100 of the best free fonts you should be using


The perfect font is hard to find. Fonts are an important part of any visual communication and can have a huge impact on how people perceive your message. The right font can give personality to a statement, while the wrong one can give a totally different impression to the viewer.

Here at Canva, we know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to search for the perfect fonts every time you need one for a design project. So we’ve done the hard work for you, compiling a showcase of the best typefaces in recent years. You’ll find them organized by category with links to where you can download them for your own use.

It's important to take into consideration the style of font, size, spacing, and color when selecting the perfect font for your project. Check out this article that shows how you can upload custom fonts with Canva Pro, and dive into our tutorial below to learn how to choose the right font for your brand.

Table of Contents

Sans Serif

01. Alegreya Sans by Huerta Tipográfica

Huerta Tipográfia

Features: Humanist design (more organic, calligraphy-inspired, horizontal movement for easy reading); seven weights plus matching italics and small caps.

Great for: Advanced typesetting; books and articles.

02. Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky

Julieta Ulanovsky

Features: Contemporary yet classic design inspired by early 20th-century signage in the Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires; recently updated with extra weights (but no italics).

Great for: Almost anything; this versatile, clean-lined font is a nice alternative to pricey typefaces like Proxima Nova, Gotham, and Avenir.

Find it at: Font Squirrel

03. Montserrat Alternates by Julieta Ulanovsky

Julieta Ulanovsky

Great for: Adding a custom look or letter variations to text set in Montserrat.

Find it at: FontLibrary

04. Stilu by Genilson Santos

Genilson Santos

Features: Four weights plus italics; includes small caps and ligatures.

Great for: When you need versatility; creating a bold, modern look.

Find it at: Genilson Santos.

05. Webnar Bold by The Northern Block Ltd.

The Northern Block Ltd.

Features: Clean, geometric design created for legibility; performs well both in print and on screen.

Great for: Punchy headlines; has a modern look originally designed for technology contexts.

06. Muller Thin and Extra Bold by Fontfabric


Features: Wider letter structure for better readability at small sizes.

Great for: Creating a cohesive, polished look with multiple weights of the same font. Its versatility makes it a good option for text-heavy projects (magazine layouts, web pages) and branding.

07. Cabrito Semi Light & Medium by Jeremy Dooley

Jeremy Dooley

Features: Semi-serif (combination of sans-serif & serif qualities); rounded corners for a casual, accessible appearance.

Great for: Multipurpose design applications; the hybrid design makes it unique yet versatile; try on websites or product packaging.

08. Aileron by Tipotype


Features: 16 weights and styles with a clean, simple design similar to Helvetica, but with some unexpected stylistic twists.

Great for: Typesetting text-heavy designs; plenty of weight and style choices make it easy to create a polished, uncomplicated layout.

09. Geomanist Regular by atipo


Features: Clean, linear design created for contemporary contexts.

Great for: Both body copy and larger type because it’s readable at small sizes, but its clean lines and geometric shapes also make for engaging headlines.

Find it at: Atipo.

10. HK Grotesk by Hanken


Features: inspired by classic grotesque typefaces (sans serifs that have uniform proportions and aren’t based on calligraphy) like Helvetica, Univers, and Gill Sans; two weights: regular and bold

Great for: clean, versatile text that’s easy to read (even at small sizes) and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself

Find it at: Hanken

11. Bonn by Villa Studio

Villa Studio

Features: Tall and narrow; includes upper and lowercase letters in three weights

Great for: Logos, headings, posters — the typeface was designed for use at larger sizes and looks especially good in all caps

Find it at: Villa Studio.

