Your ultimate guide to Pinterest marketing

Your ultimate guide to Pinterest marketing featured image

Back in the day, if you wanted to gather visual inspiration, you needed to grab your scissors and glue stick and get to work. And while making an old-school mood board is certainly still an option, today, you can go digital for your visual inspiration—and dramatically grow your business in the process—all thanks to Pinterest.

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has taken the digital space by storm. With over 291 million engaged users (and over 175 billion pins), the platform has become the go-to for people searching for inspiration of all kinds. From wedding inspiration to recipes to adorable animal photos (and everything in between). And with that huge user base comes an unrivaled opportunity for brands to market their products and services and get their messaging in front of the right audience.

But how can you best use Pinterest to your advantage? What are the best strategies to grow your following? And how can you use the platform to deliver your content in a way that grabs people’s attention and catapults your business to a whole new level of success?

Never fear, Canva is here to help demystify the art of Pinterest marketing.

What is Pinterest?

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So, first things first, before we dive into how to use Pinterest to take your business to the next level, let’s quickly cover what, exactly, Pinterest is.

According to their website, Pinterest is “a visual discovery engine for finding ideas.” Users can search the platform for pins, create boards to organize their pins (for example, a user might have a “healthy recipe” board and a “home decor” board), and follow other people, boards, and brands they want to interact with.

With hundreds of millions of active users (and hundreds of billion of pins), it’s become the go-to resource for people looking for inspiration and ideas. Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms for brands to connect with shoppers, and, in particular, the much sought-after millennial demographic.Research shows that around 50 percent of millennials use Pinterest every month and 47 percent of them have purchased something they’ve discovered and interacted with on the platform.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine and if you want to succeed on the platform, you need well-designed visuals. Get started with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Beige Ice Cream Photo Recipe Pinterest Graphic or the White Text on Photo Guide To Hiking Pinterest Graphic.

Why is Pinterest marketing important for your business?

Image via Pinterest

So now that you know what Pinterest is, let’s talk about why Pinterest marketing is so important for your business.

Pinterest marketing drives sales

Pinterest is a platform that engages with shoppers. 90 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to help them make purchasing decisions. And when they make their purchases, they spend more. Studies show that Pinterest users spend 29% more than shoppers who don’t use the platform.

And with so many active shoppers searching the platform each day, Pinterest can drive serious sales for your brand. In fact, Pinterest is nearly four times more effective at sales generation than other digital campaigns—making it a must-have component of any digital marketing strategy.

Showcasing your products on Pinterest is an effective strategy to drive sales. Make sure your products grab people’s attention with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the White and Blue Beauty Skincare Pinterest Graphic or the White Minimalist Photo Father/Dad Appreciation Pinterest Graphic.

Pinterest marketing helps you build a relationship with your audience

Pinterest is a content-focused platform and adding content onto it offers the perfect opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Regularly adding content to the platform also allows you to build trust and foster a relationship with your ideal customers.

Here’s why: People trust Pinterest. 78% of users say the brand content they find on Pinterest is helpful and a whopping 98% of users actually implement the ideas they find on Pinterest (which is significantly higher than the 71% average you find on other social media platforms). And when your ideal audience finds you on Pinterest—and you’re providing the kind of content they’re looking for—that trust will extend to your brand and lay the foundation for a long-term customer relationship.

Well-designed Pinterest graphics are a great way to show your audience you’re a brand they can trust. Get started fostering your customer relationships with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Black and White Classy Tips Hair Pinterest Graphic or the White Brown BBQ/Grill Party Pinterest Graphic.

Pinterest marketing offers conversion opportunity

Pinterest offers an incredible opportunity to drive business for your brand; proportionally, Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic than Facebook, 71% more than SnapChat, and a whopping 200% more than Twitter.

And while many brands are using Pinterest in some way (75% of saved pins come from businesses), the vast majority of them aren’t using it to their advantage! A 2018 survey found that only 27% of marketers are using Pinterest for brand promotion.

So, the moral of the story? If you can develop a solid Pinterest marketing strategy, you’ll be ahead of the curve—and you’ll reap the rewards in the process.

The right Pinterest marketing strategy will give you a leg up on the competition. Start marketing your brand with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the White Text Overlay Beer Brewing Guide Pinterest Graphic or the Floral Patterns Pinterest Graphic.

How to organically grow your Pinterest followers

We covered the what. We covered the why. Now let’s cover the how: How to grow your followers (organically!) on Pinterest.

Choose the right images

Image via Business 2 Community

Pinterest is, at the core, a visual platform. So in order to succeed, it’s important to provide your audience with high-quality images.

