21 creative business cards ideas and how to get the look

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In a world of LinkedIn and professional Instagram pages, we discuss the importance of physical business cards and give you 21 creative business card ideas that will make an impact.

In 2019, most of your business interactions probably take place in the digital space. But that doesn’t mean that print mediums are an ineffective way to meet your business needs. And one business asset that will never go out of style? Physical business cards.

Now, technically speaking, you could just exchange numbers and emails on your phone when you meet a potential client, customer, or colleague. But six months later, when they look through their phone, the chances they’re going to remember who you are? Slim to none.

Exchanging physical business cards is a great way to make a lasting impression for your business. It strengthens your branding, helps you stay top of mind, and helps people remember who you are and what your business is about.

But not all business cards are created equal. If you want a business card that’s going to leave a mark—and drive those real results in the process—you need to get creative.

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative trends in business card design (and how to nail the look for yourself and your business):

Business cards with unique typography

The entire point of a business card is to share your information, whether that’s your brand name, the address of your office, or your personal contact information. And in order to do that, you need to include text.

But with some business cards, typography is more than a way to translate key information—it’s a work of art.

Why it works:

Business cards where the font takes the center stage—whether that’s with a custom-designed font, an interesting layout, or a unique typographic hierarchy—is a great way to make sure your key messaging makes a lasting impression (which, again, is the entire point of a business card).

Business card ideas with interesting typography

Business card design by Bond Agency

Business card design by Studio UN

Business card design by Michael Butial

Image via Creative Bloq

Get the look:

If you want your typography to take center stage, look for templates that incorporate interest fonts and typographic layouts, like the Black & Yellow Manager Professional Business Card, the Black Vintage Photographic Business Card, or the Black Bold Script Graphic Design Business Card.

Minimalist business cards

When it comes to design, less is often more—and taking a minimalistic approach to your business card can be far more impactful than trying too many elements into your design.

And, as a side note—by no means does “minimal” mean boring. There are still plenty of creative ways to experiment (like unexpected color combinations or text layouts) without overdoing it on the design front.

Why it works:

A clean, minimalistic style creates a feeling of sophistication. Incorporating that style into your business card design says the same about your company. It’s timeless and classic, and if that’s how you want your brand to be viewed in the market, a minimalistic approach to business card design is for you.

Minimalist business card ideas

Business card design by Bec Brittain

Image via Paste Magazine

Image via UPrinting Blog

Business card design by Em. Ma. Arkitektur

Get the look:

To do minimalistic design in a way that feels fresh and creative, look for templates with unexpected details, like a graphic element (like the White Pencil Vectors Graphic Design Business Card), an interesting layout (like the Minimal Corporate Racing Professional Business Card), or a background element that transforms an otherwise plain business card design into something noteworthy (like the Turquoise Gridlines Web Designer Business Card).

Maximalist business cards

Minimalism is great; like we said, sometimes less is more.

But the opposite is also true. Sometimes, more is more—and taking the loud and bold route (whether that’s with bright colors, fun graphics, or intricate detailing) is the way to go with your business card designs—especially if you’re apart of the creative industries.

Image via Paste Magazine

Image via Limpkin's Blog

Image via Clever Business Cards

Image via 1st Web Designer

Why it works:

You’re giving someone your business card because you want them to remember you. And what better way to leave your mark and make a lasting impression than creating a boldly designed business card? In the examples below, we see how color, texture, font, and even LED lights are used to leave a lasting impression.

Get the look:

If you really want to make a bold impression with your business card, look for bright, graphic templates that make a statement—like the Turquoise and Orange Fruit Graphic Design Business Card, the Pink Illustrated Graphic Design Business Card, or the Yellow and Black Tattoo Business Card.

3D business cards

If you want to infuse an extra element of fun and creativity into your business card design, going 3D is a great way to do it.

When it comes to 3D design for business cards, you’ve got options. You can incorporate a subtle 3D texture into your design (like a raised logo or a textured card stock), design your business card to fold into a 3D shape, or go all out and make your business card a moveable, 3D piece of art.

Why it works:

Going 3D with your business cards literally adds another dimension to your designs; it’s interesting, it’s unexpected, and it will make a lasting impression on your audience (and what’s more creative than that?!).

3D business card ideas

Image via Clever Business Cards

Image via G-tech design

Image via G-tech design

Image via fubiz

Image via Design Swan

Get the look:

Designing a fully 3D business card—or incorporating 3D elements—requires a certain level of expertise. If you want to create a 3D experience with your business card, talk to a designer and/or a printer to get a better feel for your options—and for help bringing that vision to life!

Photo-centric business cards

When it comes to making a mark with your business cards, one of the most impactful things you can do? Add a photo.

Designing your business card around a photo (whether it’s a photo of you, your product, or something related to your business) can make them more memorable and visually interesting—which will also make them more likely to drive results.

Why it works:

Too much text can be overwhelming for a lot of people—adding a photo can help your business card connect to people who are more visual. Plus, if you use a personal photo, it immediately puts a face to a name (whether that’s your face or the face of your product), which will make it easier for people to remember exactly who you are and what you’re about when they pull your business card out of their wallet.

Business card ideas with photos

Image via Creative Boom

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a photo of an adorable puppy or kitten. Image via UPrinting Blog

Image via Smashing Hub

Image via Graphic Design Junction

Get the look:

If you want to create a photo-centric business card, look for templates that bring the focus to a photo of you (like the Yellow Simple Security ID Card), your product (like the Modern Photo of Shirts Photographic Business Card), or your work (like the Green Photo Background Freelancer Business Card).

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