12. Work Sans by Wei Huang

Wei Huang

Features: versatile, adaptable design with multiple language support; 10 weights but no italics

Great for: websites and other on-screen usage; optimized for medium-sized text (14–48 px) but also suitable for print

13. Sansita by Pablo Cosgaya and Omnibus-Type

Pablo Cosgaya and Omnibus-Type

Features: A curvy, calligraphy-inspired sans serif with flair; four weights plus italics; can also be used as a display typeface, especially the black weight

Great for: Adding a fresh, fun style to branding and packaging

14. Archivo Narrow by Hector Gatti

Hector Gatti

Features: Slim design with a simple, clean style; regular and bold weights plus italics

Great for: Fitting more text into small spaces

15. Overpass by Red Hat

Red Hat

Features: inspired by the typography on U.S. highway signage; four weights plus italics

Great for: everyday use; multiple weights make it flexible for typesetting both paragraph text and titles

16. Anke Sans by Noe Araujo

Noe Araujo

Features: Simple, geometric design with a bit of quirkiness

Great for: Lending a friendly, youthful look to your design

17. Rubik by Hubert & Fischer

Hubert & Fischer

Features: Sturdy but soft design with rounded corners; five weights plus italics

Great for: Typography that makes an impact but is more inviting than imposing; branding, packaging, web design

Find it at:Hubert & Fischer

18. Homizio Nova by Álvaro Thomáz

Álvaro Thomáz

Features: Simple design with larger lowercase letters for enhanced readability; two weights plus italics

Great for: Easy-to-read text that doesn’t distract from the content of your design

19. Genome by Alfredo Marco Pradil

Alfredo Marco Pradil

Features: Clean, lightweight design with proportions that facilitate easy readability on screen

Great for: Web design at larger sizes (its thin letters might be hard to see at smaller point sizes)

20. Noto Sans by Google


Features: highly readable design created for the web with multiple language support; two weights plus italics

Great for: websites and apps

Find it at: Font Squirrel(opens in a new tab or window); download the serif version, Noto Serif, here(opens in a new tab or window) or in the next section

21. Reef by Gatis Vilaks and Evita Vilaka

Gatis Vilaks and Evita Vilaka

Features: Bubbly, rounded style; includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation/symbols

Great for: Design projects with a casual, upbeat tone

22. Sinkin Sans by K-Type


Features: Large, multipurpose type family with nine weights plus italics; created with subtle details to maintain sharp definition and readability on screen

Great for: Websites or online documents

23. League Spartan by The League of Movable Type

The League of Moveable Type

Features: Bold, geometric design in a single, strong weight

Great for: Logos and other stand-alone typography; looks impressive in all caps

24. Encode Sans by Impallari Type

Impallari Type

Features: Versatile, “workhorse” type family that includes nine weights in normal, narrow, wide, compressed, and condensed styles

Great for: Just about anything, but particularly useful for complex typesetting where you need to organize and separate a lot of information

25. Rakesly by Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Features: Condensed design influenced by the grotesque-style headlines common to 19th-century typesetting; six weights plus italics

Great for: Headlines, but also text due to its variety of weights; when you’re short on space

26. Cyntho Pro Regular & Italic by Mint Type

Mint Type

Features: modern, geometric design with real italics; includes stylistic alternates and small caps

Great for: everyday typesetting for styles ranging from corporate to casual

Find it at: Fontspring(opens in a new tab or window); download the matching slab serif version here(opens in a new tab or window)

27. Atzur by Oscar Cobo

Oscar Cobo

Features: Semi-serif design; open letterforms for good readability at small sizes

Great for: Striking a balance between the professionalism of serif type and the modern accessibility of sans serif; designs that require smaller text, like business cards(opens in a new tab or window)

28. Alcubierre by Matt Ellis

Matt Ellis

Features: Minimal design style with both upper and lowercase letters

Great for: Larger typography; looks nice in all caps — try it out for headings or subheadings, perhaps on a resume or presentation

29. Poppins by Indian Type Foundry

Indian Type Foundry

Features: Simple, geometric design in five weights but no italics

Great for: A modern, minimal approach to typography for the web

30. Martel Sans by Dan Reynolds & Mathieu Réguer

Dan Reynolds & Mathieu Réguer

Features: Seven easy-to-read weights, no italics

Great for: Typesetting text-heavy documents

31. Fjalla by Sorkin Type Co.

Sorkin Type Co.

