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AI Sketch to Image Converter

Unlock the potential of your sketches with Sketch to Life, a free AI app that turns drawings into realistic AI photos. Generate images from your sketches and get photos that match your creative vision.

Take the shortcut from sketch to image with AI

Generate AI art using Sketch to life app

Turn your rough sketch into a beautiful photo with Sketch to Life, a free, third-party, drawing-to-photo AI app that will speed up your creative process. Simply sketch or draw your idea, describe it in a few words, and Sketch to Life will convert it into a sharp, powerful photo. Generate detailed AI photos from your doodles, and watch your ideas materialize with a click.

Capture the concept every time

Describe your sketch idea to generate an AI image on your mobile device

Can’t find an image that nails your vision? Sketch to Life will generate that image for you. Simply hash out a drawing, and the app will convert it to a detailed image. Get the right photo for your pitch decks, mockups, or learning materials. From ads to artwork, this sketch-to-image AI app makes it easy to communicate your visual ideas.

Produce impactful photos fast

Use Canva's Magic Studio to edit your image background

Cut back on hours of searching, choosing, and processing a stock photo. Sketch to Life condenses all that into three quick steps: sketch, describe, and generate the image. As a draw-to-image AI tool, it empowers you to create quickly, no matter your skills in sketching and drawing. And if you need to edit the generated AI photo, Canva’s AI photo editor(opens in a new tab or window) will simplify the post-processing.

Take it from plan to print

Print your AI art on a tote bag

It only takes a single platform to turn your sketch into a photo, and then turn that photo into a printed product. On Canva, you can place your sketched-to-life AI image on any of the hundreds of templates available and have it printed out. From merch to marketing materials, from stickers to stationery, you can take your AI-generated image further or create fun patterns with a free pattern generator(opens in a new tab or window).

How to turn sketch to AI image

How to generate AI art from a sketch
Sketch your idea

Open Canva or pull up our mobile app to access Sketch to Life, a free AI image generator from sketch.

On the editor, click Apps on the sidebar and select the Sketch to Life app. Then draw or sketch an image, idea, or concept.

After sketching or drawing, describe your sketch in a few words.

Click Generate to produce an AI image based on your drawing. You can use the built-in photo editing tools to enhance the AI photo.

Download your AI-generated photo as an image file or share it online. You can also add it to a design and order it from Canva Print.
Sketch your idea

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to turn a sketch into an image using AI, then Sketch to Life will come in handy. It instantly transforms your drawings into detailed, AI-generated images you can use for presentations, social media posts, artworks, and more.

Yes, you can use Sketch to Life to generate free AI images out of your sketches and drawings. After producing an AI image, you can also use our free photo editing tools to further improve it.

Sketch to Life is a great AI image generator from sketch. Create a rough sketch or doodle of your idea, then the app transforms it into a lifelike image you can use for your project. Download the image in different formats, like JPG and PNG.
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