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Merge stunning visuals as you combine images

Combine two images or more to level up your design story. Choose a preset grid or collage template, select your media, then position them inside the frames as your image combiner.

Create perfect combinations

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With thousands of free images available in our media library, you won’t run out of choices for your mood board or social media post. Use a pre-made collage template and drag images from the library to replace the sample visuals. Upload your own image, then combine it with a pattern or stock photo(opens in a new tab or window) that matches its aesthetic.

Merge as many images as you want

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Explore hundreds of grid(opens in a new tab or window) and frame(opens in a new tab or window) layouts to combine two photos and more in one frame online. Bring your favorite snapshots as a family into a heartwarming reunion t-shirt. Design a gorgeous visual slide in your deck with all your photos from senior year. Or combine pictures from your latest get-together with friends for your Facebook or Instagram posts.

Combine photos with extra flair

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Play with design elements as you merge pictures together. Crop(opens in a new tab or window), scale, or overlay(opens in a new tab or window) your images to perfectly position them. Apply filters to your images or add illustrations, doodles, and backgrounds from our media library. Evoke a sentimental feel to your family scrapbook, get creative with your visual hodgepodge for your trip’s photo collage(opens in a new tab or window), or try our transparent image maker(opens in a new tab or window) once for free and produce imagery that brings your creative vision to life.

How to combine images

How to combine images
Combine your images

Open Canva and start a photo collage project. You can choose a premade template or create one from scratch.

From the editor, click the Elements tab and browse hundreds of grid and frame layouts you can use for your design.

Browse the media library or upload your own photos for your project. Select your chosen image and drag it to any of the frames. Repeat to fill the rest of your layout.

Crop the images to get the best fit. Add text and other visual elements from our rich library to complete your project. Mix and match them to form a seamless image.

Download your design in a high-resolution image format. You can share it directly to your various social media accounts or publish it in exquisite finishes from Canva Print.
Combine your images

Frequently Asked Questions

To combine several images into one, select your preferred grid layout from the Elements tab on your dashboard. Choose photos or illustrations from the media library, or upload your own to personalize your project. Drag each image to a frame on the grid layout. With a Pro account, you can use the Background Remover tool to create a scrapbook-like effect on your project.

Create a page with multiple images by selecting a collage-like template from the gallery or starting from a blank page. Lay out your images onto the page and resize as necessary. Then, add as many pages as you need. Click the Share button on the upper right corner, and download your project as a PDF file.

Scan your images, then launch your Canva project. On your dashboard, click the Uploads tab to upload your scans from your desktop. Select your images and they will be added to the page. Scale, crop, and move your images around the page to get the best fit.

Download our free iOS or Android app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Launch the app, log in to your account, and start a new project. Import images from your gallery and combine them easily from scratch or a template. Then, easily share it to your social media apps.
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