Share” in the top right corner and hit “download” for your design.
  • Next, log in to Basic plans are free for all users. For more exclusive access, learn more about Quizizz for Schools and Districts.
  • In Quizizz, click “Memes” on the left-hand sidebar, then follow the prompts to “create a meme set”. Upload your newly customized Canva templates, making sure to include at least one option for both correct and incorrect responses.
  • When you host your next Live Quiz, toggle on the “Show Memes” setting and select your new Canva templates collection.
  • Cue the learning, and cue the laughter — enjoy!

*Power tip: you can combine multiple teacher memes into one Canva design by selecting “Add page”, then “Design” from the toolbar, and typing “Quizizz” or “teacher meme”.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few ideas for how to appsmash Canva and Quizizz!


The Canva for Education and Quizizz partnership provides educators with exciting opportunities to add personalization and creativity to lesson materials in order to promote student engagement and learning love. How egg-citing and corn-tastic!

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