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Present time-based changes in your data with a custom bar graph. Use Canva’s bar chart maker and its interactive bar chart race to compare variables and identify patterns quickly.
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Bar graph maker features

Understand the differences between two or more data sets using Canva’s bar chart maker. Choose any design template and add a static bar chart or an animated bar chart race you can interact with from our elements library. Input your data or upload a CSV file and customize your design project with our collaborative editing tools for more compelling data storytelling.

More than 20 professional types of graphs to choose from

Professionally designed templates to fast-track your workflow

Data visualization made easy – no complicated software to learn

Publish, share or download your high-resolution graph

Embed your bar graph in presentations, reports, and more with no fuss

Easy drag-and-drop tools, made with the non-designer in mind

How to make a bar graph

How to make a bar graph
Make a bar graph(opens in a new tab or window)

Make a bar graph(opens in a new tab or window)

What is a bar graph?

A bar graph, also known as a bar chart, is a data visualization tool that compares data across different categories or groups. It uses bars to present numeric values for levels of data categories, which can extend horizontally or vertically. These bars are plotted on two axes, with one axis representing the categories and the other axis representing the numerical values.

Why use bar graphs?

Bar Graphs overview

With a bar chart, the longer or higher the bar, the greater the value of the categorical data. This makes it ideal for comparing various data sets or illustrating changes in data over time. Whether you’re comparing sales for different products, presenting survey results, or displaying cost fluctuations over time, a bar chart can provide data insights in a concise and digestible visual format.

Compare various data sets at a glance

Use bar chart template on a whiteboard to compare data

Conveying complex information is easier with a bar chart you can create on Canva. Choose from our premade templates to turn large data sets into a stunning visualization that’s easy to understand. Browse our elements library to find a unique color palette to highlight different groups and pick the perfect font for the labels to create an effective and memorable bar chart.

Make your data more dynamic

Drag and drop charts into your bar chart design

Breathe life into your data with an animated bar chart that’s sure to engage your audience. No coding skills needed — just grab a bar chart race that you can interact with from our elements library. Whether comparing election results or the population of dog and cat lovers over the years, a bar chart race can visualize time-based changes in data while elevating your data storytelling.

Identify patterns and trends together

Copy the link of your design and share it with your team

Collaborate with your team to create a striking bar chart or an impactful bar chart race. Simply share a design link to give them access. Run brainstorming sessions to study trends in your data, leave comments and sticky notes, and watch them make real-time edits on an infinite canvas. Plus, your bar chart is stored in the cloud, so you can revisit and edit it whenever you want.

Get data insights from better data storytelling

Preview of a bar chart design on a whiteboard

Let your data storytelling reach all corners of the world. With Canva, it’s easy to download your bar chart or bar chart race in a high-quality file format or share it via email or social media. You can even embed it on websites or in presentations and reports. Go beyond borders and present meaningful data insights that will help and enrich your community.

Bar graph templates

Get started on comparing different variables and values with bar chart examples from our collection of professionally made templates. Simply choose a bar graph template from the designs below and unleash your creativity as you customize it according to your vision.
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“When it came to design reports, Canva had a wide variety of simple easy to use templates that allowed me to easily plug in my graphs and information, and helped me to focus on the actual content instead of spending hours and hours on design.”

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