How to use grids in Canva

Introducing Canva grids – a tool you should be using in almost all of your designs.

This wonderful tool acts like a frame for you to drop images into. In terms of composition, it can be used to stretch images across your entire design, place multiple images together or crop images.

Grids are also incredibly useful for enhancing images and applying unique filters consistently.

These introductory pointers about grids are a must-read for Canva lovers. Learn how to take advantage of this versatile tool!

01. Find a range of grids in Canva


Grids can be located in your Canva search bar, or by searching for the word ‘grids’. This is where you can find both single and multi-frame grids.

Grids can be used for a variety of different purposes. For example, the multi-frame grid seen above has been used to combine several images(opens in a new tab or window) together – a lovely way to publish family or holiday photos!

The most commonly used grid is the single frame grid. Whenever you are using an image as a background, you should always apply one of these grids to your designs. This will allow you to drag and drop different images, but retain unique filter codes or effects.

02. Change the size of your grid

Using Canva Grids (3)

Grids are versatile tools! Simply draw them in and out from their corners to alter their size to suit your design.

03. Enlarge an image within a grid


Grids are a great cropping tool. You can crop an image(opens in a new tab or window) by double clicking on it once it has been placed in a grid, and dragging out the corners to enlarge it. This will allow you to get the best view of your image that’s most suitable for your design.

04. Fill your grid with color


Grids aren’t just for images – fill them will color to create a swatch effect. This can be a great way to display a color palette, or to section out areas of your design.

05. Create a visual narrative


Grids can be a great tool to create visual narratives. Try adding numbers to further establish your visual sequence.

Grids are one of the most useful and unique tools in Canva. Complete the interactive tutorial below to get familiar with this awesome design tool – it’ll only take five minutes, but will make a world of difference to your designs!

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