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Set your texts in motion with thrilling animations that dynamically express your messages

Start Using Text Animations on Canva
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Introducing Text Animations

Customizing your design’s text is now made easier and even more fun. With our Text Animations, you can effortlessly generate animated lettering and typography for your message to stand out actively. Make your texts pan, fade, pop, or even tumble across your design in just a few simple clicks.

Walk the talk

Scale your design up a notch by using text animations to catch your audience’s attention. Animated texts are perfect for emphasizing keywords and important messages, whether on a presentation, animated birthday card, or video. Simply pick out a font combination that works for you, then click on the Animate button.

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"Rise" to the occasion

Make every event the perfect venue to surprise your family and friends. Design your heartfelt greetings in personalized ecards or videos with impressive tricks that’ll leave your loved ones in awe. Turn your words into meaningful texts with dynamic movements as if you’re typing them intently using a typewriter or lighting them up like flickering neon signages.

Make your typography "Pop"

Capture your audience’s attention by styling your presentations and social media graphics with kinetic elements. Keep them engaged enough to retain information and respond with your desired action. Adding animated texts helps you tell the best story out there, no matter how simple or complex your thoughts could get. It gives flair and personality into your words, so your audience digests and absorbs them better.

"Breathe" life into your texts for lasting impressions

Increase the chances of having viral and trendy posts with animated visuals. Drive traffic from connected viewers with eye-catching content that ultimately influences your brand awareness and visibility. Draw instant reactions from your crowd in a live setting or your followers on social media. Punctuate your ideas well with our animated text generator, so they are more inclined to like, share, or react to your message.

How to make text animations

  1. Customize a design

    Start on your creative journey even when logged out from Canva. Access our library of professionally made templates and pick the one you like or start a design from scratch. Add flair to your presentation, video, or social graphics with beautiful, eye-catching elements. You can always sign up for a free Canva account or log in to your existing account anytime to get the most out of your design.

  2. Type in your message

    Express your ideas by picking out fun typography and adding in your texts. Play around with various font combinations and color schemes to make them uniquely yours. Whether you’re eyeing calligraphy or sans-serif typefaces, you can explore Canva’s font library and find something to your liking.

  3. Set your text into motion

    Let your words stand out even more by applying text animations. Click on your desired text, then choose the “Animate” option on the toolbar. Make your typography breathe, fade, pan, or rise across your design. You can even combine a variety of animations for every text.

  4. Download and share

    Simply save your design to revisit it for future changes quickly. Download your animated ecards, social graphics, and videos in MP4 or GIF to capture every movement. You can also use our presenter tools for your presentation or share it with anyone via email, social media, or a link to leave them in awe.

Start Using Text Animations on Canva

Frequently Asked Questions

Make the typography on your video design pop by selecting the text and choosing the "Animate" button. Pick the "Pop" text animation and watch as each character bounce and move across your screen.

Download our free app from the App Store or Play Store. Launch the app, and pick out a template that is perfect for you. Customize your design and explore different fonts and font combinations. Select your text and click on the "Animate" option at the bottom of your screen to choose from various text animations in our selection.

Pick a template that you like and customize it to your liking. Add stickers, illustrations, and fun texts. Animate your text by adding cool effects that will make your typography skate, fade, flicker, and more. Share it online by downloading it as a GIF, and watch your texts come to life.
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