How to make presentations in Canva

Canva visual presentations made easy

The boring days of static presentations are over. It’s never been easier to create your own fascinating interactive presentation. Canva makes creating dynamic visual presentations quick and easy. If you’re new to creating presentations, or simply want to start inspired, check out our huge range of presentation templates.

Let’s take a look now at how easy it is to make an interactive presentation in Canva.

Start inspired with a presentation template

Canva templates are like a design shortcut. They help you start inspired and allow you to fully customize every design element to best suit your style and needs.

To find a presentation template, go to the Canva homepage and type “presentations” into the search bar. If they have a crown symbol, it means they are only for Canva Pro users. All the rest are free. If you’re just starting out, take your time to scroll through the selection, and don’t worry if there’s no obvious choice, templates are intended to be a starting point so you can make it your own.

The power of style

The design aesthetic you choose plays an important role in setting the tone of your presentation. Different design elements communicate different things about your personality or brand. Playful designs are great for introducing a vibrant person, product, or brand. More minimalist designs project professionalism and a more serious tone. And of course, there’s an entire spectrum of designs in between.

Design elements and tone

Design elements create the difference between a playful and corporate tone in your presentation. Even your choice of font can make a big difference to the visual tone of your presentation, learn more about choosing the right font here.

Polka dots and other bright geometric shapes can be used to give a sense of fun and liveliness. And using vintage fonts, pastel tones and youthful imagery can create another playful vibe. Try a minimalist, monochromatic design and a thick sanserif font to create a more corporate tone.

It's important to use imagery that has the same color palette as your design elements too. It creates cohesion across your whole presentation. If you are starting with images first, then you can scroll down in the color menu and Canva will create a palette from the prominent tones in the photos.

The 20/30 rule

Whatever design you choose, try and stick to the 20/30 rule. Have you heard of it? The 20/30 rule suggests you should keep your presentation to 20 slides or fewer and try to keep it to 20 minutes long.

The idea is to make it snappy to keep attention. And keep your font size to 30 points or higher to maximize readability. Keeping your fonts large also helps keep people focused on the most important ideas.

Remember, the audience should listen to you, not read a novel. For more ideas and info about presentations, check out our video guide.

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