Every image you feature on Pinterest should:

  • Be high-resolution. No one is going to click on a pixelated, blurry pin. Make sure your images are high-res enough to display properly on all devices.
  • Be engaging. As mentioned, there are 175 billion pins on Pinterest. So if you want someone to interact with yours, it needs to grab their attention. When choosing images, make sure they’re engaging and attention-grabbing enough to stand out.
  • Be well-designed. When creating images for Pinterest, make sure you follow the basic principles of design. Elements like balance, alignment, and visual hierarchy can make a huge difference in how your final image performs.
  • Feature text when appropriate. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but depending on what kind of content you’re promoting, your picture might need some words to do it justice. Adding text to your Pinterest images can help clarify what your content is about and increase the chances of your audience engaging. For example, let’s say you’re pinning a recipe. Your Pinterest image should have a photo of the final result, but it should also have a title that tells people what kind of yummy treats they’re in for.

The right Pinterest images are key if you want to stand out and grab your audience’s attention. Design the perfect image with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Teal and White Minimalist Photo Grid Recipe Pinterest Graphic or the Black and White Women’s Fashion Tips Pinterest Graphic.

Add hashtags to your Pinterest images

Image via The Internet & Social Media Law Blog

It’s important to remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine and is populated much like Google is and one of the most effective ways to make sure people find your content? Hashtags.

When users search a specific hashtag, Pinterest will deliver search results that match that hashtag—and when you have that hashtag in your pin’s title, it will help your pin show up in the search results and get your content in front of your ideal audience.

The key to growing your Pinterest following using hashtags is to make sure that your hashtags are:

a) relevant b) in line with what people are searching for

It doesn’t matter if you throw a bunch of hashtags in your pin’s title. If no one is searching for those hashtags—or those hashtags are completely irrelevant—your content is going to get discovered by the right people (or, in many cases, by anyone at all).

The perfect hashtag will go a long way—but it needs to be paired with the perfect image. Get started designing the perfect image with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Purple Tint Kids’ Fashion Advice Pinterest Graphic or the Red Cakes Birthday Pinterest Graphic.

...and follow it up with a keyword-dense description (aka Pinterest SEO)

Image via Shopify

Hashtags can help you get your content into search results. But so can the right descriptions. That’s where Pinterest SEO comes in.

Just like Google, Pinterest has an algorithm to rank the relevancy of content in their search results. And, just like Google, one of the main ways they judge content relevancy? Keywords.

Putting relevant keywords into your Pinterest descriptions lets Pinterest know what your content is about and helps it get discovered by people looking for similar content. The better and more relevant your keywords, the higher the likelihood that you’ll show up in relevant searches.

If you’re stumped for keyword ideas, Pinterest can help! If you need a little inspiration, type a broad keyword into Pinterest’s search bar; when it pulls in the results, Pinterest will also suggest additional keywords relevant to your search—which can provide a much-needed dose of keyword inspiration to incorporate into your content.

Keywords are key (pun intended!) to getting your content discovered on Pinterest—but so are images. Create your own pin-worthy images with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Hemp Woman Face Beauty Pinterest Graphic or the Purple and Pink Ladies Photo Makeup Pinterest Graphic.

Practice mutually beneficial pinning

Image via Search Engine Journal

If you want to get the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy, it can’t be me-me-me all the time. The best thing you can do to increase your reach on Pinterest is not only pin your own content—but engage with other content from other users (and brands!) as well.

Spend time every day pinning and repinning content that’s in line with your brand. Most experts say you should aim for between 10 and 25 pins a day with an 80/20 ratio—80 percent of content from external sources (like other brands and Pinterest users) and 20 percent of your own content.

People are drawn to visually appealing pins—and if you want people to pin and repin your content, it needs to have the visual appeal to draw them in. Get started with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Dark Gray Bed & Breakfast Inns Airbnb Spaces Promotion Pinterest Graphic or the White Script Burger Food Pinterest Graphic.

Pinterest best practices

Image via IMPACT

In addition to making moves to organically grow your following, there are a few best practices to keep in mind as you develop your Pinterest marketing strategy:

Build a content strategy

On Pinterest, content is king—and if you want to succeed, you need to create content that’s going to stand out, that grabs people’s attention, and that makes your audience want to engage with your brand.

With Pinterest, you can’t take a “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” approach; if you want to gain traction on the platform, you need a solid content strategy.

Before you get the ball rolling with Pinterest marketing, take the time to flesh out your content strategy. What kind of content are you going to create? How is that content going to connect with your ideal audience? What about your content is going to differentiate you from the competition?

The better your content, the better your results—and the more effective your Pinterest marketing will be.

Amazing Pinterest content needs an amazing Pinterest image to match. Start designing with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Peach and White Tips Advice DIYs Tutorials Beauty Makeup Pinterest Graphic or the Simple Photo Development Course Pinterest Graphic.

