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Confidently represent your brand and exhibit your creativity and professionalism with a beautifully realistic mockup for your business card. Design one yourself with Canva’s free business card or phone mockup generator(opens in a new tab or window). Whether you’re meeting with potential partners, securing investors, or presenting to clients, a readily available business card mockup is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression.

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Showcase your visual identity with business card mockups

When building your brand or maintaining your established name, it’s important to present yourself with visuals that reflect what you stand for. This is true for every element of your business, from the logo you choose to the mockups you present to clients, partners, or investors and everything in between.

Canva’s free online business card mockup generator is ideal for marketing pros, designers, and small-to-medium business owners. Thanks to our quick and easy-to-use tool, it’s easy to craft high-quality business card mockups in any style and for any purpose. Create one in seconds and have it ready for your meetings, presentations, and more.

How to make a business card mockup

Create a business card mockup

Launch Canva on the app or a web browser. On the homepage, click Apps. Select Mockups and search for “Business cards” to find a mockup that fits your brand aesthetic.

Explore our collection of business card mockups in different designs, styles, and layouts. Click the mockup template you want to work with.

Hit Select to apply your image on the mockup. Find your previously uploaded images or Canva designs, or select the Upload button to upload a new image file on the dashboard.

Tweak your mockup as you see fit. Click Adjust image to polish the placement and alignment of your layout, or flip your image horizontally or vertically. Then, hit Save to save your changes.

Once you’re happy with the final look, click Save mockup. Use the Download button to save it to your device, or select Use in a design to apply your mockup to another Canva design.
Create a business card mockup

Represent your brand with confidence

With or without design know-how, easily create a business card mockup for free online with Canva. As long as you stay true to your brand aesthetics, you can easily customize your mockup with our drag-and-drop tools, a rich library of design elements, and the widest selection of mockup templates at your disposal.

Create different mockup iterations for your business card to find which format suits your brand best. Insert your business card design on a minimalist flat lay, a detailed scene with a human model, or a colored backdrop. Don’t hesitate to experiment before deciding on an online business card mockup that best represents your brand.

Achieve realistic mockups effortlessly

When creating a free mockup of your business card and other products, it’s important to polish your design to look as lifelike as possible. Canva’s business card mockup generator is free and offers advanced editing tools to help you easily achieve your goals.

Adjust the shadows and overall lighting to give your business cards mockup a realistic touch. Switch the color palette of your layout to match your brand colors. Insert your logo as a watermark to protect your exported designs. Trust Canva Mockups to help you generate free business card mockups so lifelike you can almost reach out and touch it.

From idea to execution, all in one platform

With Canva, you can seamlessly go from creating business mockups to using your design in various layouts. No need to switch apps—you can easily insert your finished mock business card in presentation decks, marketing collaterals, and other materials in one design platform.

And once you finish your mockup card and other designs, Canva can help you share your creation with your intended audience. Digitally display your mockup on a Canva website(opens in a new tab or window), post to social media, or present to clients and investors through a presentation(opens in a new tab or window). Want copies on hand? Print your posters, flyers, or brochures with Canva Print(opens in a new tab or window). Let us help you with all aspects of your brand visuals, so you can effortlessly get everyone on board with your products and services.


To make free card mockups, use our business card mockup generator. There, you’ll find a vast library of business card template mockups in portrait or landscape orientation. Choose one that fits your brand aesthetics, then upload your business card design or create one with our business card maker. Make adjustments to make your mockup as realistic-looking as possible before downloading or sharing.

A good business card mockup achieves two things: it gives your audience a realistic idea of what your business card design looks like in real life and establishes your brand aesthetics. You can quickly achieve both when you generate a business card mockup online with our platform, even with zero design know-how.

If you’re looking for the best mockup tool for seasoned designers and novices, look no further than our online mockup generator. There’s no need to install complicated software or master advanced editing techniques. We have all the editing tools and mockup templates you need to generate a beautifully branded mockup, regardless of industry or niche. What’s even better is once you’re finished creating your mockup, you can seamlessly use it in other designs. Instantly insert your mockup in a poster, brochure, social media or blog post, website, or presentation deck without switching to another app.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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