Features: Clear, strong design that leans toward the display category; optimized for on-screen use

Great for: High-impact type; looks good at display sizes, but can also be used to set short paragraphs at moderate point sizes (be wary of going too small due to the bold, condensed design)

32. Chivo by Omnibus-Type


Features: Grotesque-style typeface with four weights plus italics

Great for: Versatile typesetting in sentence-case or upper case, from body copy to headlines

Find it at: Omnibus-type

33. Hallo Sans by Fredrik Staurland

Fredrik Staurland

Features: A non-traditional design with unique letter shapes

Great for: Adding some unexpected quirkiness to casual projects


34. Source Serif Pro by Adobe


Features: Six weights; a classic style adapted for modern design

Great for: Both print and screen; design contexts where readability is important

35. Choplin Extra Light & Medium by Fontfabric


Features: A sturdy slab serif design with alternative characters and ligatures

Great for: A distinctive typeface that’s more friendly than formal; try on websites or product packaging

36. Garibaldi Medium by Harbor Type

Harbor Type

Features: An elegant serif inspired by classic calligraphy

Great for: When you want to keep your typography conservative, but not bland; would work great for long passages of text in a magazine, book/e-book, or other document

37. Chonburi by Cadson Demak

Cadson Demak

Features: a bold, stylish serif that leans toward the display category

Great for: large typographic features like headlines and titles

38. Aleo by Fontfabric


Features: Slab serif design with slightly round edges for a friendly, accessible appearance and good readability; three weights plus italics

Great for: Websites, brochures and other promotional materials

39. Medio by TipoType


Features: Letters with contrasting thick and thin lines, along with fine serifs, for an elegant, calligraphy-inspired look (similar to Didot, but perhaps more easily readable)

Great for: More traditional or high-end design contexts; would look great on a formal invitation or for branding with a classic style

40. Fenix by TipoType


Features: An angular design with strong serifs; proportional letters for easy reading

Great for: Use at both large and small sizes; suitable for long passages of text

41. Brixton Regular by Tom Chalky

Tom Chalky

Features: A distinctive, decorative style with a hand-drawn feel and alternate characters

Great for: When you want a serif that’s not too serious and has some personality

42. Modum by The Northern Block

The Northern Block

Features: A contemporary serif designed for typesetting long passages of text; includes a selection of alternative lowercase letters, small caps, and ligatures

Great for: Newsletters, magazine layouts, books/e-books

43. Didactic by Tyler Finck

Tyler Finck

Features: A sharp-looking design with multiple language support

Great for: Typesetting text at both large and small sizes

44. Libre Caslon by Rodrigo Fuenzalida & Pablo Impallari

Rodrigo Fuenzalida & Pablo Impallari

Features: A revival of the 1941 version of the classic typeface by William Caslon; two separate display and text versions, both optimized for the web (and each with multiple weights and styles)

Great for: Typesetting complete web pages, from headline to copy, and maintaining readability even at small point sizes

45. Luthier by Adrià Gómez

Adrià Gómez

Features: Contemporary design with sharp serifs; includes two weights plus italics

Great for: Text that has good visibility due to the font’s high-contrast design; suitable for both text and headlines; try on documents that lean toward a serious/conservative style

Find it at: Gumorad

46. Inknut Antiqua by Claus Eggers Sørensen

Claus Eggers Sørensen

Features: Inspired the artisanal calligraphy found in historical manuscripts; seven weights but no italics

Great for: Creating a formal, almost chiseled look while maintaining readability; designed for long-form text and performs well on low-resolution screens

Find it at: Fonts Arena

47. Questa Regular by Martin Majoor and Jos Buivenga

Martin Majoor and Jos Buivenga

Features: A versatile typeface family with two serif fonts (for text and display uses) plus a sans-serif version

Great for: Text-heavy projects that would benefit from multiple complementary font styles to help create a clear typographic hierarchy(opens in a new tab or window)

Find it at: The Questa Project

48. Noto Serif by Google


Features: Highly readable design created for the web with multiple language support; two weights plus italics

Great for: Websites and apps

Find it at: Google Fonts(opens in a new tab or window); download the sans-serif version, Noto Sans, here(opens in a new tab or window)