Best times to post on Pinterest

If you want your pins to be seen by a lot of people, you (obviously) need to have engaging content, great images, a solid get the picture. But that’s not all you need! If you want to get eyes on your content, you also need to be strategic about when you’re posting—and pin at the right times.

Research shows the best times to post on Pinterest are between 8pm and 11pm and 2am and 4am (weird, but true!). Posting during these time frames can help you get more traction with your pins—and get your content in front of more people.

Don’t feel like staying up until 3am to post? No problem! With a business account, Pinterest allows you to schedule pins up to two weeks in advance.

There are certainly times that are better to post on Pinterest than others. But without the right images, it doesn’t matter when you post—your pins aren’t going to get results. Get started designing the kind of images that drive results with one of Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Vintage Photo Collage Dad Appreciate Pinterest Graphic or the Pink Watermelon Food Snacks Pinterest Graphic.

How to design your Pinterest tiles

We’ve already mentioned this, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Pinterest is a visual platform—which is why your image design is so important.

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when designing your Pinterest:

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. There’s no need to start from scratch every time you need to design a Pinterest tile. Use a Canva template to make sure you have the most well-designed, attention-grabbing Pinterest tiles in your industry.
  • Design with the feed in mind. When you’re designing your Pinterest tiles, think about different ways to make them stand out in the feed. Pops of color, interesting typography, and engaging photos are all great ways to break through the clutter and grab your ideal audience’s attention.
  • Remember to keep your designs on brand. Your Pinterest tiles don’t all have to look alike, but they should have a consistent, on-brand feel.
  • Remember to design. The ideal images for Pinterest are 600 pixels by 900 pixels. Technically speaking, you can design tiles that are shorter, larger, smaller, wider, or longer—but you won’t be favored in the results, which is a huge missed opportunity. If you want the best results from your Pinterest tiles, stick to the preferred size.

You don’t need to start from scratch to design the perfect Pinterest tile—all you need is the right template. Get started with one of Canva’s attention-grabbing Pinterest graphics templates, like the Simple Photo with Grey Birthday Pinterest Graphic or the Cream, Pink, and Blue Photo Grid Birthday Blog Idea Pinterest Graphic.

Pinterest trends to try

Still need a few more Pinterest marketing ideas? Here are a few Pinterest trends you might want to try:

Embrace the season

Image via Pinterest

Is there a holiday around the corner? Are you launching a new line of seasonal products? Creating timely content geared towards seasons, holidays, or current pop culture events (Game of Thrones, anyone?) can help you take advantage of current search trends and reach a new audience.

For example, summer is in full swing, which means people are probably searching for summer-related content—so take advantage of that search trend and create content, keywords, and hashtags to get your brand into those searches.

Seasonal pins can deliver a serious boost to your Pinterest marketing strategy. Capture the look with one of Canva’s seasonal Pinterest graphics templates, like the Pink Green Spring Flower Quotes Pinterest Graphic or the Blue and White Beach Photo Summer Pinterest Graphic.

Create multiple pins for the same post

Image via Drapers

Do you have a piece of content that could speak to a number of different audiences? If so, try creating multiple pins for the same post.

Different pin images can appeal to different audiences; for example, the Pinterest image that’s going to grab a 65-year-old craft enthusiast’s attention is probably pretty different from the image that’s going to appeal to a millennial entrepreneur or a new mom. By creating different pins for each segment of your audience, you can increase the effectiveness of each pin—and increase your reach as a result.

The more Pinterest graphics you design, the more opportunities you have to reach different kinds of people. Mix things up with Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Simple Bordered Brown Hair Tips Pinterest Graphics or the Simple Photo Men’s Grooming Pinterest Graphic.

Keep your finger on the pulse of Pinterest trends with Pinterest 100

Image via Pinterest

Every December, Pinterest releases the Pinterest 100, which gives an insider’s look at the platform’s picks for top trends for the upcoming year.

Pinterest doesn’t choose these trends lightly—so, if you want to reach a wider audience, make sure to peruse this list each year and figure out how you can create on-brand content around some of Pinterest’s hottest trends.

Whether you’re embracing a Pinterest trend or marching to the beat of your own drum, you need impactful graphics to take your pins to the next level. Design pins that make an impact with Canva’s Pinterest graphics templates, like the Mint & Pink Simple Birthday Blog Pinterest Graphic or the Brown White Photo Wedding Pinterest Graphic.

Take your brand to the next level with Pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing is one of the most effective strategies for driving sales, connecting with your audience, and taking your brand to the next level. And now that you know the ins and outs of how to grow your brand on Pinterest, all that’s left to do is get out there and get marketing!

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