Romance is in the air: 20 photoshoot ideas to capture couples in love


Need some inspiration for your next couple photo shoot? Here are 20 photo shoot ideas to bring out the most romantic scenes — from home sessions to round-the-world adventures and even wedding day celebrations.

Get ready to put your finger on the shutter because sparks are about to fly.

01. Home Sweet Home

There are many grand locations to photograph couples, but sometimes home is the best place to do it — after all, home is where the heart is. Take photos at their favorite spots around the house for a sentimental feel.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Jessica Castro

02. Cinematic Sunsets

As the sun sets in the horizon, capture the couple in love surrounded by soft light and sprawling skies. Try silhouettes to create dramatic scenes straight out from a movie.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

Photo by Everton Vila

Photo by Frank McKenna

03. The Perfect Date

Relive the thrill of their first few dates! Follow the couple’sfavorite date routines or have them do something fun and exciting. Try theme parks for a bubbly vibe or a picnic at the park for a relaxing feel.

Photo by Sept Commercial

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Photo by Taylor Hernandez

04. Young, Wild, and Free

Tap into your subjects’ playful side and let them have fun like teenagers. Have them do quirky poses and make each other laugh— if you want photos of them with huge grins on their faces, this will do the trick.

Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins

Photo by Tùng Lê Bá

Photo by Jared Sluyter

05. Dark and Moody

Show a different vibe to their romance with a dark and moody theme. Instead of warm smiles and sweet touches, have them do serious poses and capture the cool intensity of a long simmering love.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

Photo by JD Mason

06. Dress Up

Having the couple wear matching themed outfits and letting them be whoever they want to be can free them from any inhibitions. It’s also easier to pick a location and pose your subjects with a specific theme in mind.

Photo by Sept Commercial

Photo by Jakob Owens

Photo by Toa Heftiba

07. Whimsical Wonder

Capture a world where only the two of them seem to exist. Find whimsical places and take photos of the couple from afar to emphasize the illusion.

Photo by Lionello DelPiccolo

Photo by Samuel Zeller

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

08. Out in the Wilderness

Explore the more adventurous side of your subjects and shoot in the wilderness. These images don’t just make you swoon, they also inspire insatiable wanderlust and get you scenic views everywhere.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer

Photo by Almos Bechtold

Photo by Jacob Rank

09. Little Details

For the camera shy couple, capture the little things that show their love for one another. It may not be as expressive as looking into each other’s eyes but it’s a meaningful take on the small moments that make their relationship what it is.

Photo by Hannah Busing

Photo by Evan Kirby

Photo by Jessica Castro

10. Beach Buddies

Shooting at the beach can be both a fun, casual affair and a romantic one, especially during sunset. Crashing waves and colorful sunset skies make a perfect backdrop for the loving couple.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Photo by India Tupy

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

11. Stargazing

Long-exposure photography can be difficult to execute, but it’s definitely worth all the effort. Make sure you’re ready to shoot in low light! Get starry-eyed with a couple shots against the stars and the night sky.

Photo by Meireles Neto

Photo by Luis Clas

Photo by Shiftgraphix

12. Hand in Hand

Holding hands is more than just a display of affection, it’s also a gesture of support and unity. Capture the couple holding hands in different situations — it may not be as visually expressive as hugs and kisses, but it’s just as intimate and powerful.

Photo by Joao Silas

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

Photo by Everton Vila

13. Music Lovers

Remember the saying: “Where words fail, music speaks?” Even though you can’t hear music in photos, you can feel the connection it creates from person to person. Ask the couple to jam to their favorite music and shoot away.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Photo by Yousef Alfuhigi

Photo by Jon Tyson

14. Lost At Sea

Take it a step further and venture out into the sea for some magical images. Get your gear prepared for underwater shots! It’s also a great opportunity to take stunning drone photos of the vast expanse of water surrounding the couple.

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

15. Bookworms

Books can be great visual tools for photo shoots. You can find books with appropriate titles and use them to convey a message or a mood.

Photo by Josh Felise

Photo by Josh Felise

16. City Lights

Cityscapes can be as mesmerizing as natural landscapes. Shimmering city lights and neon signs at night can bring amazing effects to the couple’s photos.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Photo by Frankie Cordoba

Photo by Brandon Woelfel

17. Celebrate the Season

Take a photo every season and it’ll be a memorable record to look back on in the years to come. Seasons may change but the love stays the same!

Photo by Rahul Anil

Photo by João Silas

Photo by Savannah Walters

18. Dance, Dance, Dance

Dancing is a great way to loosen up your subjects and have fun. Play some funky songs and let them groove to the beat. It’s bound to induce real smiles and laughter — keep your finger on the shutter so you don’t miss anything!

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Photo by Clarisse Meyer

Photo by Andrew Dong

19. It’s a Match

Highlight the similarities that your subjects both share. They could be anything from matching clothes to tattoos, to doing the same hobbies together.

Photo by Elizabeth Tsung

Photo by Cuncon

Photo by Alice Abco

20. Hit The Road

Go on a road trip for a day and snap some pics along the way! Stop and shoot spontaneously when you find nice spots along the trip — it might be fun to bring along props such as sparklers and light sticks when night comes.

Photo by Josh Felise

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

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