49. Coelacanth by Ben Whitmore

Ben Whitmore

Features: A digital revival of the classic Centaur typeface; six weights but no italics

Great for: Books and other long-form text; maintains readability at small sizes as well as large

50. Gaspar by Carlos Alonso

Carlos Alonso

Features: Contemporary slab serif design; two weights plus italics

Great for: Multipurpose typesetting for print and web

Find it at: FontShmonts

51. Tehuti by T. Christopher White

Christopher White

Features: A delicate, elegant design with two weights plus one italic style; includes alternate characters

Great for: Designs with a traditional/conservative style; long passages of text

Find it at: 1001freefonts

52. Cyntho Slab Pro Regular & Italic by Mint Type

Mint Type

Mint Type

Features: Modern, geometric slab serif design with real italics; includes stylistic alternates and small caps

Great for: Everyday typesetting for styles ranging from corporate to casual

Find it at: Fontspring(opens in a new tab or window); download the matching sans-serif style here(opens in a new tab or window)

53. Unna by Omnibus-Type


Features: Strong stems and delicate serifs for a softer, inviting style; two weights plus italics

Great for: Created for book and editorial design; suitable for both print and web

Find it at: Omnibus-Type

54. Domine by Impallari Type

Impallari Type

Features: Open letters and short serifs for a friendly appearance that’s influenced by classic typefaces but more airy and contemporary; two weights, no italics

Great for: Body copy on the web, which it was designed especially for

55. Rhodium Libre by James Puckett

James Puckett

Features: Slab serif with wide, open letters; designed for on-screen display at small sizes

Great for: Websites and mobile apps

56. Anglecia Pro Text Regular & Italic by Mint Type

Mint Type

Features: A combination of classic and contemporary design touches; includes ligatures and small caps

Great for: General typesetting at typical reading sizes; intended for editorial design (with traditional heading, subheading, and body copy text divisions)

57. Kurale by Eduardo Tunni

Eduardo Tunni

Features: Soft shapes and curled terminals create a graceful, more decorative style

Great for: Body text and headlines; it’s easy to read but has interesting details at larger sizes

58. Suranna by Cyreal


Features: Unique letter shapes and attractive details

Great for: News publications (which it was originally developed for), long passages of text

59. Cormorant by Catharsis Fonts

Catharsis Fonts

Features: A refined design influenced by the classic Garamond typeface, with sharp serifs and smooth curves; large and versatile type family that includes six styles in five weights

Great for: A classic, elegant look at display sizes, but maintains readability at text sizes; suitable for print and web, optimized for high-resolution printing and display


60. Sant’Elia by Yellow Design Studio

Yellow Design Studio

Features: Regular and rough versions with swashes and stylistic alternates included

Great for: adding some friendly personality to a design; try on postcards, flyers, or social media graphics; the rough version can add a vintage, printed feel

61. Niconne by Vernon Adams

Vernon Adams

Features: Based on a 1925 cursive typeface; unconnected letters

Great for: When you need a font that’s on the fancy side, but not too ornate and still readable

62. Mightype by AF Studio

AF Studio

Features: A hand-drawn typeface with plenty of swirls and swashes

Great for: Wedding or party invitations, social media graphics or promotions, or any application where a style that’s a little whimsical would suit

Find it at: DaFontFree

63. Streetwear by Artimasa Studio

Artimasa Studio

Features: A 1960s/70s-inspired style commonly found on sportswear and jerseys; includes alternate characters

Great for: Adding some sporty, retro style to t-shirts or logos

64. Bellico by Seventh Imperium

Seventh Imperium

Features: a big variety of swashes, alternates, and ligatures plus bonus vector ornaments

Great for: when you need a flowing script that’s not too fancy; typographic art or posters

Find it at: 1001freefonts

65. Badhead by Ianmikraz Studio

Ianmikraz Studio

Features: Stylistic alternates, ligatures, and ornaments for easy customization

Great for: When you want a script that’s more edgy than pretty

Find it at: Ian Mikraz

66. Variane Script by Boy Moch Tomi

Boy Moch Tomi

Features: Fluid, handwriting-inspired script reminiscent of the 1950s

Great for: Adding a fun, retro style to your design; greeting cards, advertising or promotions

