A few surprises for the Canva community!


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been doing a bit of reflection on another 12 months at Canva.

This year was a big one for us — we launched on iPhone, rolled out internationally in 21 new languages, launched a massive library of vector elements, and made it possible to connect with your team for free — but we’re really only just getting started!

Our vision has always been to become a tool that powers the modern workforce, and empowers everyone, whether you’re a blogger, real estate agent, parent, business owner or fitness professional, to easily create documents, designs and marketing materials that look great.

We’ve launching a bunch of exciting features that we hope will help Canva’s community take their designs to the next level. Here’s a taste:

Canva for Websites

You can automatically turn your Canva design into an interactive website. With just a couple of clicks you can turn your Canva design into a website that’s optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

We believe that in the future instead of sending your resume, pitch deck or even school assignment as a PDF document, everyone will be sending around stunning websites.

There’s been over 150 million designs created in Canva, it’s pretty cool that all of those resumes, pitch decks and presentations – can now be sent as a web link instead of a PDF!

Try turning one of these templates into a Canva website:


Edit this presentation in Canva

Edit this resume in Canva

Edit this school assignment design in Canva

Click here to see a live example

Create charts with your own data

Create beautiful dynamic charts. You can now add your own data and generate beautiful looking bar charts, line graphs and pie charts in Canva.

Try using charts in these Canva templates:


Edit this presentation in Canva

Edit this infographic in Canva

Edit this social media graphic in Canva

Embed your designs on the Web

Embed your designs directly on a blog or website. You can now easily embed your design as an interactive image on your blog or Website. This will be huge for bloggers and small businesses.

See how it works:

Try embedding one of these templates on your website or blog:


Edit this presentation design in Canva

Edit this magazine design in Canva

Edit this ebook design in Canva

Tell us what you think about these new features — you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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