5 fall inspired color palettes

5 fall inspired color palettes

Fall is here! 'Tis the season for crunchy leaves, sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. When it comes to design, you need to make sure your brand stays on top of seasons and holidays. Show your audience you're paying attention and are on top of the freshest trends. Color is a good way to stay on track. Put a Fall flair on your design with these color palettes!


1 Warm Up Your Design


Brick Red (#C2453B), Sunflower (#FFE645), Pottery (#ECC66E) and Chocolate (#B25641)

  • Warm tones are colors in the shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. Warm tones are colors we associate with things such as daylight, earth and fire.
  • Summer and Spring also use warm colors but with much brighter hues. Often, these seasons will use a lot of neon and colors that pop.
  • The colors of Fall are toned down.

2 Colors are Associated with Feelings


Raspberry (#DF3B56), Carmine (#FC1B42), Cinnabar (#FF4046), Satsuma (#FF9D49)

  • Sometimes you can associate a moment, object or a feeling with a color. For example, the color blue makes us think of the sky or beaches.
  • When designing for a season, you have to think of things you associate with the season. During Fall, we think of things such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, falling leaves and harvest.
  • Fall colors tend to be very homey and welcoming.

3 Choose Complimentary Shades


Burly Wood (#EDB271), Eggplant (#83315E), Violet Red (#A85B60), Rich Purple (#A22455)

  • A lot of designs during Fall use oranges, pinks and reds as their first choice in their color scheme. Surprise your audience with a break by using some purple in your designs.
  • Purple is a very regal color that pairs excellently with an Fall gold and yellow.
  • This is because purple and yellow sit across from each other in the color wheel, making them complementary. When complementary colors are placed next to each other, they create a strong contrast.

4 Dream up Some Quiet Hues

5 (1)

Lilac (#6E3D77), Thistle (#CF7F7A), Carrot (#E39958), Pastel Orange (#FBC257)

  • Muted tones are colors with lower saturation. Saturation refers to the vividness or the intensity of a color.
  • Using colors with a low saturation can invoke a vintage feel to your design. This is because when we look at a piece (such as clothing or packaging) that is ‘vintage’ usually the colors have begun to fade.
  • As you design, use of dull yellows, easy oranges and off-whites to get that dreamy and surreal look.

5 Pick a Base and then Branch Out

Color Palettes - Branchingout - 02

Tomato (#DD3835), Cadmium (#F9DD65), Mandarin (#FFBD3B), Peach (#F8AB79)

  • A monologous color palette is a combination of a single shade with variances in brightness, saturation and some tint.
  • This color palette seems like it’s from the same family because all the colors are based on red. This creates a very polished look.
  • Having colors with the same base are easy to pair with one another.

Use these color combinations to freshen up your designs this season. We hope you’ve been inspired to create some terrific new designs.