67. Blenda Script by Seniors Studio

Seniors Studio

Features: bold, vintage-inspired design with stylistic alternates

Great for: logos, apparel, posters

68. Courgette by Karolina Lach

Karolina Lach

Features: Brush-style script with unconnected letters; intended for display type, but maintains readability at smaller sizes for short- to medium-length passages of text

Great for: Creating a lively but orderly typography style reminiscent of handwriting

Find it at: Karolina Lach

69. Debby by Artimasa Studio

Artimasa Studio

Features: Handmade construction in a natural-looking brushed style

Great for: Adding an imperfect, personalized quality to your designs; try on posters, invitations, and cards

70. Nickainley Script by Seniors Studio

Seniors Studio

Features: Monoline design that’s simple yet stylish

Great for: Adding a personalized, handwriting-inspired look to logos, labels, cards, and more

Find it at: fontfabric

71. AlGhifari Script by Mikrojihad Inc.

Mikrojihad Inc.

Features: An upright script with sharp, brush-style strokes

Great for: Giving your design an edgy, almost graffiti-like style while maintaining readability

72. Bukhari by Mikrojihad Inc.

Bukhari by Mikrojihad Inc.

Features: A chunky, monoline design; includes contextual and stylistic alternates

Great for: Logos, labels, t-shirts

Find it at: Fontspace

73. Sophia by Emily Spadoni

Emily Spadoni

Features: A smooth, brushed design that looks inky and hand-drawn

Great for: Replicating a hand-lettered look; adding nice flow and authentic character to digital projects

Display / Decorative

74. Norwester by Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

Features: Uppercase and small caps letters; condensed, geometric style

Great for: Logos and other high-impact type; adding a slightly vintage, industrial vibe

Find it at: Jamie Wilson

75. Nexa Rust by Fontfabric

100 free fonts you should be using_Nexa Rust

Features: a family of five free fonts with a handmade, slightly imperfect style

Great for: adding a rustic, textured quality to your design; the most versatile display typefaces of the five will be Sans Black and Slab Black Shadow

Find it at: Fontfabric

76. Merienda One by Eduardo Tunni

Eduardo Tunni

Features: a swirling design with brush-style strokes; regular and bold weights

Great for: a distinctive typographic focal point; try on posters or flyers for an artistic style

Find it at: FontSquirrel

77. Bebas Neue by Fontfabric


Features: four new weights (thin, light, book, and regular) added to the original big, bold Bebas and Bebas Neue typefaces

Great for: making eye-catching statements; try it for headlines or on posters — anywhere you need a strong typographic focal point

78. Monthoers by Swistblnk


Features: An inky, printed appearance; 15+ special characters with decorative swashes

Great for: Replicating the look of hand-drawn lettering; adding vintage texture to logos or other featured typography

79. Big John/Slim Joe by Ion Lucin

Ion Lucin

Features: A pair of contrasting, all-caps typefaces: one bold and one light

Great for: High-contrast, graphic type treatments (posters, typographic illustrations, etc.)

80. Barbaro by Iván Núñez

Iván Núñez

Features: Crisp, vintage style reminiscent of the late 1800s; an extra “western” version featuring letters with spurs on the sides

Great for: Giving old-fashioned flair to logos, branding, packaging, and more

Find it at: Behance

81. Waterlily by The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG

Features: a fluid, handmade font complete with numbers and punctuation

Great for: a hand-painted effect; digital art, greeting cards and invitations

Find it at: DaFont

82. Galderglynn Titling by Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Features: Inspired by 19th-century metal type; seven weights plus italics

Great for: Prominent headlines and titles, as the name suggests

83. Bernier by Ryan Pyae

Ryan Pyae

Features: Three style options, including a distressed version

Great for: Trying the modern-vintage style trend; a stamped or printed effect

Find it at: Fontfabric

84. Cast Iron by Jeremy Vessey

Jeremy Vessey

Features: Condensed, all-caps typeface with an angular design

Great for: Logos and branding; creating bold typography with a solid, industrial style

