Pinterest for business — How you can use Pinterest to grow your online business


Have you heard the analogy that Pinterest is like a big, world-wide scrapbook?

It’s spot on — Pinterest exists for people to come together to gather, collect and share snapshots of their own ideas, memories, and interests.

In the early days of the social networking platform, that was all Pinterest really was. A simple place for people to come together and scrapbook. It was a collectively personal experience that gave the world something nice.

These days, Pinterest is more than just a nice global scrapbook. With 100 million active users (emphasis on the “active”), it’s now being used by some of the biggest companies on the planet to build awareness, drive traffic to their websites, and sell.

If you’re behind the 8-ball when it comes to leveraging Pinterest for your business, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll cover off 5 key topics:

Part 1     Why you should use Pinterest to grow your business Part 2     How you go about creating a business account on Pinterest Part 3     8 tips to get more from your Pinterest business account Part 4     8 case studies from businesses winning on Pinterest Part 5    Best part — 20 Pinterest graphic templates you can use free.


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01. Why you should use Pinterest to grow your business

Pinterest may seem like it’s lagging behind the top five go-to social media sites for businesses, but you’d be surprised. Buyers spend more money, more often on Pinterest than any users from Facebook or Twitter.

According to Shopify, Pinterest users spend an average value of $50 on the platform while 93% of its users use Pinterest to plan purchases. Big names like Etsy and L’Oreal have also opened up about the sales Pinterest has gained for them.

It’s not only visually appealing products that benefit from Pinterst. Buzzfeed attests to getting droves of traffic to their blog from the site — even for posts that have been published many months back. Not only is Pinterest their second largest network referrer, they also use it to study what kind of content resonates with people.  

Pinterest is a source of ideas, revenue, and its content has a longer lifecyle. If that doesn’t convince you to hop on a pinboard, we don’t know what will.

02. How you go about creating a business account on Pinterest

Why create a business page instead of a personal account, you ask?

With it, you get access to Pinterest analytics. This allows you to see what people like from your profile and what they save from your website (if you use their widgets). Pinterest for business also lets you subscribe to promoted pins and gives you access to the audience your brand needs. (Fun fact: promoted pins can increase product awareness by 40% and purchase intent by 50%.)

Pinterest for Business Homepage

And why not create one when it’s a cinch? When you visit their business page, you’ll immediately see an impossible to miss red button saying “Join as a business” (you can also opt to convert your personal account — nifty).

Here are a few guidelines on what you need to prepare:

1. Pinterest will ask you for your email address, password, business name, and business type. Adding in your website is optional but highly recommended.

Create an Account

2. After that, you’ll be asked to select topics relevant to your business. Choose carefully because this will dictate the Pinterest “network” your brand will be a part of.

Select Topics

3. Next you need to fix up your profile. Tap on the pin icon at the upper right corner of your page and click on settings. Add in your username, a profile image, and a business description. The profile image holder will be a circle, so make sure you can fit your logo in one beforehand. This information will appear on your account — but don’t worry too much about getting it perfect at this stage. You can always come back to it later for changes.

Edit Profile

4. Lastly, you’ll need your reading glasses — because you have to make sure you read the terms of service. Remember that the content you post on Pinterest can be used, displayed, and reproduced by other Pinterest users. If your pins gets modified somewhere else, Pinterest won’t be accountable for it.

03. 8 tips for you to get the most out of your Pinterest business account

It all starts with creating valuable content and designing awesome Pinterest graphics for it — this prompts your audience to click-through to your website or repin. But all that may come off a little bit vague if you don’t have an established strategy yet.

If you’re looking for a more targeted approach, we have gathered the best tips for creating what kind of you content you should be creating and what tactics you can do with your account.

8 tips (1)

04. 5 case studies — the types of images you should be creating/sharing on Pinterest

Pinterest is popular with users because it allows them to choose how to interact with brands and businesses — not the other way around. Users can navigate based on their own interests so product endorsements aren’t quite as invasive here as in other social media platforms.

Most people on Pinterest are actually looking to make purchases, which means brands are only really guiding their products to the people who need them.

There are many you can do this and there’s no better way to show what and how to create your own Pinterest graphics than providing you with some best-practice examples. Plus we will show provide you with the perfect Canva templates to go along with each example, so you can start creating your very own right away.

Love + Color | Grapics that Turn Text Posts into Eye-catching Pins

Basic RGB

Love + Color

Our first example is a graphic you can create to drive tons of traffic to your blog post. This is where you would put your enticing, catchy post title into a branded graphic. I’ve created this one for my post – “Is Your Logo Attracting The Right People?”.

You can also select a quote from the article. Quotes are one of the most repinned content on Pinterest so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Female Entrepreneur Association | Designs that Utilize Your Brand’s Palette

You want to make sure you are choosing bolder colors in your font palette like I have done in the first example. If you don’t have a colored background or border, your graphic can get lost in the endless sea that is the Pinterest newsfeed.

This example below from Female Entrepreneur Association combines a photo and a shape with an on-brand peach tone and a text overlay. The brand color may be a bit subdued, but it’s balanced out by the bright color of the photo used.


Female Entrepreneur Association

Another option for creating these types of graphics is combining the two examples into a photo graphic with a transparent shape overlay. This example below from Melyssa Griffin is perfect! She creates a rectangular overlay that allows her photo to peep through to provide just the right amount of texture and visual interest.

By Regina | Create Graphics with High Quality Images

Image quality is prime material on Pinterest. It is, first and foremost, a platform for visual content after all. Take a look at By Regina’s post title graphics below. All her materials use high quality images, while still being on-brand and consistent. The moment I see one of her beautiful graphics floating around in my Pinterest feed, I know exactly where it came from.


By Regina

Here’s another one by Melyssa Griffin. Even through that on-brand color overlay, you can tell no compromises were made when selecting the image for quality.


Melyssa Griffin

High quality also applies to vector graphics or icons used. Pinterest is no place for pixelized stuff. I love this graphic by Alisha Nicole — follow her example and use icons and sleek shapes on your pins to announce your new product, service, or e-Course.


Alisha Nicole

You can create your own in Canva by uploading your own photos or Canva has an incredible selection of stock photos you can choose from.

As you can see, there’s flexibility in creating these graphics. I highly suggest setting yourself up with 1-3 templates in Canva that you can change the text for every new post. This will save you a lot of time creating your blog post title graphics for every single post going forward.

Design School | Pinned Infographics from Your Blog Drives Traffic

On Pinterest, there’s no limit to the length of your graphic — which means it’s perfect for infographics.

These are brilliant for educating your audience and have a serious high rate of being repinned. You want to make sure you’re providing some true value in your infographic and not just creating it for the sake of making one. Before coming up with a topic for an infographic, put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself if you were them – would you repin it?

Providing value to your audience in this type of graphic will provoke your Pinterest followers to want to repin it, share it, reference it later, etc. You never know, your infographic could go completely viral. I’ve seen it happen!


Design School

Canva has many options for easily creating your own infographics, including their infographic maker tool. Speaking of Canva, my all-time favorite infographic is actually by them. This is a perfect example of providing value-packed information in graphic form. If you were a designer or interested in design, how you could see this and not want to re-pin the heck out of it?

Infographics aren’t only for design-related content. This infographic collage by Skinny Mom about the do’s & dont’s of clean eating provides major impact and share-worthy content as well. I love the combination of photos, shapes and text. It really has the power to pull you in no matter who you are. 


Skinny Mom

Here’s another example of an infographic you can create for your business. This example by Her Lovely Heart is teaching her audience how to use Periscope. It is full of education and useful knowledge that her audience can’t help but repin and click through to learn more.


Her Lovely Heart

By creating this infographic she is positioning herself as an expert which creates some major trust within her online community. You can create an infographic just as illustrative as this one in Canva.

Here’s a couple more infographic examples to get your creative brainstorm juices flowing.


Design School

Quick Sprout

The House of Lars | Graphics that Combine Your Best Images in a Round-up Graphic

A great way to share the love via Pinterest is creating content round-ups for some of your favorite posts, resources, fonts, products, etc. Going along with this, you can create a collage that you place into your round-up blog post and pin away. This a great way to provide even more value to your audience while being able share some of your favorite things.


The House That Lars Built

This example by The House That Lars Built is perfect. It’s a round-up of similar post and content that she writes herself, but she’s sharing other bloggers’ take on paper flower DIYs. I’m in love with the way she laid everything out here with each photo separated by a tiny white line and she numbers each tutorial so you are able to follow along easily in her round-up post.

This one is something I have created for my blog. I used it to round up some of my favorite font pairings. This is from a post called “Font Pairing For Beautiful Brands”. I created this to provide even further value and education on which fonts work best together. My audience can either take these exact combinations or use this as inspiration when they are creating their own font palettes.


Love + Color

It’s one thing to write about a subject, but to show your audience examples, how they can download and use them for themselves is golden.

Not quite sure what you can round-up to provide further value to your audience? Here’s a couple more examples from other industries and audience interests.


Sugar and Cloth

Alice and Lois

BONUS: Melyssa Griffin | Graphics with Content Summary

This isn’t about what type of graphic to make but it’s worth taking note of: Make sure you include a description or summary of your product or content on your pin. According to a study by Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella, the sweet spot is between 200-300 words. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak in relevant keywords and links for SEO.

Melyssa Griffin

Alice and Lois

05. 20 Pinterest graphic templates you can use free

My final advice is to have fun creating your Pinterest graphics. This will almost always add value to the content you provide for your audience. The intention that goes into your designs make all the difference.

To conclude this post and kick off your Pinterest adventure, we’ve provided some of Canva’s best ready-to-use Pinterest templates. Just add in your own text and images and you’re off to a good start.

2 (6)

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1 (9)

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5 (4)

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4 (5)

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3 (5)

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Untitled design (23) (1)

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Illustrative Best Health Apps Infographic

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Let'S Play On! Infographic

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