85. Melo by Marcelo Melo

Marcelo Melo

Features: Handmade, all-caps typeface with multiple language support

Great for: Adding a casual, personalized feel to your design; creating a crafty, handwritten look

86. Royals by Paul Reis

Paul Reis

Features: a sturdy, all-caps typeface with a classic-yet-modern design; includes four styles and special characters

Great for: high-impact typography with a slightly vintage flair; try on logos or signage

87. Katahdin Round by Tyler Finck

Tyler Finck

Features: Named after the largest mountain in Maine and designed to have a commanding presence; rounded corners add a warmer, less imposing aesthetic

Great for: Typography that needs to attract attention

Find it at: Behance

88. Dita Sweet by Ksenia Semirova

Ksenia Semirova

Features: Inspired by classic fashion illustrations; contrasting curving and linear shapes; includes upper and lowercase letters

Great for: Adding some glamour to your design; try on magazine covers, posters, or fashion/style-related branding

89. Moderne Sans by Marius Kempken

Marius Kempken

Features: Anspired by typefaces from the 1920s; clean, sharp design with Art Deco flair; includes upper and lowercase letters

Great for: Posters, titles; looks striking in all caps

Find it at:Dafontfree

90. Liberal Hand by Tom Chalky

Tom Chalky

Features: Classic serif style with a hand-drawn twist; all caps in regular and bold

Great for: Adding some rugged character that you can’t get with run-of-the-mill serifs; try with rustic-style logos or branding

91. Freschezza by Marco Oggian

Marco Oggian

Features: A fun and funky design with four styles in all caps that can be layered for a 3D look

Great for: Posters, party invitations, and other casual contexts

92. Banthers by Swistblnk


Features: Vintage-modern style; includes upper case letters and special, decorative characters

Great for: Logos, t-shirts, typographic art

93. Ranga by TipTopTyp


Features: Italic style inspired by old, hand-painted signs in Berlin; regular and bold weights

Great for: Getting that retro, sign painter’s feel in advertisements, web banners, social media graphics, and more

94. Julep by Jeremy Ross

Jeremy Ross

Features: Outline-style design with layerable fill options

Great for: Adding a sophisticated, slightly vintage style to typographic features

95. Moonshiner by Mattox Shuler

Mattox Shuler

Features: Condensed design inspired by vintage whisky bottle labels; includes regular and oblique styles with alternate characters

Great for: Logos and packaging that emphasize an old-fashioned craftsmanship

96. BSRU Bansomdej by Wisit Potiwat

Wisit Potiwat

Features: Stylish, sans-serif display typeface influenced by Thai calligraphy; several weights plus oblique styles

Great for: Elegant typographic features, especially at larger sizes where the unique shapes and details are more visible

97. Ansley Display by Kady Jesko

Kady Jesko

Features: Retro-style, slab serif design in all caps; four weights plus inline and outline styles

Great for: Adding a sporty, casual vibe to your design

98. London by Antonio Rodrigues

Antonio Rodrigues

Features: Sophisticated style influenced by the classic Bodoni typeface; includes solid and outline versions

Great for: Projects focused more on the artistry and style of the typography rather than the readability

Find it at: Antonio Rodrigues Jr(opens in a new tab or window); download the sans-serif version, Chelsea, too.

99. Ranger by Eduardo Higareda

Eduardo Higareda

Features: Tall, condensed design in all caps

Great for: Posters, especially those with a space age/tech theme

100. Paperweight by Hello Brio Studio

Hello Brio Studio

Features: A charming, hand-lettered style; includes upper and lowercase letters, as well as numerals and punctuation

Great for: Making your own greeting cards or personalized print projects

A quick note on licensing…

To the best of our knowledge, all the fonts here are free to use (most, if not all, commercially) but please make sure to double-check that each typeface is documented and/or licensed(opens in a new tab or window) in a way appropriate for how you plan on using it.

Now, get busy installing and experimenting with some great new fonts. As always, happy designing!

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